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So, you’re in the market for the best iPhone casino. The search is over, my friend – you’ve come to the right place. CoolCat Casino is one of the best online casinos for iPhone users out there. CoolCat provides all of the best features that you know and love about the desktop site – whether you’re crammed between two cranky passengers on the bus or on the subway during your daily commute or you’re falling asleep between meetings at the office, CoolCat Mobile Casino on iPhone is always available to you, delivering the best mobile casino gameplay experience and helping you pass the time.

Realtime Gaming is the company that powers CoolCat Casino and keeps it looking beautiful and running flawlessly. RTG develops and provides the best state-of-the-art casino software available on the market and delivers the most advanced graphics and smoothest gameplay possible to your iPhone, no matter where you are. RTG provides the casino software that makes CoolCat’s 220+ free casino games aesthetically stunning and realistic for all our users, whether they’re playing on the desktop site, the downloadable app, or the mobile casino.

Best iPhone casino games

When you’re choosing an iPhone online casino, you want to ensure that you have access to each and every one of the games you want to play. Luckily for you, CoolCat Casino boasts the widest range of casino games out there in the world of virtual casinos. The CoolCat iPhone Casino offers all of the same exciting options that the desktop version does – the only difference in gameplay is the size of the screen and where you are. Slots games, blackjack, video poker, baccarat, craps, even scratch cards, and keno – CoolCat’s mobile casino for iPhone has all your trusty favorites plus additional newly released games for you to discover. There’s no need to compromise when it comes to the sheer variety you can find on the desktop platform because it’s all right there on the mobile site, too.

Free Play and Real Money

It’s worth noting that it’s essential to find an establishment that offers players the opportunity to play for free and switch to real money casino easily, quickly, and without any pressure – in fact, this is equally as important as game selection.

CoolCat iPhone Casino offers both free play for practice as well as gameplay for real money, which means that you can play just for fun or for substantial cash rewards during your morning commute, in line at the grocery store, even by the pool on a hot summer day – or anywhere in between. Players can log in under the practice mode and switch to real money gameplay at any time, so practicing classic games like real blackjack and real money video poker.

If you’re someone who wants to try out a new game without commitment or practice in order to build up your strategy skills, you can do so without the stress of a real money bet getting in your way. Once you’re familiar with the game and feeling confident, it’s time to switch to real money and start playing for winnings that you can cash out for real. Trust us, you don’t want to hit a winning streak in practice mode, or you’ll be kicking yourself for not making the change to real money. Just make a deposit, choose your favorite game, and get ready to win big!

Another important note – be sure to play responsibly: resist the urge to play while you’re driving, even if you’re just sitting around and stuck in traffic. You want to use your winnings on your next big vacation or that new Fender electric guitar you’ve been eying, not covering the costs of a fender bender on the freeway.

Similarities with desktop casinos

You’re probably quite familiar with the beneficial features that CoolCat Casino offers to its players, and these all apply when you’re playing on the iPhone Casino as well.

Accessibility: CoolCat Casino is easily accessible through the Safari web browser on your iPhone. Just open the browser and navigate to the CoolCat website. Next, all that’s required is a username and a password – once you’ve entered those on the site, you’re free to start playing the best iPhone casino games instantly.

Bonuses: Our exclusive bonuses are highly profitable, and we make sure that our offers are diverse and frequently changing to ensure that they continually suit your needs while keeping things fresh and new. Choosing the right bonuses for you is the best way to make the most of your bankroll.

Security: CoolCat desktop casino maintains high standards of security protocols and safety precautions, and playing on the mobile website is no different. Your private details will never be shared with third-party individuals, and all payment transaction options are secure.

Ease of Deposits: When it comes to switching from playing for practice to playing for real money, you’ll never be forced to wait for long stretches as your deposit comes through. The process of actually making the deposit is quick and easy, and seeing the deposit come through to your account is nearly instantaneous, allowing you to get started on your big wins as soon as possible.

Ease of Withdrawals: Similarly, there are plenty of easy, secure methods available for cashing out. When it comes to the withdrawal of your winnings, convenience and speed are just as important as in the deposit process. Quick payouts are simple to accomplish when you’re playing on CoolCat iPhone Casino.

Play iPhone casino games

Check it out, and you’ll see for yourself – your iPhone’s screen might be smaller, but with a little help from RTG, you’ll experience the same excellent visual quality that the desktop site delivers. Heck – you might even forget that you’re not at home on your living room couch, playing on your desktop. Just do everyone a favor and do remember to put on pants before you head out the door.

You’ll find that you have access to everything on the iPhone Casino that you can find on the CoolCat desktop site, including the ability to deposit and withdraw funds quickly and easily from your account. The online casino for iPhone is sleek and easy to navigate using your smartphone’s touchscreen, and the iPhone casino games are fully interactive.
With CoolCat Casino for your iPhone, you’ll never experience your morning commute or the waiting room at the doctor’s office the same way again. Log on to our iPhone mobile casino for all the best casino games on the go!Play the best PC casino games at CoolCat Casino today!SIGN UP NOW!

What games are available on CoolCat iPhone Casino?

We strive to ensure a high quality experience no matter what your preferred device is, and that applies to our game selection as well – that’s what makes us one of the best iPhone casinos out there. All of your favorite out of our 220+ free casino games are easily accessible.

Are iPhone casinos legal?

Gambling laws continue to shift and evolve as the industry grows, but luckily, online gambling is perfectly legal. It’s true that in 2006, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed to regulate online gambling. However, that meant that United States-owned casino companies could no longer operate within the United States. For players, this just means you need to find a certified, reputable company that doesn’t fall under that category, and guess what? CoolCat fulfills that requirement and is among the most reliable iPhone casinos out there. So put your mind at ease – you can safely enjoy all of the games and benefits that our iPhone Casino has to offer you.

How do I get started with CoolCat iPhone Casino?

It’s simple – there is absolutely nothing extra required for playing on your iPhone instead of on a desktop computer. In fact, with a pocket-sized touchscreen device, you might even find that it requires even less effort to navigate than on a computer.

Get started with the CoolCat iPhone Casino by opening your Safari, Chrome or other browser and entering the website – we recommend saving it as a bookmark to speed up the process. If you’re new, register with a few personal details. If not, just log in to your account, then head over to your favorite games to play for free or start winning big. As you can tell, the steps to playing at your iPhone Casino are almost exactly the same as on a computer– no complications or extra requirements whatsoever.

Can I earn real money?

Yes! Just as you would when playing games on your desktop, winning real money is easy. We’re pleased to present the opportunity to test out new games and your own skills by playing for free, and we believe that it really enhances your overall enjoyment of the casino. When you’re ready to raise the stakes, you simply need to make a deposit and continue playing the same way as before – the only difference is that you’ll be turning those imaginary winnings into real cash.

Should I play for free or for real money?

One of the benefits of choosing to play at CoolCat Casino is that you can play in a low stakes environment whenever you want. At other establishments, you don’t always have the luxury of trying games without spending some money. On CoolCat iPhone Casino, if you want to experiment with a game that you’re not familiar with, it’s simple! It’s a good way to practice your skills, get to know new games, and build up confidence. At some point, you’ll want to use your newfound skills to earn real money – you’ll finally get the satisfaction of being able to cash out. The best thing is that switching from practice to real money is incredibly easy. Just navigate to the Cashier page to make a deposit, and you’ll be well on your way to a winning streak. Withdrawals work the same way and are equally as effortless!

Do I need to download anything?

No! Your iPhone Casino is just waiting for you. You already have the Safari browser installed by default, so now all you need to do is head over to CoolCat’s webpage. Bookmark it now to simplify the process even more.

Why play on the iPhone Casino?

With the continual advancements in smartphone technology, there’s no longer a gap between what you can access or achieve using a desktop computer versus a smartphone. In fact, smartphone devices make it possible to accomplish many things that aren’t as easily done with computers. Setting alarms, getting news alerts, arranging appointments in your calendar, etc. – these are just a few examples of things that a smartphone can do.

The same thing applies to your gaming hobby – iPhone technology makes it possible to have a smooth, accessible interface. The game sections, articles, personal settings are all located right there. In fact, they are literally arranged closer together than they are on a monitor.
Perhaps the biggest advantage to using the iPhone Casino is the convenience. In today’s world, we have ever increasing demands – work, travel, responsibilities – these things require us to be able to travel from place to place. You can’t simply lug your desktop or laptop computer around with you. Owning an iPhone is essentially like having a tiny yet powerful computer in your pocket. You can take care of errands, and you can spend some time relaxing and having fun at your favorite iPhone Casino. Your time is valuable – spend it however you want, even when you’re on the go!

CoolCat Winners

Ted plays CoolCat Casino almost every day, he loves our games and he loves the wins that come with them. Ted also likes playing a variety of games from Enchanted Garden to Sweet 16 and this day was no exception.

He generally starts off betting low and steadily raising his bets according to his wins. Ted started by using code THATSMINE to try out or newest slot game Gemtopia with 30 Free Spins and a 250% No Max Bonus on his deposit.

After winning $900 in Gemtopia, Ted moved on to his personal favorite Purrfect Pets and went on to hit the many features in the game, pushing his balance up by a further $10,000. Finally, he went on to play Sweet 16 where, through the morphing feature, which raises the multiplier up to 12x for every win that is made in a row, he made a cool $45,000. Not bad for his daily dabble on CoolCat.

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