Join CoolCat in Las Vegas for the ultimate Monthly Promotion

Your favorite CoolCat Casino cat — CoolCat himself — is taking a trip to Sin City and you’re along for the ride in classic high roller style. Step into the limo, pop out of the sunroof and marvel at all Las Vegas has to offer as you tour Las Vegas Boulevard and soak it all in. Oh, and how there is a lot to soak in. We’ve taken every Las… Continue Reading [+]

Enjoy more independence with our July 4th bankroll boosters all month long

What’s your fondest 4th of July memory? Mine happened about 10 years ago. It was a big neighborhood picnic that lasted the entire day with family and friends. We’re talking a few hundred people, so it really was beyond anything I’d experienced before. It took place in a few neighbor’s backyards, which was accommodating due to the absence of any fence separating the property. There were bouncy castles for the… Continue Reading [+]