Vegas Three Card Rummy

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Play Vegas Three Card Rummy

Vegas Three Card Rummy is the latest offering from CoolCat Casino’s exciting choices of online casino games. The game of Vegas Three Card Rummy pitches you against the dealer. The player and the dealer are dealt three cards each. The player’s cards are dealt face-up while the dealer’s hand is dealt face-down. Your aim is to get fewer points than the dealer. The dealer’s hand must have 20 points or less to qualify. If the dealer does not make it in this, the player gets to win money even on the ante and the Raise is returned. The Dealer’s hand is not a factor in the determination in the payout amount for the Bonus Bet.

Vegas Three Card Rummy Rules

Vegas Three Card Rummy rules state that the cards must be dealt from a single deck of 52 cards. Based on the pay table, the Bonus Bet is paid. Shuffling is done after each hand is dealt out. Jacks, Queens and Kings are 10 points each. The Aces have 1 point. It is to be noted that the Ace and King is not a suited run. It is important to keep in mind in Vegas Three Card Rummies that a two-card suited score would always be used to determine the score if a hand is scored as a pair or a two-card suited run; and neither leads to a lower score. The two cards chosen will result in the lowest possible score for a given hand if a hand is scored as a pair or a two-card suited run.

The player can place an ante wager and ask for the cards to be dealt out. If he is not convinced about winning the hand, he can avoid any further risk by folding the hand. But if he’s sure of his hand beating the dealer’s hand, he must raise the betting amount with a bet equal to that of the ante wager. After the raising the amount, you can make the dealer reveal his hand. The dealer’s hand must contain 20 points or less to qualify. If the dealer wins the hand by having points that are more than that of the player, the player stands to lose both the ante and raise bets. The player wins even money on the ante if the dealer does not qualify and the raise bet is returned. The ante is paid 1:1 if the player has the lowest total. The raise wager is paid according to the pay-table. If the player’s hand has 12 points or less, you win the Bonus Bet, which is paid out on the total points of the hand dealt and not against the dealer’s hand. The Bonus Bet wager is forfeited if the player bets on the ante and folds the hand.

In online casino, you bet an ante wager in Vegas Three Card Rummy by clicking on the ante circle, along with the chip value that they want to wager on. For the Bonus Bet option, click on the Bonus Bet diamond and the chip that you want to bet with. Once the bets have been placed, click on ‘Deal’. To raise the bet, click Raise, and to fold the hand, press ‘Fold’. With ‘Rebet’, you can repeat the last bet and begin the dealing out of cards again.

The maximum bet that you can place in online casino Vegas Three card Rummy is $250, while the minimum bet is $1. The payout odds are 98.5%. It is to be noted that these limits can be customized for VIP customers. So come to us at CoolCat Casino for the best online casino games on the circuit.

How to play Vegas Three Card Rummy

Start by clicking on the Ante icon on the game board. Keep in mind that the amount should be within table limits $2 – $250. While every click on a chip will increase the ante, clicking on the ante icon itself reduces the ante amount, so in case you feel you have placed too high an ante, you can always reduce it.

The cursor guides you to the next step, which would be selecting the Bonus Bet. Select the amount you want to bet, and then go for Deal. Three cards each are dealt out to the player and the dealer from a single deck of 52 cards. While the player’s cards are face up, the dealer’s are not.

The player’s hand total is displayed alongside the three cards. To win, the player’s hand must have fewer points than the dealer’s hand. Or, the dealer’s hand does not ‘qualify’ with 20 points or less. When the dealer does not qualify, the player wins even money on the ante, and your raise is returned.

Vegas Three Card Rummy accords the following values to each card:

All cards from 2 to 10 are at their face value
Face cards J, K, Q = 10
Aces = 1
Any pair, any triple, both two-suited and three suited runs = 0

When a hand qualifies as a two card suited run or a pair, it is treated as two-card suited run only. Also remember that a pair of an Ace and a King is not considered a run.

The table below illustrates the payouts on the ante bet a player is entitled to on achieving certain point values.

Player’s Score (Point Values) Payout Ratio
0 4:1
1-15 2:1
6-19 Even Money
Tie with Dealer Push (at any score)

Observe the payout potential of Vegas Three Card Rummy with the payouts you can get on the Bonus Bet from the table below:

Hand Payout Ratio
A-2-3 Suited Run 100:1
0 25:1
1-6 2:1
7-10 Even Money
11-12 4:1

Let’s play a game to understand how the payouts in the Vegas Three Card Rummy game work. Your ante is at $2, and your bonus bet is $5. The cards dealt out to you are (spade of K and Q, and a heart of 2). As per the point values designated to the cards in the game, K and Q being a two-card suited run would have a value of 0. So your hand total is 2.

With the dealer’s hand still face down, you have the choice to either Fold or Bet. Again, keep the rule in mind that your hand total should be less than the dealer’s. You can take the risk to raise a bet here, equal to your ante.

The dealer’s cards are now revealed. If the dealer’s hand is more than yours, you win the game. Your payouts would be: $10 on the Bonus Bet (twice your amount), your ante of $2, and $4 on the Bet, again twice your amount. So, on the $9 that you bet, you win $16.

You may choose to Rebet the $2 and $5 for another game.

Scenario 2

Your hand has the cards J, 10 and 3 with an ante of $2 and a bonus bet of $5, and your hand total (point value) is 23. Should you bet or fold? Bet?

Once you bet, the dealer’s cards are revealed. If the dealer qualifies with 20 or less, you lose.

Scenario 3

Your hand of 10, 4, 2, with a point value of 16. Bet or Fold? Fold? If the dealer’s hand total is less than 20, you lose again.

Scenario 4

Your hand of 8, 7, A has a point value of 16. If you bet, and the dealer’s hand is J, 6, A with a point total of 17, you win $4 on the Ante and Bet, on your wager of $2 and $5.

Scenario 5

Your hand of 2, K, 2 with a point value of 10. If you bet $2 and $5, and dealer’s hand reveals 8, 5, A with a point value of 14, you win $9 on the Bonus Bet, Ante and Bet.

Scenario 6

Your hand of 5, 3, 5 with a score of 3. When you bet $5, and the dealer reveals a hand of K, 9, 6 with a score of 25, you win. Here, the dealer does not qualify, and you win a Bonus Bet of $10 and an Ante of $2.

Vegas Three Card Rummy Strategy

Vegas Three Card Rummy crowns you as a winner when you get a total which is less than the total in the dealer’s hand. The dealer as you know doesn’t qualify for the game if he gets a total which is higher than 20. So, it is always sane to raise your bet when you have a total that is less than 20. Raising your bet when you get a total of 20 or higher in the game of Vegas Three Card Rummy would be absolutely foolish

The most practical Vegas Three Card Rummy tips is to raise your chances of winning bigger rewards in the game is to play on the bonus bet if possible. The reason is simple! The bonus bet offers you a much better payout rate than the payouts under the Ante wager option. An ante wager gives a payout of 4:1 for the hand that carries a total of zero whereas the bonus bet provides the payout of 25:1 for the same. This can be better explained through an illustration:

You win $20 (4X5=20) if you bet with a $5 on an ante and get any of the triples like, 10-10-10 that gets you a total of 0.

However, if you wager with the same amount ($5) on the bonus bet, you win $125 (25X5=125) if you are lucky enough to get a total of zero –either through a triples, a pair, two card suited run, or three card suited run.

So, you can see for yourself that the bonus bet offers you with much better payouts for similar totals as in the raised bets.

Moreover, the bonus bet also leads you to the highest payout in the game, i.e. 100:1 for the A-2-3 suited run. So do check out the payouts on the different hands to know where you stand.

Whatever amount you decide to wager with on a single hand of Vegas Three Card Rummy… split it among the two betting options in the game – the ante and the bonus bet.

If you have decided to bet with a total of $10 on one hand, make sure you wager with $5 on the ante and the rest of the $5 on the bonus bet.

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The online version of the Vegas Three Card Rummy card game requires an application of skill in order to win the game. Rated as a game with a payout that hovers around 98%, it would be worth your while to dedicate a small fraction of your bankroll to Three Card Rummy in any of your gaming sessions.

Vegas Three Card Rummy has the single objective of keeping your hand total lower than the dealer’s. The game has four payout slabs for the ante wager and five for the bonus bet, so an understanding of these ratios is necessary before you start playing.

Also, point values in Vegas Three Card Rummy vary from its other versions, so get conversant with the card values when you bet or fold.

Since the Vegas Three Card Rummy is all about keeping the score low, the thumb rule is to fold when the point value is 20 or less. Do not bet if your hand total is over 20.

A good Vegas Three Card Rummy strategy would be to play the bonus bet for half the amount of your ante bet, so as to make the most when dealt a good hand.

There’s nothing like a trial session before actually playing for money. Download casino games or use the free online casino game facility on CoolCat, dabble in the game for a couple of sessions till you are confident of dishing out real bucks.

History of Vegas Three Card Rummy

Vegas Three Card Rummy belongs to the Rummy family of games, which in turn draw inspiration from the poker card game.

Rummy games have also been traced to the Conquian game played in Spain, and which traveled with them when they moved west to Central America. There are some opinions which suggest that the game actually originated in Mexico in the 1800’s and that it moved to the US and the UK, where it was referred to as ‘coon can’ and ‘rum’ respectively.

Gin Rummy evolved as a variant of Rummy games in the 1900’s in New York, apparently named so by its inventor who had a fascination for gin. It was a game that evolved during the depression of the 1930’s, played to fight boredom in social circles. Canst and Mahjong are other versions of rummy.

Vegas Three Card Rummy is one of the most recent and increasingly popular online versions of the rummy family.


Ante: This is the boot amount put on the table by the player. An ante is a forced bet in which the player puts in some money into the pot before the deal. This is a small amount, generally a percentage of the minimum bet. In a game that is played between a number of players, the ante is paid by each of them, ensuring that every player who folds contributes to the pot. This accruing amount is the incentive for other players to play and helps make the game more interesting

Suited Run: A sequence of one of the four card types in a deck, known as spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs.

Fold: When you, as a player feel that your hand would not be able to beat the dealer’s hand, you fold, and restrain from betting.

Bonus Bet: When you believe that your hand would score lower than the dealer’s in the Three Card Rummy, you raise a bonus bet with an amount at least equal to the ante wager.

Table Limits: The limit set by the maximum and the minimum amount that players can bet in the game. In the Vegas Three Card Rummy, the limits are 2 and 250.

Rebet: After a game round, the Rebet icon displays the ante and the bonus bet used in the previous game. The Rebet button can be clicked for playing another round of the game with the same bet values.

Even Money: Upon a win, players get back an equal amount over the amount they bet.

Balance: The amount you have in your CoolCat account to play the game.

Cashier: Make all your transactions pertaining to depositing and withdrawing cash, as well as viewing your transaction history.

Help: The icon opens up the objective of the game, its rules, point values and the payout table.

Menu: This has the Player options dialog which gives you the choice to have a full screen, select the speed of the cards, and opt for sound and the dealer’s voices.