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How to Play Online Slots

Playing online slots isn’t too different from playing slots in a land-based casino. Although the objective is the same, the differences are the fact that you have many more games to choose from, plus the added benefit of being able to play for extra cash, bonuses, and bet multipliers. These are all reasons why more and more U.S. players are taking to the internet to play slot games over their physical counterparts, and why it’s very possible that online slots will eventually surpass traditional slot machines in years to come.

Here is how you can sign up to play online slots for real money

  • Create a new player account by keying in a few personal details
  • Enter your banking information and select your preferred payment
  • Deposit any funds you want to use at the Cashier
  • Redeem your one-of-a-kind welcome bonus
  • Pick your favorite online slot game
  • Select your bet amounts using the arrows at the bottom of the game screen
  • Hit spin and watch the wins roll in!

There are hundreds of options to choose from in the CoolCat lobby, including single payline slots and games with multiple paylines and several reels. Feel free to try them all out for size and see which one fits your playing style. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll be racking up wilds and using scatters to get you closer to the big kitty

If you’re entirely new to playing slot games online and want to get more familiar with how they work, you’ll find a ton of information on the CoolCat blog, with guides to choosing the best-paying slots, facts, and history, plus top tips to help maximize your chances of winnings online slots, and others such as live dealer games, plus the table and specialty varieties.

How to Pick Online Slots

Choosing an online slot comes down to personal preference, however, you can establish whether each one will be a good option to play or not by looking at the game’s features and paytables. This information will tell you things like the average return on a slot game and give you an idea of the combinations needed to achieve a payout.

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Select Online Slot Games Based on Your Bankroll

The best part about playing slots online is that you can play them all entirely for free first. It doesn’t matter if you’re down on your luck in a game — you can always quit and move onto something else. But when it comes to playing for real money, this is where you have to be selective. Slots come in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days and each one features different volatility and betting range. It’s always best to pick a game that’s in line with your finances and bankroll if you don’t want the risk of chasing losses.

Choose Slots Based on Layout

Slot machine engineering has come a long way since the days of the one-armed bandit. Now players can choose from 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, 3D-slots, i-slots, slots with one payline, slots with hundreds of paylines — even one-of-a-kind slots that feature no reels or completely different layouts altogether. It can be hard to gauge which ones are the best if you don’t do a bit of homework beforehand. This is again why it’s always worth checking the information on the paytables and ensuring it’s one you can grasp before spending money. Here are the 5 main attributes to factor in when you’re looking to choose an online slot to play:

Number of Reels – The reels on slots are where the different symbols are displayed. This would have been pictures of things like fruits, bells, and bars back in the day, but since slots went digital there are now all kinds of different symbols that can appear. The games can feature anything from 3-reels to 7-reels, to multi-reel slots, and slot games that don’t contain any reels at all. If you want a simple style of gameplay, 3-reel or 5-reel slots are a good option for beginner slot players.

Number of Paylines – Old slot machines only used to work with one single payline, but again, since they went digital, most online slots now contain anything from a few dozen to hundreds of paylines. This is the area of the screen where the symbols appear and line up to form winning combinations. It will typically form a pattern on the reel and then confirm whether you have managed to hit a winning spin. Patterns can show up in a straight line or a zigzag. The more paylines you place your bets on, the more likely you are to score a winning combo.

Symbols and Combinations – As mentioned, symbols are the pictures or icons which appear on the paylines. Most of the symbols are usually represented by objects or characters that are associated with the game’s theme. So, if you were playing a game like Cash Bandits 3, for example, the symbols typically consist of things like handcuffs, swag bags, ski masks, a police car, etc. A slot game will always detail the symbols you need to match up in order to trigger a payout. Scatters and Wilds are symbols that can help you achieve these wins and earn extra rewards.  

Bonus Features – Bonus features are one of the best things about playing online slots because they allow players to accumulate additional prizes. These can include things like free spins, extra games, bet multipliers, and more chances to trigger a payout through smaller wins. Most modern slots have bonus features included. When choosing an online slot to play, it’s good to check out what kind of bonuses you can expect to receive and look at the different combinations you need to match up to unlock them. 

Jackpots – The best slots are ones that contain a progressive jackpot. The jackpot amounts in these games are capable of reaching into the millions, but many games also offer additional jackpots to play for, such as a major and a minor jackpot. Do note that if you want a chance at hitting the ultimate jackpot in progressive slots, you must bet the maximum number of coins required.

Choose a Game with a Theme You Like

Developers are never short of inspiration and ideas for creating new and innovative slots. The graphics have grown to become sharper and more defined in these online games, as has the authenticity of the sound effects and animations. However, it’s the all-encompassing amount of themes they come in that has pushed online slot games to new heights in the last few years.

From romance and fantasy to animal themes, oceanic slots, horror-inspired themes, and slots that feature hilarious parodies of your favorite stars and celebs — online players are never short of exciting themes and diverse layouts to choose from at CoolCat casino. You’ll always be able to find a game that’s ideal for your playing style and bankroll and provides the standard of entertainment and motivation needed to win.

Start Winning with Online Slots at Cool Cat!

Now you better understand how slots are made and what to look out for when playing, feel free to browse through the coolest collection of new and classic online slot games in the CoolCat lobby. You’ll find all of the top titles including Mister Money, Henhouse, Lucky 8, and Builder Beaver, plus hundreds of other wonderful 3-reel and 5-reel varieties that can be played for real cash. 

For more details on how to play slots and for top tips and strategy tricks, don’t forget to check out the CoolCat blog!

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