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Play Roaring Twenties Bingo

Experience a game of bingo like no other you’ve played before. Roaring Twenties Bingo brings you massive cash prizes and new features that create a one of a kind fusion of different casino thrills including thematic slot machines.

Travel back in time to a magnificent ballroom where the bingo balls spin and mark the spots on those lucky cardboards. The days of listening to a boring MC read off incoming numbers are long gone; with Roaring Twenties Bingo you get up to 100 cards to play with configurable bet amounts on each round.

Choose the Extra Balls option to enhance your shot at victory as it adds 5 balls to the bingo flow. Multiple payouts translate into huge cash rewards including the Maxi Jackpot that awards 10,000 times your bet on each card.

The bonuses just keep coming as the game features both a minor and a major progressive jackpot which trigger themselves at any time during regular gameplay. With over 100 casino games to choose from, including bingo, think about it, you can enjoy a money making blast of action as in regular slot machines now on bingo, what else could you ask for?

How to play

Despite its many buttons and special features, Roaring Twenties Bingo is an easy and fun game to play. Start your bingo journey by choosing your bet per cardboard on a range of $0.01 to a maximum value of $5.00.

Next step is to choose the amount of “draws” or turns you wish to play on each round, if you select 5 draws then the computer will make five runs on inside a single round; maximum draws per turn round is 100. Move on and select the number of cards from a minimum of 1 to 100 boards played t the same time.

Last but not least, Roaring Twenties Bingo offers the Extra Balls mode which adds a count of 5 balls more to the incoming bingo results displayed on the screen; this doubles your bet and can be turned on or turned off before hitting the Start button which will commence the bingo action right before your eyes. After the round has begun, players can hit the Turbo button to speed up the results shown in the top of the main menu screen.

The game features several payouts for specific combos that include the following:

Vertical Lines Selected numbers displayed consecutively on a card shown on a vertical position.
Horizontal Lines Selected numbers displayed consecutively on a card shown on a horizontal position.
Diagonal Right to Left The digits on the cardboard are chosen diagonally from right to left.
Diagonal Left to Right The digits on the cardboard are chosen diagonally from left to right.
Letter X The selected spots form an X on the cardboard, payout is 10 to 1.
Letter H The selected spots form an X on the cardboard, payout is 50 to 1.
Frame Chosen numbers on the gaming round form a frame on the cardboard. Payout is 250 to 1.
Full Cardboard All numbers displayed on the card are selected. Special jackpot amount is given away.

Roaring Twenties Bingo features two progressive jackpots, minor and major, which can activate themselves at any moment when playing the game. This a major upgrade from standard bingo as it blends one of the most famous money making prize found on traditional thematic slot machines. Players can really boost their winnings with this one but there’s more, when filling an entire cardboard, the Maxi Jackpot is triggered giving away lost of cash prizes including 10,000 times per bet for subsequent cards, meaning more than one winning cardboard.

Just imagine how much money can you make, this is a redefinition of bingo, players are no longer destined to sit down for hours trying to scream the famous five lettered word.


Choose your bankroll amount first. Knowing how much cash are you going to use always helps into creating a more consistent gaming strategy. Select more than one cardboard, if the game features multiple cards, playing just one or two is not taking advantage of this bingo experience.

If you are betting let’s say, $1.00, you can choose to play 10 cardboards which increases your shots at scoring more combos resulting in a higher reward. If what you are looking for is to play many consecutive draws in a single round then lower your bet, coming to a bottom line in terms of how much you should bet and how much cards you should play will come as a result of experiencing the game itself. Players will soon know what works for them the best based on their earnings and bankroll status.


Roaring Twenties Bingo can throw many results on a single round as it is a game of chance. But despite this, players can add use some tools into enhancing their bingo adventure and even get to practice on casino free games.

Choose several cardboards

Playing bingo can be a very exciting activity but it also can be a stressful one especially when it comes to playing several cards at the same time. Roaring Twenties Bingo gives you the chance of experiencing up to 100 cardboards simultaneously; never in real life can you do this. Now is your time to have a blast of excitement with this and make some serious money.

Extra Balls

Located on the bottom left side of the main menu screen, players can hit this button to add five more balls to the regular count delivered on each gaming round. This boosts your shots at completing lines and special combos, the more balls on the screen, the more chances of winning big.


With its origins dating back to 1530 in Italy, Bingo remains a worldwide phenomenon played by people of all ages. During its first stage, it was a type of lottery system which gained popularity and spread to many countries including France.

Cardboards back then where composed of three horizontal rows and nine vertical columns. This was later used as a learning system for children for them to learn multiplication tables which were structured in this format.

It was a salesman who saw potential in this game after visiting Germany. He saw its potential as it allowed players to form different combinations which resulted in great thrills as it drifted away from regular games of chance at the time. He name his variation on this theme as Beano. In 1929, Edwin S. Lowe, a toy salesman saw Beano live in action at a local carnival, he would then proceed to make his own version of it as he witnessed as sold out venue where people actually waited outside for a shot at playing this.

Lowe made cardboard and used beans as markers as well; he invited friends over to his house to experience this new form of entertainment. One of the attendants screamed the word “Bingo” during the game, the rest was history. Bingo was later on promoted in churches as it represented a way of financing projects through it, people really loved the rush of Bingo.


Bet: Wagered amount at each turn of the game.

Card: A squared box that displays a random selection of numbers.

Draws: Number of times the cards are going to be played on a single round.

Extra Balls: Special feature that adds 5 balls into the Bingo count.

Turbo: A button that boosts the speed of the displaying results on the screen.

Maxi Jackpot: Biggest prize on the game, it is awarded when the cardboard is filled in its entirety.

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