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Play Five Diamond Blackjack

Tired of the old online Blackjack games? Play Online Five Diamond Blackjack scratch game and win big! You can win more scratch cards during the game or win prizes 4,000 times your bet by just playing the 5 Diamond Online Blackjack at CoolCat Casino. You’ll win a prize instantly when you beat the dealer’s hand. Get a Blackjack and you’ll double your prize in our Five Diamond Online Blackjack Scratch card game. Watch out for them diamonds! You’ll win five prizes immediately when you get one. Remember, just playing the Five Diamond Online Blackjack scratch card game qualifies you to win the big jackpot from CoolCat Casino!

You can play the Five Diamond Online Blackjack Scratch card game RIGHT NOW with CoolCat Casino’s Instant Play feature. You can also download our online casino to play Five Diamond Online Blackjack for free, no deposit is required.

How to play

Begin the game by selecting a bet amount with denominations of $1, $2, $5 and $10. You have to play against the dealer who has a set of five hands.

To play the game, you have to click on Play and the Dealer’s hand gets highlighted. Then you have to click on the five hand set that constitutes your hand.

You can select the scratch all button or click on each hand individually. The winning hand is displayed by blinking on the screen. Your win can be a free card, or a payout that multiplies ‘x’ times over your bet. You can check the winning amount in the pay out table.

The interesting feature of the game is that, in a single game, you can win on more than one hand. There are multiple options to win the game.

One hand may give you a free card, another can give you a prize twice your bet, and the third could be a prize that equals your wager. Winning 2-3 hands in a single play is also not impossible.

In all you get five chances to win over the dealer and three ways to win the 5 Diamond Blackjack game. For this, any of your hands should be more than a dealer’s hand, equal to 21 or should reveal a diamond symbol.

5 Diamond Blackjack is all about getting either 21 or beating the dealer with more points with a number higher than what he has. You may even get the Diamond symbol and win the game. It is an interesting game with ample opportunities to win…if you get a hand total higher than the dealer’s hand total, you win. If you get a total of 21, you get double the prize. You can get even five times of the prize if you get a Diamond symbol.

The pay outs in 5 Diamond Blackjack are very high as they can be the same as your bet amount or go up to 4000 times your wager.

There is a random jackpot on the purchase of every card.

The Jackpot ticks all the way through the game whether you make a single win or not. With every card that you purchase, there is a chance of hitting the jackpot.


You love playing scratch cards! But you don’t have enough bankroll to spend hours scratching the cards to unravel wonderful rewards hour after hour. Not to worry. The betting strategy below can help you scratch off some prolonged fun on the 5 Diamond Blackjack scratch card game, despite a small bankroll too.

  1. If you have a small bankroll, set a limit on the amount that you can afford to lose in one session of scratching the cards.
  2. Let us assume that you set a $100 limit for one session on a 5 Diamond Blackjack scratch card game.
  3. Wager with $10 betting value first. If you win, go on betting with $10. But if you continuously lose five times, switch to a $5 betting value.
  4. If you lose another five times in a row while you are betting with $5, move to lower betting values like $1 or $2. Bet with these lower limits till you exhaust your preset session limit, i.e. $100.
  5. While wagering with lower betting limits, if you are able to retrieve even half your predetermined session limit of $100, it’s safe to go back to the higher betting values.
  6. But if it is one of those unlucky days when you are on a losing streak, make it a point to leave the game and come back on another lucky day.

CoolCat Casino doesn’t guarantee that this trick will always bear fruitful results for all the players. However, you can try out and test it for yourself on the free casino game of 5 Diamond Blackjack scratch card.


5 Diamond Blackjack is a game with high chances, like the chances of winning at slots. It is a game that can fetch you instant prizes. You have to play against the dealer and overpower him with your winning hands.

The payouts are very high and you stand a good chance to win. There are multiple options to win as well. You can get more than one win in a game. With five hands at your disposal, you stand a fair chance of winning the maximum award, which is 4000 times the bet.

If you are a beginner, you can acquaint yourself with the rules and features and even play the game in the ‘play for fun’ mode. You need not have to play with real money until you enter a comfort zone following which you can play with real money.

Once you get expertise in the game, you can invest your money and enjoy the thrill and excitement of winning lots of money. You can continue to bet with your winnings and make more money while you protect your bankroll.


The origin of 5 Diamond Blackjack dates back to 1974 when Scientific Games Corporation created a computer lottery system for Massachusetts Lottery. It is a scratch card game which was patented by the US in 1987. Sales commenced in the UK during the same year.

The chances to win online scratch cards are much more when compared to physical scratch cards. In an online scratch card a random number is generated and you can hit the jackpot at any point of time in the game. The growing popularity of the game has paved the way for several version of online 5 Diamond Black Jack. What we offer at CoolCat Casino is from Real Time Gaming.

People prefer to play scratch card games from the comfort of their home rather than traveling far and wide to a land-based casino. The increasing technology and advanced software has helped to add innovative features to the game. The software can be downloaded onto your desktop or you can try the web based software which instantly starts the game for you.

The increased chances of winning, new themes and advanced features in the game has made the game a favourite among casino players who are already familiar with Blackjack. The Diamond symbol has further added to the game’s popularity. Moreover, the high pay percentage in the game attracts more gamers. Last but not the least, the game was made accessible through a dense network of lottery kiosks rather than distant casinos.


Dealer’s Hand: A pair of cards that the dealer holds and against which the player has to either match his cards or exceed the total number or has to get a Diamond symbol.

Your Hand: Five pairs of cards that a player possesses constituting five hands.

Hand Total: The total that a player scores on each hand using his five hands to play.

Diamond symbol: The Diamond symbol may come to a player in one hand which fetches a win on all the prizes.

Free card: It is an award to the player when he has a higher number on one hand over the dealer’s hand.

Balance: The amount of money that is left with the player to play with.

Cashier: Clicking on this button, a player can deposit or withdraw money that he won.

Menu: This is a platform from which you can choose various options like full screen, adjust sound settings, card speed and dealer’s voice.

Help: This helps the player to understand the rules and regulations and the terms that are used in the game.

Back: This takes the player to the previous screen or to the casino lobby.

Rules Tab: It is located to the left of the frame where a player gets to know the rules and payouts of the game.

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