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Play Jazz Time

Jazz Time is a game of 5-reels. The pay table can be viewed by clicking on the ‘Pay Table’ option that is on the lower left side of the machine, just beside the red ‘Cash Out’ button. The denominations of this game are penny, nickel, quarter, $0.50, $1, and $5. Start playing by adding credit to your machine from your account by clicking on the denominations of $0.25, $1, $5, $25, or $100 Chips. Decide how much you are going to bet on, because in Jazz Time casino slots game, you can only bet up to 45 coins at a time.

You can win by lining up instruments on any one of the nine pay lines. You have to select how many lines you want to bet on because you cannot bet more than nine lines. To add extra lines to your wager, click on ‘Select Lines’. These lines light up as a different color on the pay line. Press ‘Bet One’ after selecting how many lines you want to wager for. This will wager 1-5 credits on each line. Pressing the same button again adds a second coin in the bet and you can proceed in this fashion.

In Jazz Time, you can get a bonus win if you can match three pieces of a drum-set. That is, a pair of drumsticks, a snare and a hi-hat. Enter the jam session bonus round by collecting three grand piano icons anywhere on the screen. In Jazz Time you can jam with all the four instruments playing in harmony. You can click on any instrument you like – Bass, Piano, Trumpet or Guitar. You get to win the coins for clicking on the instrument that plays in harmony with the bass line rift. Missing your chance would bring the bonus round to an end and you can walk off with the bonus that you have won so far. The winning amount in Jazz Time depends on the number of coins you had wagered on, so the higher the value of the bet, the higher the winning amount. Think big here!

The pays are played from left to right, with the exception of the bonus game winners. So you win when you line up the icons from the left side of the screen. Check the winning combinations by clicking on the ‘Pay Table’ button. You win when the reels stop spinning and you check it against the payline which indicates how much you had wagered for, which in turn will be highlight casinoed for you.

A list of options presented on your machine during Jazz Time would be: ‘Spin’, to start the spinning; ‘Max Bet’, to help you bet the maximum number of coins and lines; ‘Select Lines’, to bring in another line on the bet and is limited to nine lines; ‘Cash Out’, to encash your winnings and credits; ‘Pay Table’ which tells you the winning combination and how much you will win; ‘Total Bet’, tells you the number of credits on a particular spin and ‘Winner Paid’ which is the winnings you can claim on the last spin.

How to play

The music is all around, it’s in the air and the time for “all that Jazz” has arrived.

The Jazz Time slot is an acoustically enhanced video slots that provides engaging gamers an ambience of Live Music Clubs and Friday Nights. It is a 5 reels slot game with as much as 9 paylines on offer, in addition to the five coins per line feature, making a 45 coin per spin the max- bet.

How to Play

The Jazz Time Slot incorporates almost every musical instrument played in Jazz bands including MicrophonesTrumpetsGuitarsSaxophonesTrombonesBongos and Basses.

Whatever the instrument, the objective of this game is to line up matching symbols to play a winning tune.

Here are some simple instructions to help you start your gaming session:

  • Click the arrows under denomination to play with different denominations
  • Click on the chips to add credits to the slot machine
  • Click Select Lines to add or remove paylines
  • Click Bet One to raise your bet per payline or click Bet Max to bet five credits on each of the nine paylines
  • Click Spin Reel
  • Click Cash Out to cash out your credits

The Jazz Time online slots game has an additional Scatter feature too. Every time that you hit a Cymbal, a Snare Drum and a Pair of Drumsticks anywhere on the reels, (i.e. when you are wagering the max bet), you will get a random amount of coins that can amount up to as much as 350 coins.

Cymbal Snare Drum Pair of Drumsticks Jazz Jam Bonus

Players also have the opportunity to win up to 4,000 coins with the Jazz Jam Bonus feature when they hit 3 Grand Pianos while wagering the max-bet.

Note: In the Bonus Round, you click on an instrument to play it. When the instrument plays a tune in harmony with the bass line rift; you win a multiple of your original bet. The bonus round ends on an “off note” when the instrument plays out of tune.


Jazz Time is a wonderful multi-line video Slots. It offers the chance to win huge rewards by betting with five coins and by playing on all the nine paylines. You can try out the maximum coin betting trick and the probability tactics of playing on all the paylines to reel in maximum profits on the Jazz Time video Slot.

Bet with Maximum Coins

Betting with maximum coins is the best betting strategy to increase your chances of reeling in the maximum payouts. The five images of microphone is the highest paying combination in the Jazz Time video Slot. With the bet of one coin, this combination reels in 1000 coins whereas the bet of five coins gets you a reward of 10,000 coins. So, you can see that not betting with five coins can lead to a loss of 9000 coins.

Playing with Maximum Paylines

Besides wagering with maximum coins it is also very important to play on all the nine paylines of Jazz Time Slots. There have been cases when players bet with five coins in the hope of reeling in bigger payouts but lose it because they don’t select all the paylines. For instance, you bet with five coins each on line one and two in the Jazz Time video Slot. But to your utter disappointment the five images of trumpets appear on the third reel. Had you selected all the paylines, you would have won 2000 coins. Why take a chance and shrink your odds of winning by not selecting all the paylines?

Bonus Offers

The above two strategies can also help you make the most out of the Bonus offers on the Jazz Time video Slot. Select all the nine paylines while playing on the Jazz Time video Slot if you don’t want to miss out on the rewarding Bonus features. The Big Money Scatter Bonus feature is triggered only if you spin the Cymbal, Snare Drum and Pair of Drumsticks together anywhere on the reels. Imagine getting all the three instruments i.e. the Cymbal, Snare Drum and Pair of Drums on the reels but one of them appears on the payline that you didn’t select. Therefore, select all the paylines to avoid such a disaster. Same goes for the Jazz Jam Session bonus round.

In addition, both the bonus features when won, pay you an amount that is relative to your total bet and so betting with maximum coins is likely to fetch you better rewards.

Certain online casino websites strongly believe that these strategies work wonders if applied sincerely to the Jazz Time Video Slot. However, CoolCat free casino online doesn’t vouch for any guaranteed results through these tricks. You can test them for yourself and if they do work, you can apply them to the other video Slots as well.


Know Your Game In and Out

Check out the fine details on the interface to understand and learn more of the video slots before you start with the real game. It is really of great importance that you take a thorough look at the credit options, the symbols, extra rounds and all that Jazz.

A strumming guitar rhythm section plays while the reels spin and when you line up a win, it concludes with a sound that is quite close to the chorus or the main section of a song.

The main feature of Jazz Time, as mentioned earlier, is the presence of four scatter icons separated for two different bonus games.

Scatter Symbols

The drumsticks, snare and hi-hat icons scattered across the reels line up for the big money scatter bonus. If you get this combination you will see the icons float off the reels and combine in the middle of the page revealing a huge win.

For the jazz jam session bonus the piano needs to be spun three times across the reels to trigger your access to this bonus slot. When you trigger it a drum kit starts a groove in the background revealing four instruments in front of you; the piano, the double bass, the trumpet and the guitar. You have to select and gradually add the instruments one by one to create a smooth rhythm. Each instrument you add, will enable a prize. Keep your fingers crossed and sway in harmony to walk away with a huge prize.


The Jazz Time slots displays varying paytables for the numerous ways in which you can win prizes in this game. You can click on the paytable button on the right corner of the interface to scroll through them all to decide which one is the best for you. Remember that you have to play 45 coins to go for the maximum win.

Money Management

This tip may sound redundant like a DJ playing a boring loop again and again when you are ready to hit the dance floor. Yet it is absolutely essential that you don’t get carried away by the music and lose control of your senses. Go play casino games and have fun but be aware of how heavy your purse is. Try setting a maximum limit in your credit balance before you wager your bids on Jazz Time.


The origin of slot machines can be traced back to a century ago when Charles Fey invented the Liberty Bell. Ever since, slot machines have become one of the most popular modes of entertainment. In the course of history, slot machines like every other invention have undergone several changes and developments. Now in this century, the improvements on the original model have reached an online virtual level with more captivating features. Enhanced with new themes, symbols, and more sophisticated technology such as the random number generator, the online slots machine has replaced the mechanical reels. Online slot machines have a lot of common features as the physical machines but the displays, content and several other extra features give undue advantage to online slot machines that any land-based game.

Jazz Time Slots was developed and created by one of the best slots developer, RTG on the theme of American art form of Jazz. The interface is a casino based 5-reel machine compared to other RTG ‘real-series’ video slots.

It is an awesome multi-line online slot machine that incorporates graphics and sound effects for this game, an absolutely fit for the theme, Jazz Time ! The slot game carries an aura of magnetism, from the enticing tones in the background to the delightful musical textures that groove along with almost every move on this slot.

With Microphones, Trumpets, Guitars, Saxophones, Trombones, Bongos, and Basses as the icons, it is little wonder that Jazz Time Slots has become a favorite option for online gamers.


Pay line: A pattern on which you need to line up the symbols to win. On the slots, it is normally a straight line. Often it is in the middle of the slot window; there can be three or five lines, and even nine as in Jazz Time.

Reels: Symbols are displayed on reels. There are usually three reels, but there can be four or even higher.

Bonus Slots: Slot machines which offer bonus games when certain combinations hit to provide a bonus game with an additional payout

Maximum Bet: The highest possible bet in coins for a game. For example if in a five reel, five line slot lets you bet five coins per line the max bet is 25 coins (5 x 5 = 25)

Multi-Line: Any slot machine that has more than one line on which you can line up wins.

Coins Size: Amount of single bet is known as coins size.

Hold: The percentage of coin played that are held by machine.

RTG: Real Time Gaming

Random Number Generator (RNG) : The computer chip inside the slot machine that determines where the reels stop. It is found in all modern day slots from spinning to video reel games.

Winning Combinations: The number of ways to win as displayed by the pay table.

Symbols: The images or icons that are displayed on the reels. In Jazz Time, they are piano, bass, drums.

Scatter Pay: A pay out most commonly found on video slots that wins without having to line up. Often activates the bonus feature or bonus game.

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