Warlock’s Spell

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Play Warlock’s Spell

Stir up the magic potion to thwart every spell that Warlock throws at you! With a curious mix of symbols that the Warlock’s Spell online slots equips you with, foil the Warlock’s attempts to devastate the world. Your war against evil doesn’t end with the destruction of the Warlock. You also have the Witch to contend with, who adds a new dimension to online slots with the introduction of two substitute symbols.

The Warlock and the Witch join hands to bring the world to their knees, but you have the magic spell book as the scatter symbol to frustrate their evil designs.

Before you proceed, however, a word of caution on the warlock’s special powers. The warlock is an unearthly character, a shaman, mage or demon that can hurl bolts of fire or cast a shadow over his enemy, call upon his many minions from the nether world and melt faces. He is not without his weaknesses either. For some of the spells he uses, he needs the assistance of soul shards. He acquires these by using the Drain Soul spell on a mob. Pick your magic potion before he gets the soul shards. Your rewards for picking the right potion in the first attempt – 100 free games! You have 6 chances to pick the right potion, and you can win 25, 20, 15, 10 and 8 free games accordingly. Read on for more features…

How to play Warlock’s Spell

Warlock’s Spell is RTG’s latest offering released in August 2008. This 5 reel 20 pay line online slots has two wild symbols the Warlock and the Witch and the spell book as the scatter symbol.

When three spell books appear on the reels, the Potion Prize feature gets activated. Here you have a chance to win 100 free spins if you pick up the potion in the first attempt. Every successive successful pick will get you 25, 20, 15, 10 and 8 free games respectively. Your prize value triples during the free games. What’s more, the potion prize feature can be retriggered.

The spell book, the witch and the warlock are active symbols in Warlock’s Spell, their presence on a spin triggering a win if they land on a winning combination. The Witch and the Warlock have exclusive space on Reels 1-2, and 4-5 respectively, but share common territory on Reel 3. The two substitute for all other symbols except the spell books.

Your coin values in Warlock’s Spell start from $0.01, up to a maximum of $5, and your winnings could be 40,000 times your bet. The wins on the scatter are multiplied not by the line bet but by the total bet. Payouts for symbols on a winning combination are calculated from left to right, except in the case of the spell book scatter which pay any.

Warlock’s Spell Strategy

The five reel 20 pay line online casino game Warlock’s Spell is an interesting slot game steeped in mystery, magic and a male witch’s antics. It promises good rewards and prizes with a random Jackpot that could descend on you at any time in the game. Though there is no particular strategy which can guarantee a win in a spin, there are certain points to concentrate upon that can increase your odds of winning in Warlock’s Spell.

Set a Fixed Amount

You should always set a target in your mind whenever you play online slots. That is, decide on how much you will bet and how much you want to earn. Keep your target achievable. Let us say you have a bankroll of $ 100. Start spinning, if you win continue to play. If your wins add up to $175, at any point of the game , simply stop playing. So not let greed get the better of you. This will help you to lose less and win more. If you do not fix an amount, you will fall victim to the ‘Gambler’s Fallcy’ –a mistaken notion that a series of losses will culminate in a big win that wipes out the earlier loss.

Aim at the Potion Prize Feature

When three or more scattered Spell Books appear on the reels, the Potion Prize feature is triggered and you get a chance to win 100 free spins if you pick up the potion in the first attempt. The free spins reduce after every successive successful pick. It will get you 25, 20, 15, 10 and 8 free games respectively from the second to the sixth pick. The additional advantage of this feature is that your prize value triples during the free games and the potion prize feature can be re-triggered. A good strategy would be to stay on long enough in the game –betting safe amounts –to trigger the feature.

Take a Note of the Spins

If you are playing a number of slot machine games online then you should decide your threshold limit for “naked pulls.” Let us say you pick on 20 as your naked pull limit. If you suffer 20 spins without a win, you should pull out of the game. This is a strategy to adopt when you are on a losing spree.

Know the Symbols

It is very important to know the symbols of Slot games. Free casino games online have different symbols, and payouts differ depending on the positions that they take on the reels. The Spell Book, the Witch and the Warlock are important symbols in Warlock’s Spell online slot game. The Witch has an exclusive space on reels 1-2 and the Warlock on reels 4-5. However, they share common territory on reel 3. High payouts and free games are associated with these symbols.


The spell book holds the key to free games and wins that triple your earnings. You can start the game with a small bet for each of the 20 pay lines, and click Spin to get the reels moving. As a first timer to the game, study the pay lines you hit and refer to the payout table in the Help menu to understand the amount of your win.

Once you’ve figured out the symbols and their payouts, you can use the Auto Play button after selecting your parameters. Look out for the winning paylines as the reels stop after every spin, keeping an eye on your winning amount, and of course, the jackpot that ticks away constantly.

During the course of the game, three spell books are likely to appear on the screen. Being the scatter symbols, they open up and stop to offer you a free game feature called the Potion Prize. You will find the screen change, with the Witch and the Warlock preparing to cast a spell from a choice of ingredients arranged before them. Six sets of bones, feathers and frogs – which potion is the right one?

Outwit the evil couple with the ingredients that get tossed into the smoldering cauldron placed between the two. Wait for your reward – is it 8 games, 20, or perhaps 100 more games to play?

You can play on and on – the game is not just enticing, but very rewarding too! With a small bet and a choice of 5 reels and 20 paylines, you can leapfrog your way to big money through the Potion Prize feature where every win triples! Enjoy

History of Warlock’s Spell

Warlock, sorcerer, devotee of Satan, male witch…call him anything. He rides on a pitchfork and makes his foray into the world of online slots, accompanied by the Witch.

Known as a traitor and oath breaker since the pagans gave in to the Christians in the Middle Ages, the warlock’s origins go back to Scotland where the term epitomized deceit, evil and trickery.

The modern day warlock flits in and out of fantasy and science fiction movies and games, sometimes appearing as a human with magical powers with evil intent; or as an alien bent on destroying the world. In his lust to rule the world, the Warlock deploys the spells he is endowed with. From complete immolation of the enemy, to thwarting the magic spells of other forces, to the summoning of minions or demonic soldiers to bring utter destruction upon their enemies, the Warlock uses them all.

It is this theme which is exploited to the best in the online slot game, Warlock’s Spell.


Spell book: The scatter symbol for the Warlock’s Spell online slots. As a scatter symbol, the spell book does not confine itself to a winning payline. Three scattered spell books can appear on any reel, on different lines to trigger the Potion Prize feature. The ‘golden books’ open up to reveal their secrets once the feature is activated, but you have to use your wisdom to select the right set of ingredients to win the free games.

Witch: Wild symbol or Substitute on Reels 1, 2 and 3. The crafty witch works independently of the warlock to substitute for any of the other symbols in a winning combination. However, on Reel 3 she is in the company of the warlock, and either may appear to create a winning combination.

Warlock: Wild symbol or Substitute, featuring exclusively on Reels 4 and 5, and jointly with the Witch on Reel 3. As a substitute, the warlock helps to complete a winning combination.

Potion Prize Feature: A pack of free games, awarded to a player who has managed to get three scattered spell books on any of the reels or lines after a spin. The feature opens up a new screen which reveals the warlock and the witch at work with their ingredients (bones, feathers and frogs). Select from one of the six sets and wait for your luck to be announced. You are given 6 chances to pick the right potion. Your first right attempt wins you an incredible 100 spins! Successive attempts could either fetch you 25, 20, 15, 10 or 8 free games!

Play on with the free games, and get all your wins tripled along the way!