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Play Mayan Queen

Mayan Queen Basics: Rediscover one of the most important civilizations in Latin America that conquered a natural paradise reigning supreme during ancient times. Following their tradition of cultural and historical significance, Mayan Queen delivers all the best bonuses and prizes in a spinning adventure through reels of fortune.

Cutting edge graphics and dynamic action invites players into exploring the riddles and mysteries of temples, jewelry and legendary paths. Be the explorer and unveil the treasures that wait inside. Experience a new definition in thematic casino slot games with outstanding features that enhance a one of a kind gaming paradise.

How to play

Emeralds shine through the jungle where rocks, birds and trees shape the historic landmarks that hold the memory of a once ruling empire. The Mayan Queen slot machine takes you back in time into a parallel reality where cash rewards prize those who walk across the natural roads of temples and hidden surprises. Watch the animated symbols and special bonus rounds boost the action on the spinning reels. Based on the famous Mesoamerican civilization, the game captures the feel of a theme that spells adventure at its best.

Start off on Mayan Queen’s main menu in which the reels and symbols are displayed for the action to begin at the player’s command. First of all, the number of paylines must be selected on a range of 1 to 25. On the left side of the screen, there are two buttons on display for you to choose a desired wagering amount; increase or decrease the value from a minimum $0.01 to a top $5.00 per turn. Once the cash is ready and the bankroll sets players to start their gaming run without forgetting the Autoplay mode which sets a computer to automatically do up to 1000 spins if desirable. Mayan Queen offers a special Help button ton the right side of the screen so players can check out information on payouts, rules and general Mayan Queen frequently asked questions. Instructions are very easy to learn, this helps into creating a joyful experience without too much technicalities coming in between great prizes and enthusiastic players.

Rules for Mayan Queen Online Slot Machine

The game offers great features and a collection of added bonus rounds and free online casino games that deliver instant action. Here’s a list of some basic rules in Mayan Queen:

  • Prized combinations are paid out according to each enabled payline with exception of scattered wins.
  • The maximum amount paid in this slot machine is 50,000 times a bet.
  • Symbols on the game pay on a left to right direction except for the scattered Emeralds.
  • The game features a random progressive jackpot that triggers itself at anytime during gameplay.
  • Cash prizes awarded on Mayan Queen’s special bonus rounds are added to regular payline winnings.


Online gaming reaches new heights with Mayan Queen’s thematic adventure that gives away great cash prizes and special bonuses. A strategy must first rely on the fact that the running time of a gaming run can be proportional to the player’s bankroll, for some the amount of cash determines length. Mayan Queen doesn’t come short when talking about rewards and opportunities displayed on the game, making money here is a sure thing. A key point when deciding your wagering amount is to remember that the odds tend to favor players more when high bets are played. This not only can unlock special bonus rounds but increases the chances of hitting the random progressive jackpot that prizes big time.


Paying attention to detail is always advisable. When first entering the game be sure to study payouts, comprehend the rules and get a feel of Mayan Queen’s dynamics. Since it features a wide variety of hidden treasures to discover it is recommended for beginner players to maintain a constant betting amount in their process of knowing the game. Practice makes perfect and so, remember key points into playing a thematic slot machine such as taking advantage of special rounds when available and always selected as many paylines as possible to raise your chances at winning. Having the commodity of online gaming from your own PC and not having to travel miles to brick and mortar casino, take your time and master your craft for ultimate satisfaction.


The Mayans ruled their way across Latin America with a dominance that covered parts of southern Mexico and Central America including Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador. Their civilization contributed into improving writing, epigrahy and calendars; their use of numeric systems such as Base 20 reflects how this culture evolved progressively. They produced accurate astronomical observations; their works on the movements of the moon and planets are impressive and share the same level of scientific significance as any other civilization using naked eye observation.

As it is a modern technique nowadays, Mayans implemented an arquitectural style that combined on site materials such as limestone and others to blend in with the existing nature on their land. Temples seem to come out from the jungle showing a level of respect for their surroundings. Treasures such as gold, silver and jade were abundant in the region and were used as ornaments. The Mayan’s art reflected their lifestyle and culture; they used several materials including paper, wood, stone and clay to create inscriptions, architectural designs, figurines and fine pottery. This contributed into preserving the history of the Mayan Civilization.


Random Jackpot: An accumulative cash prize that is triggered anytime during regular gameplay.

Emerald: Scattered symbol that prizes winning combinations through a payout table, they don’t have to appear in line during the game.

Mayan Queen: Wild symbol that substitutes others to complete a winning combination.

Skill Stop Spin Feature: Special feature that allows players to stop the spinning reels with just one button.

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