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Play Wok and Roll

Eastern recipes and cuisine delights invite players into a unique slot machine journey through Asia’s historic dishes in the hands of a skilled chef. Noodles, beef and a wide variety of menu items wait inside Wok and Roll, a fantastic thematic slot machine that delivers a unique experience. Get a prize multiplier up to 10 times a bet during the amazing free bonus round with an extra free spin feature that enhances a very exciting time at the Asian restaurant. Wild and scattered symbols create winning combinations and powerful rewards for those players who seek good times and great food.

Get an egg roll or a wonton soup and spin the artistic reels of fortune, amazing payouts are sure to boost your bankroll in no time. Your seat is reserved at the table in such a fine location that displays a 24/7 kitchen ready to serve the best dishes to provide a unique voyage that prizes big time.

How to play

Pick up the menu and check the selection of fine food creations such as fried shrimp rice, steamed dumplings, bok Choy, fish with orange slices and the classics, egg rolls. Chinese cooking is know for its variety and multi-flavored seasonings; in Wok and Roll you get lots of great bonuses and not one but many features that enhance gameplay action enormously. Spin the reels and read the fortune cookies, they will predict amazing cash prizes coming your way. Enjoy the mystic power of a game that takes online slot machine excitement to a whole new level.

Enter Wok and Roll’s main menu screen and enter the Asian kitchen where great food is ready for some heavy cooking. The door opens for you to experience a one of a kind treat, sit down and enjoy the evening. Start off the action by selecting the number of desired paylines to play within a range of 1 to 25. Then choose your wagering amount per turn from a minimum $0.25 to a maximum value of $125. Arrows located next to the Bet button allow the player to increase or decrease the quantity. The game is ready to go underway, click con the Spin tab and watch as the reels move in a very realistic manner. In order for players not to manually have to set their spins every time, on each turn that is, the Autoplay mode gives the option to automatically set the computer to do up to 1000 spins. A Help tab on the bottom right side of the screen delivers information on payouts, symbols and general rules.

Rules for Wok and Roll Online Slot Machine

The game offers great new casino slot games features and a collection of added bonus rounds that deliver instant action. Here’s a list of some basic rules in Wok and Roll:

  • All symbols pay in a left to right direction except for scattered Wok and Roll logos.
  • Maximum win per spin, besides the Progressive Jackpot, is 50,000 times bet per line.
  • Scatter and Bonus game wins are added to payline wins.
  • Both the Minor and Major Progressive Jackpots can be awarded anytime.
  • Payouts are made according to the paytable.


When playing a thematic slot machine one has to remember that progressive slot machines work with random number generators that usually tend to have favorable odds when high bets are wagered. The frequency in which special rounds and extra features can be displayed during gameplay is proportionally dependable on the betting amounts. Since Wok and Roll hast two jackpots It boost the chances of winning big time. A good strategy based on high value bets maybe be a wild move for your bankroll but once get a hold of the game and can identify all the possible scenarios; its just the next step into creating fortune spins progressively.


You are ready to begin spinning the reels but you then realize you know nothing about the game like regular payout values.  For first timers, best advice is to limit your bankroll size and play online slot games only with minimum bets to extend the game’s running time just to get a sense of what the dynamics are. This will start to deepen your knowledge on how the action works and when to special rounds occur. Study the payouts and learn what the winning combinations compose themselves of. You control the pace and that is why practice makes perfect, as one starts to master a game it will maximize the outcome to be a cash rewarding experience at its best.


A famous dish among Chinese cuisine experts is Beef noodle soup which is made with beef, vegetables and noodles. It exists in several styles through the Asian continent and it was created by a small ethnic group during the Tang Dynasty in China. It is very easy to eat using chopsticks and it certainly shows how Asian plates tend to be practical to just be eaten with their traditional utensils.

The Chinese also feature the famous Dim Sum menu which resembles the Western appetizers, from the rice and fried shrimp (Ja Cau) to pork mixed with egg rolls (Siu Mae). Contrary to popular belief, chop suey and fried rice were not created in China but in the shores of San Francisco as a response of Asian people to the American crowds that began to show interest on the Eastern flavors. For some it is China’s Fast Food for the Western Hemisphere.


Random Jackpot: Special cash prize that accumulates value progressively and it is triggered at anytime during gameplay.

Wok and Roll: Game logo that acts as a scattered symbol, three or more displayed on a payline unlock free online casino games.

Chef: Wild Symbol that acts as a multiplier on winning combinations.

Wok and Roll Bonus Feature: Free round that offers several bonuses like prize multipliers and free spins.

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