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Welcome to the CoolCat family. There’s a lot going on at CoolCat, so let’s jump right into the action. We’re going to hand it off to the coolest cats online to tell you what you can expect when you play at CoolCat.


Hi there, I’m Bouncer. With over 150 casino games to choose from, this site was built for players like me who love to bounce from the tables to slots, to video poker and back again – and never get bored.

Check our site for everything you need to know about playing at CoolCat. You’ll find things like how-to guides, rules, strategies, and even tips to win.

If you need some guidance while playing a game, just click the Help button and we’ll get everything sorted for you.


CoolCat VIPs

This is very, very cool. If you love to roll with the serious players, come roll with me into the VIP Club. You’ll get VIP bonuses, access to higher table limits, more Comp Points, special Level Up chips, and tons more.

Check the VIP benefits list, and then join me on the CoolCat red carpet. Champagne’s on me.


Customer Support

Hi, my name is Dodger, but don’t let my name fool you. While I love to dodge losing bets at the Roulette table, I never dodge questions. Neither does the CoolCat Customer Support team. Our #1 goal is to help you.

Contact Us:
Email us at support@coolcat-casino.com or Chat with us Live



I know how to sniff out the good stuff. And I can show you where the tastiest rewards are. But first, you need to check the Rules and general Terms and Conditions. It’s a lot easier to get the cheese when you know how to play by the rules.


Each member has a special bonus for you.