Get More Money and More Honey with CoolCat Casino

If you listen closely, you’ll probably hear the buzz surrounding CoolCat Casino’s amazing June promotions. Cruise the hive, and claim your fair share of heavenly nectar to supercharge your bankroll. With bonuses this sweet, you’ll never need to worry about getting stung, so cut loose, and claim bigger jackpots and better service than ever before all month long. Find out for yourself what all the fuss is about, and take your next deposit to brand new heights.

Deposit Bonuses Sweeter than Honey

innerhoney02052015Everyone’s buzzing about Coolcat Casino’s amazing deposit bonuses, so don’t miss the chance to maximize your bankroll. If you want to play slots, take a look at the 560% bonus, which features a 30 times playthrough restriction and a 10 times max cash-out limit on any deposit of $70 or more. When you’re ready to float over to the tables, you’ve got the choice of two amazing deals to get your games off to a strong start. Choose between the 310% bonus, which features a 30 times playthrough restriction and a 10 times max cash-out limit, or go for the no-rules 160% bonus and watch your bankroll spring skyward.

Honey to the Bee Challenge

If you’re ready for a unique slots experience, now’s the perfect time to check out the popular slot machine Honey to the Bee, which offers a 150% no-rules bonus on any deposit of $50 or more. The amazing offer doesn’t stop there, however. If you’re able to wager the bonus by 140 times or more, you’ll lay claim to a $7,000 free casino chip, ensuring that the good times keep buzzing for the foreseeable future.

UnBEElieveable VIP Bonuses

innervip02052015At Coolcat Casino, the very best deals are always reserved for our VIPs, and this month is no exception. For slots players, the 630% bonus offer, which features a 30 time playthrough restriction and a 10 times max cash-out limit, is as good as it gets! For other games, take your pick between two deals that are sweeter than honey. First, there’s the 380% bonus, which features a 30 times playthrough restriction and a 10 times max cash-out limit. If that’s not for you, you won’t want to miss the 230% no-rules offer, which will turn your next deposit of $30 or more into a more buzz worthy bankroll.

If you’re having trouble activating your bonuses, or if you want more information on how to join the elite ranks of Coolcat VIPs, contact our industry-leading customer service staff via the Contact Us page of our website. The buzz surrounding Coolcat Casino this month is too loud to ignore. Enter the hive, and claim some of the industry’s best offers to keep your good times rolling for weeks to come. Whether you prefer slot machines or table games, there’s an unbelievable offer to maximize your bankroll and get on your way to huge returns. With so much buzz, you don’t want to miss your chance to sweeten the pot. Choose a bonus, and take flight with Coolcat Casino today!

Laura Barton

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