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Play Sevens and Stripes

The top online slot games are here at CoolCat Casino! Are you ready for them? To turn every spin into a win, join us for Sevens and Stripes. Playing Sevens and Stripes is easy. Start out by adding credits to your machine from the chip denominations of your choice or by the coin slots on your machine. The limit for adding credit is the full amount of the balance in your account. Add credit by the Coin Slot on the bottom right hand side of the machine. In Sevens & Stripes slot machine game, you can choose from denominations of $5, $25 or $100. Clicking on these adds your choice to the bet by deducting it from your account. You can bet only three coins per spin, so you have to make a choice on that.

The aim of Sevens and Stripes Slots is lining up matching symbols and multiplying your wins. For the ultimate payout, match the red, white and blue 7’s. To start the spin, you have a variety of options as well. Press ‘Bet One’ if you want to bet on one coin at a time. To bet the second coin, press ‘Bet One’ again and so on. To bet all three coins at the same time, press ‘Play 3 Credits’. This will spin the reel automatically while if you bet one at a time, you will have to press the option of ‘Spin Reel’. The pay table tells you the winning combinations and how much you are entitled to. The ‘Winner Paid’ option displays your last spin winnings, the ‘Credit Window’ shows you your credit amount that can be used for play and the ‘Coins Played’ field shows you the number of credits you have bet on a particular spin.

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How to play

Seven & Stripes is a traditional three reel slots with red, white and blue stripes in the background. It provides a respite from the madness of multi-line slot machines and you just have to spin the 7s and BARs on the reels to line them up on a single pay line.


The key motive of Sevens & Stripes online slots is to align a predefined combination onto a single payline. The red line in the center of the reels is the only payline in the game.

How to Place a Bet

Start the game by placing the bet. Set the size of your bet in the denominations of $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 and $5.00 by pressing the up and down arrows on the left and right side in the ‘insert coin’ window. Then click on the $5, $25 or $100 chips to add credits to play on the Sevens & Stripes online slots. After that you can press on the ‘bet one’ tab to choose the number of coins you want to wager with. If you wish to wager with just one coin, click on the bet one tab once. However, if you want to bet two coins, click on the bet one button twice. In the Sevens & Stripes online slot, you can place a bet of maximum three coins per game. Press the ‘Play 3 credits’ button if you want to bet with three credits in one go. Remember your wager, made in the denominations mentioned above, will then get multiplied by 2 or 3 depending on the coins you choose to play with.

Spin the Reel

Once you have decided on the value of your bet, press the ‘spin reel’ button or click on the lever on the right side to move the reels. What you have won or what you have lost in the game depends upon what kind of combination you reel in on the single payline when the reels freeze.


Every winning combination has a different payout attached to it. The payoff also varies from one coin size to another. Let’s say, you bet with one coin and spin three red sevens on the payline, you’ll win1199 coins. But if you bet with two coins and three symbols of red sevens line up on the payline, you’ll be paid off 2398 coins. On the other hand, you get 5000 coins if you bet with three coins and reel in three matching red colored sevens on the payline.

The pay table below throws light on the payoffs tied to the various combinations with different coin bets:

Combination Description One coin Two Coins Three Coins
Triple sevens of three different colors in the sequence of: Red, White and Blue 2400 4800 10000
Triple sevens of Red color 1199 2398 5000
Triple sevens of white color 200 400 600
Triple sevens of Blue color 100 200 300
Three images of Triple BAR 40 80 120
Any Sevens be it red, white or blue 20 40 60
Three images of Single BAR 10 20 30
Three images of any kind of bar/bars  4 8 12
Highest Reward

The highest reward worth 10,000 coins in the Sevens & Stripes online slot is a jackpot prize you earn on three coins bet, provided you spin triple sevens – red, white and blue — in the same sequence. With those lucky Sevens all over the slot machine… you can certainly afford to gather some good fortune for yourself in the Sevens & Stripes online slot.


Sevens & Stripes online Slots offers all the opportunities that you need to reel in some amazing rewards. But most often when players win on Sevens & Stripes, they mindlessly bet with more dollars, expecting to rake in higher rewards. But eventually they end up losing everything including the money they invested. This is where the squirrel slots strategy can come in handy. The Squirrel Slots strategy helps you enjoy the game of Sevens & Stripes online Slot while helping you save precious dollars to be wagered at a more opportune time. A lot like the squirrel stashes away food to be used later.

However, the squirrel strategy is best used in combination with the chicken strategy, discussed in earlier strategy pages. The chicken strategy is one which encourages players to play a pre-determined set of wagers and then abandon the game, especially if on a losing spree.

This can be explained using a simple illustration:

Suppose you take $20 to a loose Seven & Stripes online Slots and use a chicken strategy by playing with the designated amount of $20 on a betting pattern of 1-1-2-2-3-3-2-2-1-1. Let’s assume that you win a reward of $20 at the end of this betting session. Now, you have a total amount of $40 in your hands.

According to the chicken strategy you must leave the Sevens & Stripes Slot machine with the reward of $40 if you lost the last bet of your session. On the other hand, if you win, you can switch to the squirrel strategy to conserve your money and still continue to wager and play. There are two basic rounds in the squirrel strategy that form the basis of this money-saving trick. The illustrations below provide a clear understanding of both these rounds:

First Round:

In the first round, take out and save $20 with which you initially wagered using the chicken strategy from the total of $40 that you have. Divide the rest $20 (your profit) by two and save $10. Now you have $30 in your pocket ($20 + $10 = $30). Wager with the rest of your profit, i.e. $10.

Second Round:

Let’s say, you again win $20 on the $10 wager. This means that now you have $30 besides the $30 that you have already saved in the first round. Now, divide your profit of $20 by two again. Pocket the $10 that you invested in the first round. In this round, you must bet with $20 which is the total sum of the amount that you wagered in the first round ($10) and half of your profit ($10).

So you can see that by using this optimal squirrel strategy, you saved $30 in the first round and $10 in the second round. This means that you have managed to save $40 while playing on the Sevens & Stripes online Slot. Certain websites guarantee that the squirrel strategy will not let you go empty handed. However, CoolCat Casino does not give any assurance if this trick will work, work sometimes, or all the time.


Nobody can remain apathetic to the thrill generated by the slot machines sections at online casinos…following certain measures though can make it even more exciting when you win a huge jackpot in the game.

Play the Maximum Coins

If you wish to boost your odds of hitting the jackpot, wager with a maximum of three coins in the game. Just imagine spinning the highest rewarding combination of three sevens in the sequence of “red seven-white seven-blue seven” with a bet of one coin, only to find that you could have hit the jackpot of 10,000 just by betting two more coins.

Avoid Zombie-like Behaviour

Don’t play mindlessly for long hours at a stretch on the Sevens & Stripes online slots machine without keeping track of the money you are putting in the game. Instead, plan your bankroll properly. There are players who divide their budget in a way that they are well aware of how much they need to and can afford to put in the slot machine every time they play. It is good to place larger bets while on a winnign spree, but when you are on a losing spree, decrease your wager to the least minimum.

Check the Payouts

Go through the payouts attached to the various combinations and different coin bets in the game. You will find the payoffs on the payout chart listed on the top of the Sevens & Stripes online slot machine.

Free Casino Game

Before you start playing for real, thoroughly practise the game on the free version of Sevens & Stripes online slots. Play on games for free with no restrictions to get an idea of all the payoffs, the different betting options and the way the symbols line up to give you a win.


It is easy to see how this three-reel slots came into being. The destiny of many a gambler has been made with the number Seven. With slots becoming a fad in the US, it is apparent that the game is called Sevens & Stripes. The term Stripes of course alludes to the US flag, which bears red and white stripes as well as blue stars. All three colours are used in this slot game, which is named Seven & Stripes, a play on Star & Stripes as the US flag is referred to.

Let us also look at the number “7”. The roll of dice which yields 5+2 adding up to 7 is also considered lucky. This is featured as a cover illustration in the famous Perry Mason mystery novel “The Case of the Lucky Legs.” During the Irish-American World War Two, people carried around a figurine of Lady Luck who sported dice as earrings with seven displayed.

Some casinos also provide gamblers with the “Gold Lucky 7” hand wash which is made of seven lucky herbs including Golden Chamomile. Gamblers wash their hands with this “Gold Lucky 7” hand wash before they start playing any game of chance like slots. It is believed that if the hands of the players are clean, it will bring good luck to the game.

Clearly number 7 is very fortunate for gamblers. Developers at Real Time Gaming have captured the essence of number 7 and all its connotations in the Seven & Stripes online slots. Reel in a variety of lucky combinations of Sevens and take home a fortune.


Reels: The reels can be defined as three rotating rows on the slot machine with six different symbols on it.

Symbols: The symbols are different images on the reels. The Sevens & Stripes online slots includes six images of a red seven, blue seven, white seven, triple BAR, double BAR and single BAR.

Payline: Payline can be defined as the red line in the center of the reels where predefined combinations align to get you various rewards.

Pay Table: The pay table is a listing of all pay outs against every bet size and winning combination in the game.

Coin size: Coin size refers to the value of the coins you insert in the Sevens & Stripes slots machine to play the game. For instance, if you are playing on the denomination of $1, your coin size is $1. In this classic online slot you can play with the coins in the denominations of $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 to $5.00.

Chips: Chips can be referred to as different values of coins that you can use in lieu of money to play the game. In Sevens & Stripes online slot you can credit your account with the chips of $5, $25 and $100.

Bet: Bet is the total worth of coins that you wager in every single game.

Play 3 Credits: It is an option in this online slot that lets you play with three credits, directly.

Coins Played: The coins played are the number of coins that you have exhausted to play a single game. For instance, if you choose to bet with three coins with a coin size of $1, you are basically betting with $3 per game.

Winning combinations: Winning combinations can be defined as the set of three matching symbols or differing symbols arranged in a specific pattern in the Sevens & Stripes online slot. Different combinations get different returns.

Spin Reel: Spin reel is a button in the Sevens & Stripes online slot, which lets you spin the reels when you press it.

Lever: Lever is a handle on the right side of the Sevens & Stripes online slot machine that serves the purpose of spinning the reels as in the classic slots on the land casinos. Just click on the lever to rotate the reels.

Cash out: Cash out can be defined as that option in this online slot that lets you move all your credits from the slot machine to your casino account. Download our online casino games software and start playing Sevens and Stripes Slots now!

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