Treasure Chamber

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Play Treasure Chamber

Play and win one of CoolCat Casino’s most popular casino games – The Treasure Chamber Video Slots. Keep your eye out for two scattered Rose icons to win a special payout. Collect three Roses and you’ll get the Treasure Feature. Treasure Chamber Slot Games Treasure Feature has 20 free games where your prizes are tripled. When you find three or more Roses during the free games, you can play additional 20 more free games.

Treasure Chamber has an icon that shifts between the Adventurer, Woman, Rose, Jaguar, and the Owl icons. You won’t know what the shifting icon is until the last moment. When you get the Adventurer, he’ll substitute for any icon in the winning combo except for the Rose.

You can win up to 40,000 times your original bet with Treasure Chamber. And don’t forget you can always win the CoolCat Casino jackpot when you play Treasure Chamber online slots.

How to play Treasure Chamber

To start the Treasure Chamber online slots, preview the rules and the payouts that each symbol can give you. Click on the Help menu on the lower left corner and familiarize yourself with the substitute, the scatter, the other symbols, the free game feature and the paylines.

Return to the game and choose between an AutoPlay mode and a Spin mode. The AutoPlay option opens up another dialog box which gives you the flexibility to choose your parameters to play the game. The number of spins and stops at any time during the game can be selected. Within the Auto Play box is another button on the left, ‘Controls’, which lets you adjust the sound, the dealer’s voices, and the option to play the game on a full screen.

To start the game, select the number of paylines you would like to play. Now select the bet per line, which starts with $0.01, and goes up to $5. Next, click Spin or Auto Play in which case the reels spin automatically.

If you would like to see the winning paylines, select the “stop on any win” button on the Auto Play menu box. Continue play by clicking the spin button.

You can also select the “stop once feature is triggered” in the Auto Play box. The spins will continue till you exhaust the total bet amount.

During the course of the spins, the free game feature may be triggered when three icons of the scatter symbol, appear on the screen. You will be informed of a bonus win of 20 free games.

Press Spin to start the Feature. Any winning combinations during these free spins will triple your earnings. If you’re lucky, the free games feature may trigger again, and get you another 20 games, all free!

You need to keep in mind that wins on different paylines are combined, and all you earn from the scatters also gets added to the line wins. The win on every line is based on the bet, and multiplied as per the payout table in the Help menu.

Treasure Chamber Strategy

The five reel and 20 paylines slot game, Treasure Chamber is full of adventure as the adventurer explores the unknown and embarks on a hunt for coveted artifacts that lie within a treasure chamber in a distant land. You can also be a part of this adventure and hunt for hidden riches. Play the game of Treasure Chamber to experience the thrill and adventure of exploring riches in a hidden land. You can enjoy riches in the form of rewards, prizes and free games. If you are looking for a strategy to win the game, then follow the given strategies to increase your winning odds.

Know the Treasure Feature

To get the maximum benefits on what you have wagered in the game, the most important thing is to know all features of the game that fetch good benefits. Treasure Feature is the feature in the slot game of Treasure Chamber that promises good rewards. This feature is triggered when three or more rose symbols appear anywhere. You can win 20 free games when this feature is triggered. Moreover, 20 additional free games can be won if three or more roses appear in the free games. To enjoy these benefits you have to play the game patiently till the feature is triggered.

Play Maximum Lines

In the game of Treasure Chamber Slots game, you will find a maximum of 20 paylines. In order to increase your winning odds, you have to play with maximum paylines. Wins on different lines are added. The scatter wins are also added to the line wins. It is important to note that the maximum win per paid spin is 50,000 times bet per line. So adopt the strategy of playing on maximum lines.”

Play Free online casino games

Avail the free gaming feature to acquaint yourself with all the rules and symbols and the associated prizes with it. Once you feel that you are comfortable with the game, you can play with real money.


There is no hard and fast rule or strategy to help you on a slots game. Still, in the Treasure Chamber online slot, there are some tips to help you with ensured returns.

First, familiarize yourself with the game. To clear any confusion, follow the “how to play” instructions carefully and understand the role of the substitute and the scatter symbols. It will also tell you about scatter and wild or substitute symbols.

Start the game with a small bet, and increase it once you start winning. Keep some of the amount you have won for yourself, and play with the rest. The Treasure Chamber online slots is a low risk game with good chances of getting winning combinations on most of the 20 pay lines. Give yourself 10 spins on a low bet to start with, and quit if you have not won a couple of lines.

Play for fun before you start playing for money. The ‘play for fun’ option gives you a fair idea of how to play the Treasure Chamber online slots, besides familiarizing you with the rules and the symbols. When playing for fun, study the winning combination of the paylines and check how much each symbol is fetching you.

When you play for money, you also stand a chance to win the random jackpot which can drop any time after a spin.

History of Treasure Chamber

The Adventurer, with a zest for the unexplored and the unknown, embarks on a hunt for the coveted artifacts that lie within a treasure chamber in a distant land. The gilded owl represents the wealth of the curios and works of art that lie hidden in the treasure cove, while the ferocious jackal is a symbol of the dangers that lurk for anyone who dares to approach it.

The Woman adds a romantic dimension to the Adventurer’s pursuits, sometimes supporting and sometimes distracting him form his ultimate objective.

The shifting symbol, the golden question mark lends mystery and intrigue to the voyage, keeping the Adventurer on high alert for any dangers or treasures that cross his path.

A five-reel video slots, Treasure Chamber offers 20 pay lines. The game introduces new features like the shifting symbol, which appears in the form of a golden question mark on the reels and then evaporates to reveal another symbol.

The Adventurer flits mischievously in and out of the reels, but when he does appear, it’s to help you win by substituting for another symbol in your winning combination. However, he stays away from the rose, which is the scatter symbol in the game.

The scatter symbol is the symbol to look out for, as it brings rewards no matter where it figures on the screen. The rose need not be part of a winning combination, but its presence brings special payouts and free spins.

Coin denominations range from $0.01 to $5 and the maximum payout is 10,000 times the value of the denomination the player bets.


Substitute: The Adventurer is the wild symbol who substitutes for all other symbols on the game, except the rose, and helps in creating a winning combination.

Shifting Symbol: This lands as a golden question mark to keep the player in suspense after a spin, and then blurs out to reveal a different symbol beneath – either a jackal, a woman, an owl, a rose or an adventurer.

Scatter Symbol: This is the Rose, which brings good fortune when it comes in threes, even if scattered. Three roses activate the Treasure Feature.

Treasure Feature: This is a set of 20 free games awarded when three roses appear anywhere on the screen and all the prizes get tripled. During the course of the free games, if another set of 3 or more scattered roses appear, the player wins another bonus of 20 more games.

Payline: The Treasure Chamber online slots has 20 paylines. Each payline is a set of symbols arranged in a predetermined pattern which runs across the reels. The Help menu displays the paylines, highlighting the winning pattern.

After a spin, if the player has hit a winning combination on a payline, the same gets highlighted. Your win on that line will flash on the right side of the menu bar just below the reels. You can refer to the symbol values in the Help menu to check how much you have won. A spin may fetch you more than one winning combination. In such cases, all the winning paylines would be highlighted, and the screen would flash the winning amount on each of the lines.

Auto Play: An option which allows you to define the conditions for an automatic run of the game. You can strike on any of the parameters, which are: number of spins; stop when jackpot is won; stop if a win exceeds or equals; stop on any win; stop if balance increases by; stop if balance decreases by; stop once feature is triggered; and start Auto Play without showing this dialog.

Player Option: This gives the choice for a full screen mode, regulate the volume, have the dealer’s voices on and adjust the card speed.

Back: This closes the game and directs you back to the opening menu or lobby of the online casino.

Balance: This shows the money you have in your account which can be used to place bets.