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Play Diamond Mine Deluxe

One of the best Three Reel Slot Machine Games on the circuit is the Diamond Mine Deluxe. The aim here is to line up matching symbols on the payline. An option of a 2X symbol is there on the payline; it doubles the winning combinations. In Diamond Mine Deluxe three reel slots, if you get two 2X symbols, the remaining symbol would be matched and the payout for the remaining symbol will be four times more. However, if you hit three 2X symbols on the payline, then you will win a 800, 1,600 or 3,000 credit. This depends on the betting amount. What makes Diamond Mine Deluxe one of the best slots is that is offers progressive jackpots! While max betting, if you hit three 2X symbols, the jackpot is yours! The total amount of the jackpot is shown above the reels.

Diamond Mine Deluxe is easy to begin with. To play Diamond Mine Deluxe, transfer credit from your account balance to your machine by clicking on the chip denominations of your choice or by the coin slots on your machine. The only limiting factor to adding credit to your machine is the amount of balance you have in your account. Once you are done with it, it’s time to spin the reel and find out what is in store for you!

Spin the reel according to your choice because you can place bets in two ways. First, you can bet one at a time by clicking on ‘Press One’. This will place one bet per click. To bet again, you will have to click on the same button again. This can be done up to three times. If that is not your choice, there is a second option as well. Click on ‘Play 3 Credits’ to bet on three coins at a time. This option will also spin the reel without waiting for further instructions from you. If you have chosen the first process, click on ‘Spin the Reel’ to start the Diamond Mine Deluxe Three Reel Slot Game.

The options of the Diamond Mine Deluxe game are very user-friendly. The option buttons have names that correspond to their functions, so there is no room for confusion. The ‘Pay Table’ indicates what you will be paid along with the winning combinations. The ‘Coins Played’ field tells you the number of coins that you have played, while the denomination options help you to bet using the coins of your choice.

How to play

Diamond Mine Deluxe is a value-add to the standard Diamond Mine online slots. In addition to the bar, cherries and seven, the slot also has a wild card, the 2X.


The aim of the player in the game is to line up various combinations of symbols on the single payline in the game. The payline is specified –it is a straight red line right at the center of the reels. Diamond Mine Deluxe will appeal you with all the attributes of its predecessor – the Diamond Mine three reel slot. It also boasts of an additional wild symbol similar to five reel multi-line contemporaries.

How to Place a Bet

The gameplay in the Diamond Mine Deluxe online slot starts once you fix your bet. The size of the bet is raised or reduced by hitting the up and down arrows on the right and left side of the “insert coin” window. The denominations in which you can set your bet range from $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 to $5.00. To add credits to the machine you can click on the $5, $25 or $100 chips. Click on the “bet one” tab to place the bet. To bet with just one coin per game, click on the bet one tab once. To wager with two coins, click on the bet one button twice and to bet with three coins either press the bet one tab thrice or click the “play 3 credits” button. The maximum bet that you can place in a single game of Diamond Mine Deluxe online slots is three coins.

Spin the Reel

Hit the “Spin Reel” tab or click on the lever on the right side of the Diamond Mine Deluxe slot machine to twirl the three reels. Whether you lose or you win is decided based upon the combinations that you line up on the single payline when the reels stop.

Wild Symbol/2X

Unlike the Diamond Mine online slot there is also an add-on wild symbol in the game of Diamond Mine Deluxe. The wild icon in this online slot is the ‘2X’ symbol. Whenever this substituting symbol reveals itself on the payline, it will replace itself with all the other icons on the payline to get you rewarding combinations. Besides, your rewards will be mechanically doubled or quadrupled if one or two images of ‘2X’ emerges on the payline respectively to help you create winning combos. However, you’ll drop in the highest reward of 3,000 if you manage to reel in three of them on the payline.

Diamond Mine Deluxe Side Game

What makes the Diamond Mine Deluxe more exciting is a “side-game” where the diamonds actually show up behind the symbols. If the symbol is not on the payline and the diamond is pointed downwards or upwards, the reel moves to drop the symbol down or push it up onto the payline. This is akin to giving you one more chance at getting the winning combination on the payline.


The payouts in the Diamond Mine Deluxe online slot differ from one rewarding combination to another. The payouts also change with the number of coins that you bet with in every game. For instance, if you bet with one coin and get three red sevens on the payline, you’ll win 80 coins. But if you bet with two coins and reel in three red sevens on the payline, you’ll win 160 coins. If you bet with three coins and spin in three matching images of red sevens on the payline, you’ll win 240 coins. The payout chart below clearly demonstrates the various payoffs of different winning combinations on the bet of one, two and three coins:

Combination Description One Coin Two Coins Three Coins
Three images of 2X 800 1600 3000
Triple Sevens 80 160 240
Three images of Triple Bar 40 80 120
Three images of double BAR 25 50 75
One image of single BAR OR three images of cherries 10 20 30
Any three images of triple, double or single BAR OR two symbols of cherries 5 10 15
One image of a cherry 2 4 6
Highest Win

The biggest reward in the Diamond Mine Deluxe is a prize of 3000 coins that comes only when you bet with three coins and line up three red sevens on the payline.


Diamond Mine Deluxe online Slots offers a wide range of betting opportunities to the players. Wagering with one coin bet will get you decent rewards on this online Slot. However, betting with three coins might reel in the highest reward of 3000 coins on spinning three images of 2Xs.

Betting with maximum coins is certainly the best betting strategy for the players who have a huge bankroll. But the players who have a limited bankroll cannot afford to play with three coin bets on every spin of Diamond Mine Deluxe online Slots. So, gambling experts have worked out a 3 star strategy that can guard you from any monetary disasters while gambling on slots. Try it out on Diamond Mine Deluxe online Slot, though if it does work, it should be of help on any slot.

The 3 Star Slots strategy is a variation of the limit losses strategy, discussed elsewhere in the slot strategy pages. Based on the number of coins, one can see that there are three levels of bets in the Diamond Mine Deluxe online Slot, i.e. one coin, two coins and three coin bets. According to the 3 Star Slots strategy you can have ten bets per level. The illustration below explains the sequence of ten pulls per coin level:


Naked pulls refer to the number of empty pulls per session. While naked numbers are the number of empty (non-prize winning) pulls per level. By fixing a loss limit on both pulls and numbers, a player can use the 3 star strategy to advantage.

This is how the 3 Star Slots strategy works:

  1. Before you start playing on Diamond Mine Deluxe online Slot, set a limit on the naked numbers and the naked pulls.
  2. Let’s assume that you fix 5 as the naked number for each level of bet on the Diamond Mine Deluxe online Slot and 9 as the naked pulls for the session.
  3. Leave the game the moment you reach the ninth naked pull and save yourself from financial disaster.
  4. If you continuously get five naked numbers on level three, move to level two. And if you again get five naked numbers in a row, drop to the lowest level of one coin on the Diamond Mine Deluxe online Slot.

As Diamond Mine Deluxe online Slot is a game of chance, CoolCat Casino doesn’t guarantee that the 3 Star Slots strategy will help you reel in huge rewards. But you can try to limit your losses by using the 3 Star trick.


All of us play slots for the simple reason of getting entertained or to hit a lucky streak that can change our lives. Here we put together some simple and steady tips that can guide you to prolonged entertainment along with a huge probability of reeling in some big rewards.

Understand the Pay Table

You might have read this a thousand of times, but it is so important that it deserves repetition. Read the pay tables properly to know the various returns that every combination and each bet can get you in the Diamond Mine Deluxe slot. In the Diamond Mine Deluxe online slots there are a total of nine combinations and three bets. Every combination and each bet has a different payout attached to it. So, it is very important to go through the pay table before you start playing the game so that you know what to wager on what coin size to earn better payouts.

Free Casino Game

If you prefer to play casino games that bring some intricacies in the game, then Diamond Mine Deluxe is the game for you. You can play the free version of this slot machine by clicking on the free online casino section, you’ll learn a lot of important facts like, at what point in the game you should increase or decrease the size of your bet. It also gives you a practical demo on how the wild symbol ‘2X’ substitutes the other symbols on the payline to give you rewarding combos.

Bet on Three Coins

Betting with three coins is always better than one or two coin bets. The reason is simple- “The bigger the bet the better the payout”. To illustrate, if you bet with just one coin and reel in three images of 2X on the payline, you’ll win 800 coins just to find out that you have missed the biggest reward of 3000 coin only by two more coins. If you don’t want to repent on missing out any such opportunity of winning huge rewards make sure you bet with three coins. However, you need to know the ‘Golden Rule’ if you want this tip to be a great success and that is to decrease the bet size as you lose and increase your bet as you win.


When the Diamond Mine online slots became a hit among gamblers, slot machine gaming companies introduced another variation of this classic slot game with some wonderful add-on features and gave us Diamond Mine Deluxe.

The plain Diamond Mine online slot is so satisfying on its own and has quite a large fan-following; So you can well imagine what a Diamond Mine Deluxe slots game would give you in terms of entertainment —it has a wild symbol and a multiplier.

The animations in Diamond Mine Deluxe are not out of the ordinary –the same sprinting sounds as the reels rotate and the typical tinkling sounds of coins dropping. The icons used in the Diamond Mine Deluxe are also the same ….traditional sevens, BARs, cherries and diamonds with new casino game elements being the wild symbol and the multiplier.

With many similarities to its forerunner, the Diamond Mine Deluxe online slots wins your heart with the side game featuring sparkling diamonds that attach themselves to the symbols. The symbols then become mobile if they happen to fall outside the payline. If the diamond is pointing downwards, the symbol slips to the payline below and if the diamond is pointed upwards, the symbol climbs up to the payline, helping you make the winning combination many a time.


Reels: The reels are the three twirling rows with six unique symbols on it.

Symbols: In the Diamond Mine Deluxe online slots, there are six different images on the reels including, the image of 2X, red seven, triple BAR, double BAR, single BAR and juicy cherries.

Wild Symbol: Wild symbol refers to the substituting symbol in the game of slots that replaces all the other images on the payline to get you rewarding combinations. In the Diamond Mine Deluxe slot, unravel the wild symbol 2X on the single payline to win the biggest reward in the game.

Payline: Payline is the red line in the middle of the reels in the Diamond Mine Deluxe online slot. On this single payline various rewarding combinations align to get you great rewards.

Pay Table: The pay table in the Diamond Mine Deluxe online slots gives complete information on the various payouts for different winning combinations in the game.

Coin size: Coin size is a measure of the coins that you put into the slot machine to play the game. For example, if you are playing in the denomination of $1, your coin size is $1. In the Diamond Mine Deluxe online slot you can play with the coins in the denominations of $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 and $5.00.

Chips: Chips are the different values of coins that you can use in lieu of money to play the game. On Diamond Mine Deluxe online slot you can credit your account with the chips of values: $5, $25 and $100.

Bet: Bet is the total number of coins that you wager on every spin. In the Diamond Mine Deluxe online slot you can bet with one, two or three coins.

Play 3 Credits: It is an option in the Diamond Mine Deluxe online slot that allows you to play the game directly with three credits.

Coins Played: Number of coins that you use to play the single game. For example, if you choose to bet with three coins with a denomination of $1, you are basically betting with $3 per game.

Winning Combinations: Winning combinations are sets of three or two matching symbols. Differing symbols in a specified sequence also make a winning combination. In the Diamond Mine Deluxe online slot there are a total of nine winning combinations. These combinations align on a single payline in the game to get you different payouts attached to them.

Spin Reels: The spin reels option lets you rotate the three reels after you have fixed your bet.

Lever: Lever is the handle on the right side of the Diamond Mine Deluxe slot similar to the lever in the classic slots on the land casinos. You can also click on top of this lever to spin the reels.

Cash out: Cash out option in the Diamond Mine Deluxe online slot allows you to transfer all your credits to your casino account.

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