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Play Magic 7’s

Play and win prizes, VIP bonuses and even the jackpot with Magic 7’s Scratch Card games at CoolCat Casino.

Get Magic 7’s scratch card game prizes when you scratch a Seven. Uncover a Magic Hat and you’ll win double!

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How to play

Magic 7 is an easy easy casino game with many prizes to win. This scratch card game features ten hats in the game which are arranged in three rows. The hats are arranged in the order of three, four and three in each row. The purpose of the game is to unveil the number 7 or a magic hat.

To play the game, you have to click on the bet key and select the amount. The rows of hats get activated. You have the option of clicking on each of the hats and see the hidden number or on the ‘Scratch All’ button.

You get the prize shown on the ‘spot’ for number seven. The prize could be a free game or a multiplier on the bet amount. You can find more than one seven and get more prizes. One seven may fetch a free game, another can get 1x the bet amount and yet another seven can get 2x the bet amount.

The additional features and bonus rounds in the game make it more interesting. The Magic 7s appear regularly in the game and you get awards revealed. Also if you get a chance to play a free game, you can win a prize in that round as well The Magic Hat may seem elusive but when it does appear it multiplies your dollars.

The Jackpot in the game is open to all. You may not necessarily win a game to hit the Jackpot. It may trigger — at any moment in the game– multipliers of 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 50x, 200x, 500x, 1000x, and 3000x.


Since centuries “7” has been considered a lucky number by gamblers. With so many sevens in this game, you can certainly get some luck for yourself. But lucky sevens alone can’t do all the magic. You need to follow a step-by-step betting strategy, if you want to get away with some decent rewards in hand.

There are different levels of bets in the game of Magic 7s scratch card. Make sure you divide your session and bankroll among all these betting limits in such way that you can make the most of all the betting series. It’s simple!

Wager with the lowest bet of $1 until you are able to gather at least double the amount that you started the game with. Then pull out your win and keep your invested money and half your profits aside. For instance, if you get a profit of $100 on a $100 investment, save $150 and play further with $50.

Then gradually move to higher betting series like, $5 and $10. You are using half your profits from the lower bets ($50) to wager with the higher betting values. If you lose, get away with $150 and if you win, play further. In this manner you will be able to save the money that you invest along with some profits as well. This strategy can help you play wisely so that you never leave the game of Magic 7s scratch card without profits. CoolCat Casino hopes to help players play their best, but does not guarantee a win based on any strategy.


Magic 7’s is a very simple casino scratch card game filled with big rewards. You can choose your bet amount between $1, $2, $5 and $10. It is always advisable to start with the lowest denomination. You get many chances to win in this game.

There are ten hats out of which getting a seven is quite easy. People get more than one seven. Each of the sevens fetches either a free game or it multiples of the bet amount.

The Magical Hat seldom appears but when it appears, favors your fortune and doubles the prize money. Since there are no conditions in the game for hitting the Jackpot, you always get a fair chance to walk away with it.


Magic 7s is the outcome of combined efforts of marketing genius Daniel Bower and scientist John Koza of the Scientific Games Corporation. This game is an instant lottery ticket. Since ages, the thrill of scratch a surface and win a prize has not found a parallel.

The game also achieved great heights of popularity because of the low cost of the ticket. The possibilities of winning a huge amount saw scratch games find a place for themselves in the state lottery system of US and UK governments.

Online scratch card games gained momentum after casinos went online with the advent of Internet. Scratch games have come a long way from simple games. Those searching for new casino games to play will be happy to try some scratch cards and find out not only can they win money but these games are just as exciting as any slot machine or table game.

Magic 7s is popular for the significance of the number seven. All religions and mythologies give some importance to the number 7. It is evident from seventh heaven, seven wonders, seven vices, seven planets and seven days in a week.

Many gamers believe that number 7 is lucky for casino gamers. The number 7 symbolizes a win and many casino games are based on this number.


Hat: The game board has a set of 10 hats arranged in 3 rows. Each has to be uncovered to reveal a number.

7: This is the lucky number under the hats which gets you the payouts.

Magic Hat: A Magic Hat revealed under a hat gets you twice the prize shown.

Bet: The amount of money you want to play the game with.

Balance: The money that is available to you to play the game.

Cashier: You can deposit money to play the game, withdraw money, or simply check previous transactions here.

Menu: This opens the Player Options box where you can select a full screen, have the sound and the dealer’s voice on, and regulate the card speed.

Help: This displays the objective of the game, playing instructions and a glossary of terms used on the Casino Navbar.

Rules Tab: A key on the left of the game frame, it displays the rules and the payouts of the Magic 7’s.

Back: Returns player back to the main frame or lobby of the online casino.

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