New casino could open in Atlantic City

Yup, you read that headline right. After four casinos closed their doors in 2014, an existing hotel is proposing adding a casino to its property. The Chelsea Hotel has revealed that they are asking the state to amend a bill that would permit it to open a small casino on its existing property.

New Jersey law requires casinos to have about 500 hotel rooms, but a new bill would reduce that requirement to around 200 rooms, giving The Chelsea an opening to operate a new casino.

The news that a new casino could soon be opening in Atlantic City flies in the face of traditional thinking, which pegs Atlantic City as a city on the verge of devastation. The latest casino to close was The Revel, a $2.4 billion property that only opened in 2012. The casino resort, which is just over two years old, went bankrupt a few months ago and had been sold to a Canadian company, Brookfield Asset Management.

innerchesea15122014But after backing out of the sale, a bankruptcy judged voided the sale and paved the way for a new buyer, who has yet to be found. Just down the boardwalk, Showboat is being turned into a college dormitory and hotel. No casino will be on site.

So with hotels closing or changing their focus away from gaming, why does The Chelsea think that now’s a good time to open a brand new casino? Well, it could have something to do with the style of gaming it wants to offer.

The boutique hotel can only accommodate a few hundred people on its proposed casino floor in keeping with fire regulations. So is that enough to sustain a casino? Management seems to think so. And I totally agree.

The Chelsea would cater to hotel guests and people who want to learn games. Management envisions a few dozen tables scattered around the casino floor. And rather than make it all about making money, they’d offer instructional games to help players familiarize themselves with the games.

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Frances Hill

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