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Play Crazy Vegas

If you love gambling and casino-related entertainment, Crazy Vegas is the perfect slot game to play. At CoolCat Casino, Crazy Vegas offers handsome payouts, free games, magnificent bonuses, and a random jackpot along with a lot of fun!

Crazy Vegas is a 5 reel 20 payline slot machine. Your goal is to get three or more symbols on a payline in a winning combination to trigger the payouts. Symbols like Dices and Roulette can pay you as much as 45 times your bet per line. And symbols like Blackjack and Emcee can easily pay you a maximum of 90 times your bet per line. You would love to have the Entertainer or Show Girl to appear on any of your reels, because when they do, they pay you as much as 150 times your bet on a single line. And if you can achieve five Money Stacks on any of the reels, that will be a great pay-moment for you; it pays 300 times your bet on a line!

Keep an eye on the Crazy Vegas symbol because it can substitute for any symbol to help you get a winning combination. The free spins feature in Crazy Vegas is very rewarding. You just need to get three free spins token on reel 2, 3, and 4 to activate this feature. The sum of the first two tokens or chips is the number of free spins you get. The money you win during free spins is multiplied by the multiplier value on the third token. Remember, you don’t need to put any money on the line during free spins. It’s absolutely free!

You should target the bonus round, because it’s quite easy to trigger. You only need to get the bonus symbol on reel 1 and 5 to enter the bonus round. And in the bonus round, you can win plenty of cash money by just a click of a button.

Finally, the jackpot is always available to win. It’s a random jackpot, which means you can hit this jackpot even on your first spin! So, come and play Crazy Vegas at the best USA casino online to add to your riches and have a lot of fun.

How to play

Crazy Vegas is all about spinning and winning! It’s a 5 reel, 20 line online slot machine available at CoolCat Casino.  It offers great entertainment, handsome payouts, magnificent bonuses, and free casino games! And above all, a random jackpot that keeps on increasing until you hit it.

How to Play? If you know how to spin the reels and can manage to line up symbols on a payline in a winning combination, you’re good to go!

By default, the game begins with a $1 bet distributed among 20 lines. At the bottom of the screen, you can see your bet per line and lines selected. Your account balance is also displayed below that. You can click the up and down arrow on either side of BET PER LINE to increase or decrease denominations. To select the number of lines, you can click the up and down arrows on either side of the LINES SELECTED button. You can also click a line number on the screen to select lines.

Once you select a bet and the number of lines, click the SPIN button. The reels will spin and eventually stop and form a combination of symbols on all lines. You get paid for all winning combinations.

Symbols on the Reels

Regular Symbols

Crazy Vegas has many regular symbols. Each of these symbols carries a different payout. The following table explains the regular symbols and their corresponding payouts.

Symbol 5 of a Kind 4 of a Kind 3 of a Kind
Dices 45X 15X 5X
Roulette 45X 15X 5X
Blackjack 90X 30X 10X
Emcee 90X 30X 10X
Showgirl 150X 50X 15X
Entertainer 150X 50X 15X
Money Stack 300X 100X 30X
Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol in the game is Crazy Vegas. You can win a prize of 5x, 20x, or 100x your bet, if you get 3, 4, or 5 scatters.

Substitute Symbol

Crazy Vegas slots is also the substitute symbol. It can substitute for any symbol on a line to produce a winning combination.

Free Spins

You can get a number of free spins in Crazy Vegas, though only once per game. The free spin tokens appear on line 2, 3, and 4. The first and second tokens carry values that are added together to award free spins, and the third token carries the value of the payout multiplier. Let’s say your first chip carries a value of 3 and the second one carries a value of 7. You will be awarded 10 free spins, and your bet that triggered the free spins will be multiplied by the value on your third chip.

Bonus Rounds

The bonus round at Crazy Vegas is triggered when you receive the Big Bonus symbol on the first and the fifth reel. The bonus round screen has two nested squares. The outer square carries the payouts and the inner square carries the multiplier. When you press the Big Bonus button, the outer square spins clockwise and the inner square spins counter- clockwise. When it stops, the value on the outer square is multiplied by the value in the inner square. The gross amount is awarded to you as the bonus prize!

Auto Play Feature

Using the autoplay feature, you can play the game automatically for a limited number of spins or until the jackpot is won. To activate the autoplay feature, click the AUTO PLAY button. A window will open up. Select the number of spins you want to play automatically, and click the OK button. To deactivate the feature, click the STOP AUTO button.


Crazy Vegas offers some of the best online slots jackpots waiting for you to win. You just need to line up certain symbols in a winning pattern on a payline to win them. It’s fun to have your money multiplied, or get a chance to play bonus rounds and free games to get additional dough! And with the Entertainer, Showgirl, Blackjack, Dices, Roulette, Emcee, and Money Stack, you would never want to leave the Crazy Vegas slot machine.

  • All symbols pay left to right.
  • A random jackpot can be hit any time at the end of a game.
  • The jackpot win is added to your other wins.
  • Your wins on different lines are added together.
  • Line wins are multiplied by the bet per line.
  • The maximum that you can win per spin is 50,000 times your bet per line.
  • The free-spins features cannot be retriggered during a game.
  • The Big Bonus round cannot be retriggered.


Crazy Vegas celebrates the spirit of Las Vegas. Here at CoolCat Casino, you get a perfect chance to be a part of the big entertainment and grab the rewards offered by Crazy Vegas online slots. The symbols of the singer, showgirl, emcee, blackjack, and the money stack will keep you glued to this online slot.

Slots are based on chance and luck, no doubt about that. But when you combine your luck with some strategy, your chances of winning increase automatically. One such strategy is called the Step-Down method. Under this strategy, you start off with a higher than regular bet. In Crazy Vegas online slot, the minimum bet is $1 when you play with all 20 lines. Let’s say you choose to bet $5 initially and your bankroll consists of $100. Give the machine a go, and play 10 spins of $5 each. After 10 spins, check your bankroll. If you see that it has increased, stick to the same betting value and continue playing. If your bankroll has decreased, switch to a lower denomination of $2 or the lowest denomination of $1 and continue playing. This way if you lose some, you also win some!

When you play with a higher denomination, you make the best of the symbols like Money Stack, which can multiply your bet per line to as much as 300 times. Symbols like Singer and Showgirl can increase your bet per line to 150 times. What’s more, grab hold of three “free spins chips” on reel two, three, and four and get certain free spins. The combination of first two chips reveals the number of free spins and the third chip reveals the multiplier. During the free spins features, the prizes you win will be multiplied by the free spin multiplier.

Crazy Vegas is a perfect example of an online slot game where you can win a lot of fun and score plenty of rewards. Go ahead and try your luck!


Like other slot machines, Crazy Vegas is also a luck-based game. If you know how to spin, you can win! However, tips can come in handy at any time.

Before you wager real money, you should play the game for free for some time to get an idea how the game runs. What payout is associated with what symbol? What is the frequency of hitting game features? Do you get to win more if you play on multiple lines or a couple of lines? If you play the game for free for some time, you will come to learn much more that will help you to win in future.

Keep a watchful eye on your money. Knowing when to stop wagering is also a good way of saving money.

Give your luck a go as well. Gamblers worldwide carry their lucky charms to casinos to increase the odds at winning. If you feel lucky, bet the biggest. Bigger bets always carry bigger payouts.

In case you want help during the game play, you can refer to the Help section. Just click the Help button to get help.


Crazy Vegas is an online replication of all the fun and craziness found in land-based casinos. It is another sweet child of Realtime Gaming (RTG). Symbols like Entertainer, Showgirl, Emcee, Dice, Roulette, Blackjack, and Money Stack keep you engaged in playing and winning!

Crazy Vegas was developed to cater to the cool party lifestyle of Sin City itself. They wanted more than regular symbols on the slot machines. RTG took the idea and created a slot machine that brings the hot vibe and wild entertainment of Vegas right to your computer screen. Give it a go and you can see for yourself how exciting and rewarding it can be!


Random Jackpot: A special jackpot whose value increases a small amount for every game played.

Reel: A disc in a slot machine that has symbols on it.

Payline: The line on which the symbols get together is called a payline.

Substitute Symbol: A substitute symbol fills the gap between other symbols to complete a combination.

Scatter Symbol: A scatter symbol helps trigger the bonus rounds. Some games require two or more scatter symbols to trigger the bonus round. Crazy Vegas requires only two scatter symbols to usher you into the bonus round.

Payout: A payout is the money you win with respect to your bet.

Bonus Round: A special round that offers you nothing but cash money.

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