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Play Hot Dice

Dice are rolling on the table, fiery roads of great prizes and classic casino action. Play Hot Dice and discover the excitement of the best Scratch card games online at CoolCat Casino, the the top casino for US players. The game features realistic action and cutting edge animation that is sure to enhance gaming enthusiast’s experience.

Make your best bet on Hot Dice Scratch Card game at CoolCat Casino and enjoy great winnings through the instant play feature or simply download the software at our site.

How to play

Hot Dice is a game that offers an easy to use electronic portal for players to win many cash prizes. Five sets of dice are displayed on the screen. These will scratch off once you click on them; the objective is to score a 7 or 11 at any of the given dice pairs on the table.

Start the game by selecting you bet amount from a minimum $1 to a maximum $10 per turn. Arrows next to this wagering button allows players to increase or decrease the value of their bet. By clicking on each Dice you can scratch them off, you can also use the Scratch All button to automatically reveal them all.

When each dice is revealed, you will see the payout multiplier of the two below the pair showing how much can you win. Besides landing a 7 or 11 combination, you can also win the chance to play free casino games that boost the chances of keep on boosting your bankroll value.

The Jackpot can be won at anytime during regular gameplay. Payouts cover a wide range of winning multipliers from 1x, 2x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x, 2000x. If players reveal a chip they can unlock all prizes at once.


When dealing with online scratch cards you have to be sure to know how much are you getting paid according to an specific result. For many decades now, dice have been a major source of attraction at regular casinos. Hot dice fill the game inviting players into winning big time. There are some basic strategy advices that can bring big rewards to gaming enthusiasts.

Since different betting amounts exist at Hot Dice, divide your gaming running time and bankroll value between the actual wagering cash you are putting in. Remember to take the game at your own pace, there are no hurries but the sense of enjoying the game as much as you can.


Some players like to divide their bankroll by 100 and then wager 1% of that total number. Let’s say you have a bankroll of $200, so it follows that you should play with $2 bets. After each gaming run you can make a new calculus of your bankroll and bets. The point of putting the system on to the gameplay is to maximize those lucky moments and protect yourself at the same time whenever waiting for the next win to happen.

Using a small betting amount suggests that the game’s extension will be longer and that translates into more excitement. It can also increase the chance of getting those winning combos of 7 and 11 when scratching the hot dice. When your bankroll starts to increase you can progressively increase your wagering amount to open a new dimension of gaming possibilities.


Dice can be traced along history through different eras and regions. The Romans were in fact, very passionate for gaming especially during the days of their Empire; dice where an all time favorite, many people enjoyed the thrills of chance by betting on results proving that dice had potential as an exciting game that provides dynamic action.

In modern times, dice are used in many games not related to casinos such as Monopoly and Parcheesi to name a few. Craps have been another source for dice frenzy across thousands of players who seek out the luck of chance; dice hold a power of its own.


Dice: The table features five pairs of dice, each one is revealed when scratched off.

7 and 11: Combination that has to be made by the sum of the dice to prize the player.

Jackpot: Cash prize that accumulates to be triggered at anytime during gameplay.

Bet: The amount of money you want to play the game with.

Help: Information menu that displays general topics regarding game dynamics and rules.

Back: Returns the player to the main casino software screen.

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