Year of Fortune

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Play Year of Fortune

New year comes along and brings with it the ultimate destination where cash prizes and superb bonus features mix together to create an unforgettable slot machine experience. Year of Fortune offers the best of Asian culture with the lucky numbers exploding into money making adventures. Watch the lion statue’s across the legendary Chinese temple where the lanterns light up the action. Spin the reels as those lucky eights redefine the concept of what special bonus rounds are all about. When choosing to play this game you get not 20 but 88 paylines to boost your bankroll to new heights of cash prizing frenzy.

Listen to firecrackers go off with a fantastic progressive jackpot that resets itself to a whopping $8888 standard value. Celebrations are underway, the town is going wild as the skies witness players winning big time and discover the millenary treasure through the golden Chinese coins. The Golden Ox delivers all the top slots features in a one of a kind thematic paradise.

How to play Year of Fortune

Lanterns and chants come to life in this electronic portal of virtual fortune. The crowds have long awaited the Year of the Ox and know what it brings with it, lots of cash prizes for the lucky players. Wealthy times and Asian tradition mix to create a perfect balance of realistic action and cutting edge entertainment, Year of Fortune delivers what others can’t: Big Money, Big Time. In Chinese culture the word eight sounds similar to prosper so no wonder the 8888 progressive jackpot and the 88 paylines during free games share something in common, this is the moment of truth to win serious cash.

A seat is reserved in a annual celebration that welcomes the Golden Ox and all its treasures, get yourself some firecrackers and make some noise; you are ready to win and build a fortune through the Asian landscape. Start off the journey at Year of Fortune’s main menu where you will see all the special symbols in display along the progressive jackpot with many lanterns in the background. First of all, choose your wagering amount from a minimum $0.25 bet per turn to a maximum $125.00, this bet can be increased or decreased with the arrows located at the bottom center of the screen. The game features a compulsory 25 paylines selection; this means you play all of them at once to increase the chance at winning heavy cash prizes. Click on the Spin button and watch the reels celebrate the year where everything is coming your way. The Autoplay option allows players to automatically set the computer to make up to 1000 spins. Any frequently asked questions on payouts, symbols and rules can be answered by clicking on the Help button at the bottom right side of the main menu.

Rules for Year of Fortune Online Slot Machine

The game offers great features and a collection of added bonus rounds that deliver instant action. Here’s a list of some basic rules in Year of Fortune:

  • All symbols pay left to right except for the Year of the Ox scattered symbols.
  • Compulsory 25 paylines played per game.
  • Maximum wins per paid spin besides the jackpot are 88,888 times a bet per line.
  • Progressive Jackpot triggers itself automatically.
  • Payouts are made according to the paytable.

Year of Fortune Strategy

Thematic slot machines use a progressive jackpot system that among several factors that make it trigger itself automatically, it works according to what is being wagered as a key point into winning big time. Same applies to special bonus and extra features, when betting high, close enough to the maximum allowed per turn the odds boost more in favor of the player. It comes as no surprise that these special features usually increase frequency when the stakes are high as opposed to playing an average value game that may take twice as much time to accomplish the objective.


Year of Fortune features many winning scenarios and symbol specific combinations, it’s a lot of stuff to cover when first entering this game. So for a beginner level player it is recommended to study the slot machine’s information on payouts and symbol combos to understand the different scenarios that may come up when dealing with live action. As it is practice what builds a good, solid player, if you are first getting a hold of Year of Fortune take a steady pace and keep your bets to a minimum with the sole purpose of extending the game’s running time as much possible. This will train the eye and put your knowledge to the test to truly capture the essence of Year of Fortune.

History of Year of Fortune

Chinese culture has been long time famous for having many beliefs and theories on luck and fortune. In their language, certain numbers tend to sound similar to words that relate to money or prosperity. This is how people will even pay considerable amounts of money for street addresses, building floors, driving ID and more; just to get one with one of those lucky numbers that represents a magnet for cash.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, people born on the Year of the Ox can be ambitious, calm, methodical, born leaders, hardworking and tenacious. References to the lucky powers of the number 8 can be seen everywhere all across Asian lands like the Petronas Towers that have 88 floors and the Lotus flower having eight petals.


Random Progressive Jackpot: Accumulative cash prize that triggers automatically at anytime during regular gameplay. It resets to a standard value of $8888.

Year of the Ox: Scattered symbol that prizes winning combinations without having to appear in line at regular gameplay.

Golden Ox: Wild Symbol that appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. Prizes are double when one or more appear on a regular combination.

Free Spin Bonus Round: Special feature that delivers up to 88 paylines and free games.