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Play Pirate Isle

All hand hoay! It’s time to batten down the hatches and avast ye some booty! Don’t understand what we’re talking about? You will in no time when you play Pirate Isle, an edge-of-your-seat online slots game with 25 paylines and more ways to win than you can imagine.

Available to play on our downloadable software or via Instant Play, Pirate Isle puts you in command of a pirate ship full of misfits. The cast of characters are itching to grab that sunken treasure, but first they’ll need the right treasure map and a set of keys to unlock their potential wealth.

Are you in? You should be. Even if you fear the sword or the parrot squawking on a pirate’s shoulder, there’s a lot of rewards waiting for you, including a potential jackpot that’s as close as spinning with an extra bet, a top award of 2,000x your bet, or even a boatload of free games! Best of all, it comes to you with glorious 3D graphics and an impressive soundtrack that’ll make you feel like you’re hanging with the Big Hook himself.

How to play

There’s a ton going on when you first walk up to play Pirate Isle. But don’t be alarmed. This game actually has fewer controls than you might be used to. First, there are the bet arrows. Clicking them up or down modifies your bet per spin. However, unlike other slots, there is no option to alter the number of lines you want to play. That’s because Pirate Isles is a fixed 25-payline game, meaning you play all 25 lines at one time. However, there is an additional control that’s fully optional. It’s called Extra Bet and it allows you to wager an additional bet that could lead to a bonus round — and a big jackpot. After you’ve placed your bet (and Extra Bet, if desired), just click the Spin button to lock in your bet and sit back to see what you’ve won.

Game Rules

Pirates tend to play by their own rules. We’ve watched enough pirate movies and read enough Peter Pan to know that. But that doesn’t mean you should play with a complete devil may care attitude. The first rule you should know about is that the Pirate’s Treasure Progressive Jackpot can only be popped by playing the Extra Bet Broadside Feature. Secondly, any scatter wins are added to line wins and multiplied by the slot bet in the game. Finally, while Skeleton Keys can sub in for pretty much anything else in the game, they can’t replace scatter symbols.


If you want to up your chances of winning big, you need to pay attention to this slots strategy. Your ticket to hitting the Pirate’s Treasure Jackpot is the Extra Bet. By playing it, you’ll get to play the Extra Bet Broadside feature game if you hit 3 or more Galleons in a regular game. Remember, if you don’t place the Extra Bet, hitting three or more Galleons will not result in getting to play the Extra bet feature, so take this into consideration as you play.


You might be tempted to play the Extra Bet right off the bat. And while it can be rewarding, you should definitely only do so if your bankroll will allow it. As a general rule, you should only bet about 2.5% of your bankroll on one spin. So if you’ve got a $100 bankroll, you shouldn’t risk more than $2.50 on a single spin. This isn’t a hard rule as figures fluctuate anywhere from 1% to 5%, but 2.5% is generally a good number to go by. If you want to play the Extra Bet, make sure you lower your bet per spin to accommodate for it.


From Captain Hook to the one and only Jack Sparrow, pirates have captivated our imagination for decades. Uttering phrases like “Blimey” and “Shiver Me Timbers”, pirates have managed to appear both villainous and lovable, all at the same time. Created in partnership with our software partner, Realtime Gaming, Pirate Isles captures the magic of pirates and a traditional band of misfits in glorious 3D. We’re excited to welcome it into the CoolCat Casino family, which is already home to a world of other pirates, including the legendary Goldbeard. Take the slots game for a spin today and walk the plank to adventure.


Galleon: This symbol has multiple powers. Not only is it the scatter symbol, but it’s also your ticket to playing a bonus feature. Land on three of them with the Extra Bet armed and locks, and you’ll get to play a bonus game.

Treasure Chest: Also a scatter symbol, the Treasure Chest symbols are added to line wins and multiplied by your game bet. However, they don’t lead to the Extra Bet feature game.

Skeleton Key: Known as a wild or substitute symbol, the Skeleton Key acts much like a Joker in a deck of cards. When you’re missing a symbol, it can take the place of that symbol to help you complete a winning combo.

Pirate Ghost: If a Pirate Ghost shows up during the Treasure Chest feature, you’ll automatically earn 100 free spins.

AutoPlay: If you want the game to move faster, simply turn AutoPlay on. The software will spin for you and pay you out for any wins automatically. After it does, it’ll spin for you again and again and again.

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