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Play Lucky 8’s

Follow the path and find the golden pot at the end of the rainbow. The Irish man gives you the keys for you to win great cash prizes and feel the thrills of online scratch cards at CoolCat, the best gambling experience available for USA player online. The game’s dynamics are exciting as it offers fantastic animation and digital design that ensure this to be a gaming voyage to remember.

The pots behold the cash prizes and the clover signs will show those lucky numbers that boost your bankroll. Seek out for the majestic number eight and win all prizes at once. Access CoolCat Casino’s instant play or download our software today to experience this great thematic journey.

How to play

Lucky 8’s delivers a user friendly interface that allows players into entering the virtual paradise of cash prizes and hidden surprises. The main screen features five pots of gold along two clovers. When you scratch the pots you have to also to the same procedure with the clovers as they hold the lucky numbers you are looking for, score a pair or more comparing them to your numbers with are displayed on the scratched pots and you’ll see what you won.

Begin your adventure by selecting the wagering amount you desire to play for on a range of a $1 bet to a maximum $5 per turn. Arrows next to the Bet button can increase or decrease the value of the bet. When you hit Play you have two options; to either scratch the cards one by one with by clicking on them as well as hitting the Scratch All feature that does the work for you.

Check out the payout table at the left side of the screen in the Rules tab as it will show how much can you win depending of the winning multipliers whose value follows this order: 1x, 2x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x and 4000x. As an added feature, free casino games online can be won during regular gameplay allowing players to enhance their experience in their quest for the lucky golden pot.


Maximizing Lucky 8’s potential is essential to players; this is why they should place low bet amounts at first. Raising wagering amounts can be done from time to time just to add excitement to the experience but it has to always be backed up a safe betting plan.

Most of online scratch card games basis is luck, you can take action to look our for a great gaming run but always remember knowing when to stop if those lucky golden pots are simply not coming your way, follow the Irish man wise teachings and play, enjoy and carefully manager your bankroll.


To extend the running time of the game simply bet low and enjoy the action. The more you play, the more chances you get at scoring a lucky 8 or the selected number at the uncovered clovers. As you increase your winnings, taking the next step into higher stakes it’s a natural thing that unveils new heights in player satisfaction.

Dividing the bankroll by 100 and then betting 1% of the given result works for many gaming enthusiasts and provides a wise backup when playing at the tables. If your bankroll increases divide it again by 100 to know what the new wagering range can be. Whenever a lucky strike hits take advantage of it, this system ensures a solid plan all the way.


The Irish man at the end of the rainbow has several cultural references and it has inspired many stories about gold pots and fortune. In folklore, the leprechaun is depicted as an old man and many fiction tales talk about how difficult it is to catch one as they are wise people very difficult to locate in the Irish countryside. They are sure to be found near his pot of gold, when sighting a leprechaun one has to be quick as they vanish very fast to protect their treasures.

As for the rainbow itself, it is a phenomenon that creates an spectrum of light on the sky. They can be observed when water drops and sunlight shines from behind at a low altitude angle. Experts consider that the best time to see a rainbow is when the skies are half dark and raining clouds are present, the observer must be in the direction of the Sun. This gives as a result a bright rainbow that shows a powerful contrast with the background.


Pots: Displayed symbols at the table that are scratched off during gameplay.

Lucky 8’s: Combination that wins all prizes at the table.

Jackpot: Cash prize that accumulates to be triggered at anytime during gameplay.

Bet: The wagering amount set by the player.

Help: Information menu that displays general topics regarding game dynamics and rules.

Back: Returns the player to the main casino software screen.

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