European Slot Poker

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Play European Slot Poker

European Slot Poker is a simple game of chance that provides the players with extensive odds of winning massive rewards, which despite its name is not related to the game of slots. The only skill required on your part is to hold on to the best cards from among the five cards dealt to you. The objective of this game is to get two, three or five cards with matching symbols on them. European Slot Poker is played with a 141-card deck and the cards are reshuffled after every game. At CoolCat Casino, you can fix your bet size in the denominations of $.05, $.25, $.50, $1.00, and $5.00.You can wager with 1 to 10 coins per hand.

The game of European Slot Poker is loaded with various bonus offers ranging from simple fruit and cherry bonuses to the challenging Hi-Lo bonus round. Just draw four or five images of plums, lemons, watermelons, bells, bar and cherries to win the huge fruit bonus win. To get the cherry bonus, draw two images of cherries in your hand. The cherry meter will keep rising by degrees as you win the cherry bonus. Every time you win the Hi-Lo bonus feature triggers to get the bonus doubles on your winning amount. All you have to do is predict the high and low cards in the game.

Keep any eye on the smiling Joker which is the wild card in the game. It will magnify your odds of winning in the game by substituting all the images in the game to help you get the rewarding combinations. The only card that it dose not replace is the card with the image of diamond on it.

The game of European Slot Poker brings together the best of the both worlds: the most popular type of casino games on the web: slots and one of the oldest type of game in the world: poker. It looks quite attractive with all the vibrant images of fruits all over the screen. Just squeeze the fruits for juicy rewards on European Slot Poker.

How to play European Slot Poker

European Slot Poker is an exciting casino game to play for the first time. The aim of the player in this game is to draw the matching cards listed in the pay table. It is a very simple game and with easy instructions any one can play the game.

To begin the game, you have to deposit some money into your credit account. You can do this by clicking the chips button which is located at the right corner. Next you can start betting by placing a wager of 1 to 10 coins. You can do this by pressing the bet button. You can change the bet for every hand that you play with the help of the bet tab. Next, you have to press the play button for five cards to be are dealt face up. The best possible hands are held by the machine for you. You can also change these cards by clicking on them. You can press the play button again for the final hand and new cards replace the discarded ones. Winning or losing the game is decided by these new cards.

There are different types of bonuses in the game.

High- Low Bonus

This is a feature that appears in the bonus window after you get a winning hand. Here five cards are dealt. Just horizontal to it, high and low symbols appear. You have to click on the high and low tabs to predict whether the cards are high or low. If you get all the five right, you get a reward which is equal to your original wager and doubled five times over. For example, if you bet $1, you can win $64.

After getting a bonus feature, you have the option to either play with the bonus money or collect the single hand win by clicking on the collect button. You lose the entire bonus amount if you do not predict all the five cards correctly. You also have the option of wagering half the bonus amount of the high-low bonus by clicking on the half gamble tab.

Fruit Bonus

In this bonus feature, you can draw hands with lemons, four or five plums, bells, watermelons, bar and cherries. If you win the fruit bonus, you get a chance to trigger the High- Low bonus. You have the option to either collect the bonus win or can play the High-Low bonus sub game.

Cherry Bonus

You can win the cherry bonus if you draw two cherries in the game. There is an arch- shaped cherry meter which indicates your bet size and an yellow indicator that shows capacity. If you reach the maximum capacity, you get a chance to play the High-Low bonus feature. You can either collect your bonus win or double the amount by playing the High- Low bonus feature.

There are some additional rules in European Slot Poker. It is played with one deck of cards consisting of 141 cards. After each win the deck is reshuffled. The denomination of the bet ranges from $.05, $0.25, $.50, $1, to $5. You can wager with 1 to 10 coins per hand. You can credit your account by clicking on the chips of $5, $25 or $100 on the right bottom corner in the game window. The reward for every slot poker hand that you win is decided upon the size of your bet per hand.

In European slot poker there are different payouts for different winning hands. Refer the table for the details of pay outs for a single coin.

Poker Hand Payout Poker Hand Payout Poker Hand Payout
5X BAR 1000 5X Bell 100 5X Watermelon 100
4X BAR 40 4X Bell 20 4X Watermelon 20
3X BAR 10 3X Bell 5 3X Watermelon 5
5X Plum 50 5X Lemon 50 5X Cherry 50
4X Plum 10 4X Lemon 10 4X Cherry 10
3X Plum 5 3X Lemon 5 3X Cherry 5

As you raise the value of the bet per hand, the payout rates increases. For instance, if you increase your bet to 2 coins per hand, the payout for the five Bar poker hand will rise to $2000, for 4 bell poker hand to $40 and so on.

There are two card ranks in European slot poker. They are the higher cards and the lower cards. The high cards are joker, bell, watermelon, plum and the lemon. The lower cards are joker, bar, cherry and the diamond.

The joker is the wild card in the game and it can substitute all the icons in the game except the grey diamond card to get you rewards. If you draw a joker card without getting a winning combination, you can still get a reward of $2. This can be either collected or can be played in the High- Low bonus feature.

If you draw a poker hand with five-of-a-kind diamond cards, you get a reward of $1. Here also you can either collect the diamond win or proceed to the High-Low bonus round.

European Slot Poker Strategy

The game uses chance as the basis of its nature. Choosing the right cards to hold and discard when playing increases the odds at winning. Studying the payout table gives players a better understanding of which hands give out the best rewards and prizes.

When playing European Slot Poker, a five of a kind poker hand that features the BAR symbol gets an outstanding payout of $1000. Meanwhile a common five of a kind poker hand with diamonds for example gets the lowest payout of $1. When getting to diamond cards and two BAR cards it is advisable to hold those as the BAR symbol usually prizes players with cash when used in card combinations. Take advantage of the Hi-Lo Bonus round as it doubles winnings for every high or low card on the run.


European Slot Poker is purely a game of chance. However, there are some tips and strategy which can be adopted to taste success. The most important part of the game is to know which card to hold and which one to discard. You have to study carefully, the payout table and know the hands which carry higher payouts and hands with lower returns.

In European Slot Poker, five of a kind poker hand that features BAR gets the highest payout of $1000 and the lowest payout of $1 goes to five of a kind poker hand that features diamonds.

The important tip that has to be followed is that if you draw two diamond cards and two BAR cards, it is advisable to hold the BAR cards. Because you just need another three BAR cards to win $1000. Even one more BAR card can fetch $10. So you should not hold diamond cards for a small reward of $1 over BAR cards.

Another important tip is to play the High- Low bonus feature when you get a chance to double your win with every prediction of a high or a low card.

History of European Slot Poker

The origin of Poker is linked to the game of Pochen in Germany. European Slot Poker is a perfect blend of two games. The love for two games Poker and Slots, that the Europeans had, gradually took the shape of European Slot Poker. The game is very popular in Europe, as many world wide tournaments are organized by the European Poker Tour. (EPT).

Charles Frey from Eastern Europe created slots. They became popular throughout the world as they were great for revenue generation. Almost all casinos have slot machines in their casino halls.

European Slot Poker has fun, excitement, thrill and overall, some great odds. The luck factor and also the skills of a gamer are explored to the maximum in this game where Slots and Poker are merged together on a common platform.


Cash out: It is an option to end the game and transfer the credits to the player’s account.

Pay table: Pay Table shows the list of the payouts for the different hands in the game.

Bet: Bet is the number of coins that a player chooses to play with for every hand in the game.

Play: Play option in the game that lets the player draws the cards and plays the hands in the game.

Wild: The wild symbol substitutes other icons or cards in the game to get rewarding combinations. Joker is the wild card in European slot poker.

Cherry meter: Cherry meter is an arc-shaped measuring device that shows the bonus wins of the player with a yellow indicator.

Half gamble: This option removes half of the player’s win and adds it to his credit so that he can wager only with the half of his win on the High-Low bonus feature.

Chips: Chips are the round tokens with different colors that players use to bet at a game in lieu of cash. In European slot poker there are red, green and black colored coins for $5, $25 and $100 money values respectively.

Credits: It refers to the total amount that a player uses to wager on the various hands in the game. All his wins are also moved to your credits.

Collect: Collect is an option in the game that allows the player to gather and move the per hand wins to his credits.