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Play King of Swing Slots

The stadium is packed with excitement as the game of baseball begins. Pitcher’s ready to start the game and spin the reels of action at the King of Swing slot machine.

The ballpark goes electronic in a state of the art experience where all the best features guarantee player satisfaction. Check out for special symbols and payout combos that enhance those fortune rounds.

Get free spins, bet multipliers and a fantastic progressive jackpot just waiting to trigger at any minute. Score a Home Run and rule a classic American sport and be the King of Swing at the top USA online casino.

How to play

Kick off the match with an interactive screen that offers every bit of information a player needs to begin their gaming session. Get your hands into a thematic voyage following the footsteps of famous players Pete Rose and Babe Ruth. Run through the tracks to win big time during the innings, hit the baseball as it travels through the air. Use your playbook to lead the team to victory, fantastic payouts give real cash prizes make this game a must have experience for players everywhere who enjoy Casino Games online.

The experience begins at the main screen of the game showing 25 selected paylines from which you can choose the number you want to play using the Lines button in the bottom of the menu, a text message on the left side of the screen will let you know how many paylines are selected. Wagering or betting amounts range from $0.01 to $5.00 per turn, choose the value by increasing or decreasing it with the Bet button. Since manually spinning the reels every time may be tedious for some players, King of Swing offers the Autoplay mode which makes the system automatically spin the reels choosing from 25 up to 1000 consecutive turns. Further information on specific symbol value and payouts is displayed in the Help Screens which can be accessed on the bottom right position of the main screen, this comes included on our casino software.

Rules for King of Swing Online Slot Machine

The game offers great features and a collection of added bonus rounds that deliver instant action. Here’s a list of some basic rules in King of Swing:

  • The number of credits awarded depends on the total number of coins won multiplied by the coin size you selected.
  • The maximum amount paid in this slot machine is 50,000 times a bet.
  • All symbols pay on a left to right direction except for the Baseball scattered symbols.
  • King of Swing’s random progressive jackpot is awarded at anytime during regular gameplay.
  • Special rounds give away extra cash as prizes; this is added to your regular payline wins.


A basic strategy for casino slot games must rely on betting patterns that allows gamers to play long runs at this thematic destination. Just as everything else regarding cash, making a budget of just how much to spend is the right thing. Remember that these slot machines use computerized generators that deliver results so a good advice is to bet small and progressively increase the bet as you start winning. King of Swing’s symbols and combinations give you cash prizes in no time, just manage them wisely to enjoy the game as much as you can.


So the game’s ready and you see all the information on display, what to do next is the question. When playing a thematic slot machine you don’t know very much forget about going on Autoplay mode at once, study the payouts first. Understanding the nature of why a specific symbol pays a certain multiplier or what free games are awarded during gameplay are some elements that are frequently forgotten. Whenever having the option to enter a special round, go for it; the frequency on which players can experience them varies from time to time.


Baseball is one the most famous sports in the United States tracing its origins in the country back to the mid 1850’s at the New York metropolitan area. In the first decade of the twentieth century most of the rules we know today were set and years later, one of the most famous batters of in history came into action; Babe Ruth. He became a recognizable figure for his incredible ability to score home runs with power and brutal artistry. Ruth was an unmistakable figure with his large frame and spindle-thin legs, and his talented and colorful play captured baseball fans’ imagination. During game number three of the 1932 World Series he appeared to indicate a spot in the stands of the Chicago Cubs’ ball park where he would hit the ball and promptly blasted it there for a home run. Off the playing field “the Bambino,” as he was affectionately called, made headlines for his charitable actions, such as visiting sick children in hospitals, as well as for his prodigious appetites and flamboyant lifestyle.


Random Jackpot: Special feature that gives away an accumulative cash prize. The progressive jackpot is triggered at random.

Baseball: A scattered symbol that can appear anywhere on the five reels to complete a winning combo.

Batter: Wild symbol that appears on Reel 5 and triples prizes when displayed in a winning combination.

King of Swing Baseball Bonus Feature: Bonus round where the pitcher throws the ball at the batter and for any given result (strike, base hit, home run) free spins and multipliers are awarded.

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