Triton’s Treasure

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Play Triton’s Treasure

Underwater treasures embrace the ancient riddles at the depths of a magical adventure. Travel across open waters and discover the legacy of Triton, the messenger of the Sea. Explore marina divinities in the ways of urns, fantastic palaces and creatures that carry the essence of the ocean.

Triton’s Treasure welcomes players into discovering the rebirth of a legendary adventure that gives away great prizes and superb bonuses to those who spin the reels of excitement. Bet your way inside Greek mythology and a world were big rewards are money making opportunities for gaming enthusiasts everywhere.

Get a hold of the Triton Free Spin Bonus Round that also delivers fantastic bet multipliers. Round up the experience with two progressive jackpots that reset themselves to $250 and $1000, make your bet double up the action with Triton’s Treasure

How to play Triton’s Treasure

Octopuses, Blue Crabs, Jellyfish and Seashells give the entrance to underwater lands surrounded by dark colors deep below the surface. Triton’s palace shows his glory and dominance at the sea where statues and treasure chests pay tribute to a fortune paradise. Once you start playing feel the power and excitement of a spinning voyage through reels of magnificence; enjoy best slots prizes and bonuses as the game redefines the concept of online slot machine in this thematic land where brutal artistry takes virtual gaming to new heights in player satisfaction.

Access Triton’s Treasure through CoolCat Casino’s software and you will land on the main menu screen where an underwater vision of the palace can be seen on the background. Animated symbols and both progressive jackpots wait on your command. Select the number of paylines that you want to play on a range of 1 to 25. Next, choose the wagering amount from a minimum $0.50 bet to a maximum $125 per turn. Use the arrows next to the Bet button to increase or decrease your desired quantity. With everything in place, click on Spin to start the action and watch the reels move all over the place. To avoid manually having to click every time you want to spin, the Autoplay button can automatically set the computer to spin up to 1000 turns. Finally, a Help tab on the bottom right side of the screen leads you inside a menu that gives information on payouts, symbol value and general rules.

Rules for Triton’s Treasure Online Slot Machine

The game offers great features and a collection of added bonus rounds that deliver instant action. Here’s a list of some basic rules in Triton’s Treasure:

  • All symbols pay in a left to right direction except for scattered Mermaids.
  • Maximum win per spin, besides the Progressive Jackpot, is 50,000 times bet per line.
  • Scatter and Bonus game wins are added to payline wins.
  • Both the Minor and Major Progressive Jackpots can be awarded anytime.
  • Maximum payout besides the progressive jackpot is 3,333 credits per line.

Triton’s Treasure Strategy

Having a good strategy can ensure a fantastic outcome when playing online slot machines and it also maximizes your bankroll’s value. Play online slot games it’s all about how much prizes and be given away on each combination it is advisable to always make high bets even close to maximum if possible to boost the odds of hitting the special rounds.The frequency depends on the wagering amount during gameplay; even at the smallest prize it will still represent a significant amount of cash won on any given round. Now with two progressive jackpots featured on Triton’s Treasure, improve the odds to hit the lucky number.


When being a first time player it is recommended to use your bankroll wisely to extend the running time and understand Triton Treasure’s dynamics thoroughly. Pay close attention on how symbol combinations are rewarded according to the payout table; also understand that when special bonus rounds show up one must always take advantage of these features. Take your time to experience free casino games and progressively become an expert in the subject.Trying to master everything is no good advice at all, as maybe players could have beginners luck, listen carefully to what you’ve won. As they say, the difference between a skilled player and a average one is not how much money can they bet but how much can they double up.

History of Triton’s Treasure

Triton comes directly from Greek mythology as the messenger of the sea. Son of Poseidon, he is described as a merman, with his upper body being a human mixed with the tail of a fish. Like his father, he carried a trident and it was his signature move to use a conch shell as a trumpet to calm or raise the waves at sea. The effect was shattering as it resembled the roar of a giant beast.

Triton has appeared in popular culture references like animated movies portrayed as the ruler of the ocean. He also was portrayed as a villain in the Aquaman and Wonder Woman series.


Random Jackpot: Special cash prize that accumulates value progressively and it is triggered at anytime during gameplay.

Mermaid: It can appear anywhere on the five reels to complete winning combos as the scattered symbol that it is.

King Triton: Wild Symbol that acts as a multiplier when featured on a winning combination.

Triton Free Spin Bonus Round: Feature that activates itself after three or more mermaids appear anywhere on the five reels.