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Play 777 Inferno

Triple 7 Inferno can get you what you want in 777 Slot Machine, action. Triple 7 Inferno is a 3-reel slot machine game. The aim is to line up matching symbols on the payline so that you get to win the Progressive Jackpot. Playing Triple 7 Inferno is easy. Click on the chip denominations of your choice or the coin slots on your machine to accumulate credits from your balance. The balance amount on your account is the maximum bet you can make. The coin slot to add credit is on the bottom right side of your machine. You can also add multiple credits by clicking on the multiples of $5, $25, or $100 chips. Now is the time to determine how much you would like to bet on one spin. Triple 7 Inferno allows you to bet a maximum of three coins at a time.

Go for the Triple 7 Inferno Progressive Jackpot on bets consisting of 3 cards each. When three Flameball symbols come on the top of he three 7’s on the payline, you mark yourself as the winner of the Progressive Jackpot. For the spin to begin, you can bet one coin at a time by clicking on “Bet One”. To go for two coins, press “Bet One” again. You can also try three coins at the same time. Click on “Play 3 Credits”. This option automatically spins the reel. If you are betting one at a time, press “Spin Reel” each time. The display on the reels after each spin when compared to the payline you have wagered for determines if you win or lose. The “Winner Paid” display shows you your winnings for the latest spin, the “Credit Window” displays your credit available for the play, and the “Coins Played” shows you the amount you bet on the last spin. Credit denominations could be $5, $25 or $100. When you click on these options that amount goes into the machine.

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How to play 777 Inferno

Triple 7 Inferno is a magnificent classic three reel slot is a fiery treat, with blazing animations that will surely remind you of the burning Inferno written by Dante.

For those who crave for the authenticity of a standard casino three-reel slot game, this version of Triple 7 Inferno will definitely be a tantalizing treat.


The key motive of the player in Triple 7 Inferno slots game is to align three matching or a prescribed pattern of images on one payline. The red line at the center of the reels is the only payline in the game.

How to Place a Bet

The player begins the game of Triple 7 Inferno by placing a bet. You can increase or decrease the size of your bet by clicking the up and down arrows on the left and right side respectively in the “insert coin” window. You can set your bet in denominations of $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 and $5.00 and then you can click on the $5, $25 or $100 chips to add credits to your account in the Triple 7 Inferno online slots machine. After this you can click on the “bet one” tab to fix the number of coins that you want to wager for every single game. Press bet one just once if you want to bet with one coin, twice if you want to bet with two coins and thrice if you want to bet with three coins. In a single game of Triple 7 Inferno online slot, you can wager with maximum three coins. Press the “Play 3 Credits” to bet the maximum three credits in the game.

Spin the reel

Hitting on the “spin reel” tab or clicking on the lever on the right side of the slot machine will rotate the reels. What you win or what you lose is decided upon the kind of combinations that you align on the single payline when the reels stop.


All winning combinations have different payouts attached to them. The payout also varies from one coin bet, two coin bet and three coin bet. To illustrate, if you bet with one coin and spin three red sevens on the payline, you’ll win nothing. But if you bet with two coins and reel in three red sevens on the payline, you’ll win 150 coins. On the other hand if you wager with a three coin bet and get three red sevens on the payline, you win 300. In this online slot, the payouts for the three triple BAR, three double BAR, three single BAR, any three mixed bars and three blanks remains same throughout, no matter what your wager is. The pay tablebelow clearly illustrates the payouts on various combinations and on different bets:

Combination Description One Coin Two Coins Three Coins
Three images of fiery sevens 500 1000
Triple Red Sevens 150 300
Any three sevens. For example, two images of fiery sevens and one red seven 100 200
Three images of Triple BAR 60 60 60
Three images of Double BAR 40 40 40
Three images of Single BAR 20 20 20
Any three images of BAR. For instance, one image of triple BAR, one image of double BAR and one image of double BAR. 10 10 10
When no image appears on the payline 2 2 2
Highest Win

On a three coin bet, you are eligible to try the jackpot worth 1000 coins, if you align three images of Blazing Sevens on a single payline.

777 Inferno Strategy

Playing on Triple 7 Inferno is certainly a great way to entertain yourself and win superb cash prizes by following some tips that may grant you a decent advantage over the slot machine.

Check the Payout Chart

Check the payout table first to get an idea of the various payouts that the game offers. The payouts offered by Triple 7 Inferno is slightly different from standard payouts on other three reel slots. In Triple 7 Inferno there are certain combinations that pay exactly the same, regardless of the size of your bet. Also, even if you spin the same symbols on the reels, you may be left with nothing if you bet with a single coin.

To illustrate: A combination of three images of a double BAR will pay you 40 coins no matter whether you bet with one, two or three coins. Three images of fiery Sevens pay you 500 coins if you are playing 2 coins and as much as1000 coins in a 3 coin game. However a single coin game will pay nothing for the same combination of symbols.

Follow the Best Betting Strategy

The most important tip for any player of Triple 7 Inferno is to play for a longer span of time with whatever money they wish to bet on. Triple 7 Inferno includes one, two and three coin bets in all. The first coin offers lower payout and the three coin bet gives out higher returns. When you start gaming with Triple 7 Inferno, make sure you start betting with one coin and with lower denomination wagers. This will not only get you taste of the game play, it will also prepare you to plan your moves when you play with the bigger three coins.


Another way to improve your chances is to play the free casino version of Triple 7 Inferno online slots game before you actually start playing the slot for real. We suggest you play free casino games to learn all the intricacies of Triple 7 Inferno without wagering a single penny. When you are confident enough to play with money without spending a single penny.

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History of 777 Inferno

The images of searing hot Sevens, Red Sevens and the single, double and triple BARS you see on Triple 7 Inferno have been picked up from age-old traditional three reel classical slots. Both the Sevens and BAR logos have an interesting history behind them.

In Triple 7 Inferno online slots the Triple Seven symbol is used basically because seven is considered lucky. The Bar symbol is derived from the early practice of dispensing BAR brand bubble gums as prizes for slots.

BAR is the logo of the renowned Bell Fruit Gum Company in the past. Earlier the laws frowned upon dispensation of cash from slot machines. To get around this, slot machine manufacturers corroborated with BAR makers to give out chewing gum bars instead of cash prizes. Soon, the BAR logo also crept into becoming one of the best slot machines symbols.

The number Seven has always been considered “lucky” for gamblers. Little wonder, game operators introduced the number as an image on the slot reels as well.

In Triple 7 Inferno you’ll find both these symbols online, striking a chord with the traditional and land-based three reel slots. In addition, the burning fire animation added to the seven, shows it is “hot”.


Reels: The reels can be defined as the three rotating rows on the machine with varied symbols on it.

Symbols: Symbols are five different images on the reels. In Triple 7 Inferno there are five different images including a blazing seven, red seven, triple BAR, double BAR and single BAR.

Payline: Payline is a red line in the center of the reels of the three reel online slot where different rewarding combinations line up to give you various returns. However, Triple 7 Inferno is unique in that, there is a reward on “blank” –even when you are not able to reveal a single image on the single payline in the game, you get a payout.

Pay Table: The pay table is a chart on the top of the in Triple 7 Inferno online slots which reveals complete details on the payouts for all the winning combinations in the game.

Coin size: Coin size is a unit of measuring the value of the every single coin that you put in the machine to play the game. For instance, if you are playing on the denomination of $1, your coin size is $1. In Triple 7 Inferno online slot you can play with the coins in the denomination of $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 and $5.00. Chips: Chips are referred to as those values of coins that you can use in lieu of money to play the game. You can credit your account on the Triple 7 Inferno online slots with the chips of worth $5, $25 and $100.

Bet: Bet is the total value of coins that you can play with on every spin. In Triple 7 Inferno you can bet with one, two or three coins per game.

Play 3 Credits: It is an option in this online slot that lets you play with three credits, directly.

Coins Played: The coins played refer to the total number of coins that you have exhausted to play one single game.

For example, if you choose to bet with three coins with a coin size of $1, you have basically played with $3 on the single game. Winning combinations: Winning combinations are the different set of three of the matching or different images in the game of Triple 7 Inferno online slot. These combinations align on the single payline to get you the different payouts tied to them.

Three Blanks: Three blanks is that combination in the game of Triple 7 Inferno online slot that gets you the lowest payout when you are not able to reel in even a single image onto the payline.

Spin Reels: A Spin reel is an option in the game that lets you spin the reels once you have fixed your bet size.

Lever: Lever is a handle on the right side of the Triple 7 Inferno online slot machine that exactly looks like the lever in the classic slot machines on the land casinos. You can also click on this lever to get rotate the three reels in the game.

Cash out: Cash out option in the game lets you transfer all your credits from the Triple 7 Inferno to your casino account.

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