The ExpressPay Method: How American Express is Making Payments Easier

Americans are moving faster than the speed of light. So many American Express cardholders are busy, busy, busy and trying to find even a millisecond of time in their day when they can catch a break. Well, the people of American Express listened and created the ExpressPay payment system.

The ExpressPay payment system allows an American Express cardholder to pay for their purchases by simply holding their card over a special card reader. No waiting for approval, no waiting for a receipt to sign (unless over $25), no digging through their purse or pockets for a pen. They hold the card against the reader, complete their purchase, and get back to their busy lives without a second thought.

How does it work?

Retailers who offer services to American Express customers, will install a special card reading system. These card reading systems will literally read the tiny microchip that has been implanted in ExpressPay authorized American Express cards. This microchip contains information on the card account, the card holder, and the purchase location. When you get your statement at the end of the month, or when you check your statement online, you’ll see a secure transaction completed using the ExpressPay payment method.


Is there a spending limit?

ExpressPay isn’t a separate credit account, it is linked directly to your current American Express credit account. The actual spending limit is the credit limit on your card. There are no daily limits, unless you reach your credit limit during the course of that day.

Where can you use your ExpressPay Card?

While a busy life can pass you by, you still have a few extra moments in your day for you to take a deep breath – thanks to the technological minds and credit card gurus behind the ExpressPay payment method offered through American Express. If you don’t have the ExpressPay feature yet, contact American Express and get it. You’ll be so glad you did!

Unfortunately this new payment method doesn’t really work for online casino users to take advantage of, but it does make a difference on your everyday purchases, which should really good news anyways.

Laura Barton

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