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Red Dog

Red Dog screenshot 1
Red Dog screenshot 2
Red Dog screenshot 3

Play Red Dog

Playing Red Dog is one of the simplest tasks in the online casino circuit. The origins of Red Dog lie in the Old West of America. It didn’t take much time to become one of the more popular casino table games in the world of online casino. Red Dog is played with two decks of cards. First two cards are dealt out, then a third. If the third card has a value that lies between the first two cards, the player wins.

Red Dog cards are dealt from two decks of cards. There is a reshuffling done after every hand is dealt out. If there are two consecutive cards of the same value, then the wager is a push and you get back your bets. The card ranking follows the usual convention, that is, 2 being the lowest and Ace being the highest. The bet is yours if the third card has value that follows between the other two cards. If all three cards are of the same value, it is a win for the player. You lose if the third card has a value beyond the limits set by the other two cards. If the third card has a value equal to either of the two cards, it is still counted as a loss. In the online casino card game of Red Dog, the amount you win also depends on how close the range is between the first two cards.

In Online Casino Red Dog, place your bet by clicking on the chip value that they want to begin betting with. Click on ‘Deal’ to begin the game of Red Dog Casino. On clicking here, two cards are dealt face up. Without increasing the wager size if you want the third card to be dealt, click on ‘Continue’. To double the wager before the third card is dealt, click on ‘Raise’. If the value of the three cards is equal, the player wins an amount that is 11 times the value of the money wagered. The maximum bet on online Red Dog casino is $200 and the lowest is $1. The Payout Odds in Red Dog is 98.5%. The limits, however, can be customized for our VIP customers.

How to play Red Dog

The objective of Red Dog is to receive a third card that ranks between the two cards dealt already. Cards are ranked just as they are in traditional Texas Hold ’em Poker. The cards from 2 to 10 carry their face value, and Jack, Queen, King, and Ace rank 11, 12, 13, and 14, respectively.

Let us now see how to play this casino game at a CoolCat Casino Red Dog table.


You need to place your bet, which is also called ante, first. Click the chips to place a bet. The minimum bet at our Red Dog table is $2 and the maximum bet is $250.


After you place your bet, click the Deal button to get a hand of two cards. If you receive two consecutive cards, such as two and three, you get a push. It means you will get your bet back. The reason for the push is that there is no possibility of any cards that may lie between two consecutive cards, so the Dealer pushes back your bet, and the game ends.

Also, if you receive two cards of the same rank, such as Jack, the Dealer automatically deals you another card to see if you get three matching cards, and if you do, you win an amount 11 times the bet you place. Otherwise, your bet is returned to you.

If it’s not a push, the Dealer will mark the spread between your cards and the associated payout on a predefined space on the table. On our table, the Dealer places a toy dog to mark a space.


You may want to raise your bet before drawing another card to complete a set of three cards. When you raise your bet, an equal wager is placed on the table automatically. You should judge your hand carefully before you raise you bet. See the spread between your cards when you judge them. Let’s say you are dealt two cards ranked between 3 and K. There are 9 cards that can fit between 3 and K. It is very much possible that you will get a card ranked between 3 and K. So, you can go ahead and raise your bet.

Note: You can only raise your bet once in a game.

You Win When:

  • You get a third card that lies between the first two cards.
  • You get all three cards of the same rank, regardless of the suit.

At CoolCat Casino, Red Dog is played with two decks of cards. At the end of every hand, all cards are reshuffled.


The following table describes the Red Dog spreads and their associated payouts. It also includes a sample payout based on a $5 bet.

SpreadDescriptionPayoutPayout Based on a $5 Bet
1A gap between two cards that only one card can fill.5 to 125
2A gap between two cards that two cards can fill.4 to 120
3A gap between two cards that three cards can fill.3 to 115
4-11A gap between two cards that cards from four to eleven can fill.Even5
ConsTwo consecutive cards, such as five and six.Tie$5 bet is returned to you
PairTwo cards of the same rank, such as five and five.Tie$5 bet is returned to you
3 of a KindThree cards of the same rank, such as three Aces.11 to 155

Note: When you are dealt a pair, the Dealer will automatically deal you a third card. If you get three matching cards, you are paid an amount 11 times the bet you place. Otherwise, your bet is returned to you.

Red Dog Strategy

The strategy for the game of Red Dog Poker is as straightforward as the game itself. The Red Dog strategy advices the player to raise their bets only when the spread between the two cards is higher. The logic behind this Red Dog trick is simple! If the spread between the two cards is wide the chances to draw the card that falls between these two cards will also be higher. The example below can provide a better explanation of it:

Let’s assume that you are dealt with two cards: 8 and 10. The spread between these cards is one as 9 is the only card that bridges the gap between these two cards. In the two card-deck game of Red Dog Poker there are basically eight cards of 9 that can get you a win among the 104 (52 + 52) cards. So, the chances of winning in this case can be only eight in 104.

But if the two cards dealt to you are: a 5 and an Ace, the spread is eight because there are total eight cards, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q and K that fall between these two cards. This means that there is the probability of winning with 64 (32 + 32 = 64) cards in 104 cards in the game.

The above two instances make it very clear that the wider the spread of cards, the higher are the odds of winning in Red Dog Poker. Follow this golden rule if you wish to expand your odds of winning in the game of Red Dog Poker. Most of the gaming experts suggest that it is wise to raise your bet when the spread is either seven or more.


Though Red Dog is all-or-nothing, you can win more if you know when to double your bet.

Doubling Your Bet

If you see a good spread between your two cards, you can double your bet to win more. Let’s say you are dealt two cards ranking at 2 and A. The spread between them is 12. No one in this world can stop you from winning.

History of Red Dog

When card games became popular in the 19th century in the US, Red Dog was called “Yablon”. Due to the way the game was played, it was also called “In-Between”. It was quite popular because of its simplicity. Soon, people discovered numerous ways of cheating the Dealer. As a result, the game was discarded by many gambling places.

Then during World War II, it became the second most popular game played by the soldiers and the officers. Gradually, the game was made less cheatable by adding more Red Dog rules and card decks to it.


Given below are some terms specifically used in Red Dog.

Face Value: The value of a card that is printed as is on the card.

Spread: The number of card values falling between initial two cards.

Raise: To increase a bet.

Wager: Similar to bet, the amount of money that is put on the line to win.

Ante: The initial bet to start the game.

Push: When your bet is returned to you it’s a push. It happens when you receive two consecutive cards or you miss a three-card match.

Suit: The group a set of cards belongs to.


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