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Play The Three Stooges

Come and play the hottest slot machine game, The Three Stooges at CoolCat Casino. It promises plenty of fun and entertainment and triggers plenty of rewards and bonus features. The Three Stooges is a five reel 25 payline slot game. That is, there are five spinning reels from which winning combinations are formed in line with 25 preset patterns are formed.

The objective of the game is to get winning combinations of symbols on a payline to avail the corresponding payouts. If either Moe, Curly or Larry appear thrice anywhere on the reels, an amazing bonus feature is revealed which gives a glimpse of the comedian through a video clip of yesteryears –in sepia. What follows on picking any one of the images is a bonus round which awards free games –if you have triggered the Moe Money or Curly Cash bonus feature. The Larry Loot bonus feature carries prizes.

The Three Stooges slots game at CoolCat Casino has a fixed bet value of $0.05 per line bet and all 25 paylines are always activated. The Three Stooges slot may award you with the highest jackpot prize of 50,000 times bet per line. This is the maximum win per spin, other than the random jackpot.

How to play

America’s vaudeville act heroes, Moe, Curly and Larry take you on an interesting slot journey in The Three Stooges. After the reels are spun, different symbols appear on them. If these symbols happen to align themselves along the winning patterns on any or many of the 25 paylines, you win the payouts attached to it.

The game starts with a pre-determined bet for $1.25 divided equally between 25 lines ($ 0.05 each) as a default option. Unlike other slot games, you cannot choose the number of bets or paylines. Once you are ready, click the spin button. In case you need help during a game, you can click the help button and get information regarding the winning symbols, paylines, bonus features, free games and the jackpot.

You can play the game automatically with the help of the auto play feature in the game. Use this feature and play the game for a certain number of spins. To activate this feature, click the auto play button, select the auto play options and then click the ‘OK’ button. The game will continue running for a specific number of times. If you win the bonus rounds, the money associated with it will be credited to your account automatically. You can deactivate the auto play by clicking the stop auto button.

Symbols on the Lines

The symbols included in The Three Stooges represent various characters of the story. Let’s know more about these symbols.

Three Stooges

Three StoogesThe Three Stooges symbol is a wild, multiplier symbol. This means that it substitutes for other symbols to complete winning combinations and multiplies the payout.



MoeThe Moe Money Feature is triggered when three or more scattered Moe symbols appear anywhere on the five reels in a normal slot game. Touch a Moe scatter symbol to reveal 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 free spin games.



CurlyThe Curly Cash Feature is triggered when three, four or five Curly scatter symbols appear anywhere on the five reels and they award 10, 20 or 30 free spin bonus round games respectively.



LarryThe Larry’s Loot Bonus Feature is triggered when three or more Larry scatter symbols appear anywhere on the five reels. The prizes bagged would be worth 1000 times the bet amount.


Regular Symbols

Movie Reel
Bowler Hat

The regular symbols of The Three Stooges are Shemp, Lady, Film Reel , Hat, Film Slate, Telephone, Court Hammer, Money and Pie. These symbols combine with other symbols to form certain patterns. And the winning patterns correspond to the payouts according to the pay table given below.


Pay Table
2 3 4 5
The Three Stooges 25 250 2500 Jackpot
Shemp 5 15 500 1500
Lady 3 10 250 1000
Film Reel 2 5 100 400
Hat 5 100 400
Film Slate 5 25 150
Telephone 5 25 150
Court Hammer 5 15 100
Money 5 15 100
Pie 5 15 100
Scatter 2x 20x 200x
Rules of The Game
  • Wins on different lines are added.
  • Compulsory 25 line play per game.
  • Compulsory fixed bet of $ 0.05 per line.
  • Scatter wins are added to line wins.
  • Line wins are multiplied by bet per line except for random jackpot.
  • Highest win only on each line.

Maximum win per paid spin other than random jackpot is 50,000 times bet per line.


Winning or losing in The Three Stooges depends on chance. The winning patterns or paylines occur in a random fashion and one spin of the reels cannot be related to the previous or later spins. Though there is no particular strategy which can guarantee a win in a spin, there are certain points you can concentrate on to increase your odds of winning in the The Three Stooges.

  • The best thing that you can do is know the game fully. In order to get the most of The Three Stooges, you need to be well up information regarding the rules, payouts, significance of symbols and how to hit a jackpot. Which means, in The Three Stooges, you should know and recognize Moe, Curly, Larry, Shemp, Lady, Film Reel, Hat, Film slate, Telephone, Court Hammer and Pie and the associated payouts with them? You can access details on the symbols and related payouts in the ‘Help’ section. Just make sure you do it before you actually begin the game.
  • One-Play Strategy: This is an important and trustworthy strategy that you can adopt while playing the game of The Three Stooges. According to this strategy, you need to fix the maximum amount of money you wish to wager on a slot machine game. Then go on to making the number of spins that it would fetch you, and test your luck. If you win, rejoice. If you don’t, move to another slot machine game. A lot of people don’t have faith in the one-play strategy and sit at the same machine for hours together expecting to win. While this may be a fun way for them to spend the day, it is not lucrative. Why not try to earn while you have fun?
  • Rules of one game differ from the rules of another slot game. Therefore, you should read the rules of the game and learn about the paylines per game and the betting amount per line. Also educate yourself about the jackpot –is it random or is triggered by some symbol, and so on and so forth. In this game, for instance, if “The Three Stooges” symbol appears five times across the five reels in accordance with a payline, the jackpot is triggered.
  • The most important strategy is to stop playing when you win more than you bet. As the spinning of the reels is random, a win may not follow another win or a loss. Therefore fix an amount to play. The basic idea is that in order to be a winner in a slots game like The Three Stooges, one must know when to stop. Quit the game when you have earned more than what you wagered.


Recognized as one of the best online slot games, The Three Stooges slots is also a luck-based game. You can spin the reels and win if you are lucky enough to align matching symbols across winning patterns. Some useful tips will also increase your odds of winning.

Play for Free

Before you wager real money, you should play a free game of the Three Stooges offered by most gaming web sites, including CoolCat Casino for some time. The free games feature will be really beneficial as it helps you understand the game better and win.

Know the Symbols

Different slot games have different symbols. You need to know what payout is associated with which symbol. Read the instructions of the game and find out what prizes symbols like Moe, Curly and Larry are associated with.

Read the Rules

Read the rules of the game carefully and make sure that you do not miss out any important point that may help you get a win.

Know the Pay Table

Before you start placing a bet, know the pay table. It will help you understand how much you are paid for a particular combination. To access the pay table in The Three Stooges, click the Help button. You will also find a lot more about the game in the Help section.

Manage your Account Judiciously

Always keep an eye on your account. It is important to know when to stop wagering money and stop playing the game. There is no guarantee that a win in one spin will lead to another win or loss. Therefore, fix an amount to play and quit the game regardless of whether you win or lose.


The Three Stooges was a comedy stage show started in the early 20th century in the US. The Three Stooges was initially called Ted Healy and His Stooges. In the acts, performed leading comedian Healy would sing or tell jokes while his noisy assistants would keep interrupting him. Healy would respond by abusing his stooges. It was a hilarious performance and the trio was popularly known as Moe, Curly and Larry. At a later stage, Shemp replaced Curly after the latter fell ill. Though The Three Stooges began as an American vaudeville (stage show of entertainment), the performances were so good that the concept was transported to Hollywood films. The three comedians appeared in several films that made them a household name.

CoolCat casino has incorporated The Three Stooges designed by the Real Time Gaming(RTG) and launched in December 2008. The Real Time Gaming online slots makers have employed the best of graphics and images. The photographic images of Moe, Curly, Larry and Shemp give a touch of ‘reality’ to the slot graphics. Moreover, the Bonus features associated with the stooges display video clips that shows them frolicking around. On clicking on these clips, the players win further free games and additional rewards.

The comedy of the Stooges and the thrill of the slot game is yoked together on the common platform of a slot machine game at CoolCat Casino. Spin the reels to get different symbols and patterns. If these symbols happen to be the winning patterns of the 25 paylines, you win the payouts attached to it. Go for a jaunt with The Three Stooges and enjoy the exuberance of the game.


Scatter Symbol: Symbols of Moe, Curly and Larry are scatter symbols that pay no matter where they land.

Random Jackpot: A jackpot that drops amazing rewards at the conclusion of any game in the The Three Stooges online Slots is is known as the random jackpot.

Auto Play: It is an option available on your slot machine that allows the game to be played through a software. There are several options that let you choose the number of spins, or to stop after a stipulated amount is either won or lost, or to spin until a feature is triggered.

Feature/Bonus game: This refers to a special sub-game, which is triggered as explained below; it leads to free spins with rich rewards.

Moe Money Feature: It is a bonus feature that is triggered when the symbol of Moe appears three or more times.

Curly Cash Feature: It is a bonus feature that is triggered when the symbol of Curly appears three or more times.

Larry’s Loot Feature: It is a bonus feature that fetches instant prizes up to an amount 1000 times of the bet amount.

Wild Symbol/The Three Stooges: This symbol can stand in for any other symbol to fetch you a win. I In this game, the wild symbol is The Three Stooges picture where all three comedians are shown together in a single frame.

Pay Lines: Paylines are the numbered patterns in a slot game that have specific payouts attached.

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