The Three Stooges II

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Play The Three Stooges II

“Nyuk Nyuk Nuk!” Everybody’s favorite slapstick comic geniuses are back in full force at CoolCat, and if you’re asking yourself whether you’re going to love this game, the answer is, “Soitenly!”

Spend the day with Larry, Curly and Moe in The Three Stooges II, an unreal 3-fixed payline slots game that’ll leave you in stitches from the first spin to the last eye poke.

But don’t just sit back and enjoy the hilarity. Look for Larry’s Stash, Moe’s Moolah and Curly’s Cashola for a shot at free games, bonuses, prize multipliers, and more. The Three Stooges II game includes three big jackpots—a progressive jackpot that’s reset at $300, a major jackpot that resets at $200, and a minor one that resets at $50.

But it’s not just hitting the jackpot that can make you feel like a wise guy of a slots player. This is one of the best online slots game since it boasts a top award of 4,500 times your bet per line! And a win-win feature means that even if you don’t come out on top in the bonus round, you’ll still make our like a bandit.

There’s so much to smile at and laugh about playing The Three Stooges II. Explore it now and have a blast!

How to play The Three Stooges II

The Three Stooges might feel like all fun and games, but winning is serious business.

To play, select your bet, hit spin, and win credits as you match symbols. There are a few things you’ll want to look out for:

Curly’s Cashola: Hit three of them and you’ll earn 9 free games. During the free games, all prizes are doubled. And if you hit three mixed Curly, Larry or Moe symbols during the free games, you’ll earn an extra free game.

Larry’s Stash: Hit three Larrys and you’ll enter a special bonus round with a 6-level prize ladder including 20 free games featuring prizes multiplied by 7, 15 free games with prizes multiplied by 6, 12 free games with prizes multiplied by 5, 10 free games with prizes multiplied by 4, 8 free games with prizes multiplied by 3, and 7 free games with prizes multiplied by 2. The game will automatically roll the dice to eliminate the prize levels.

Moe’s Moolah: Land on three Moes and you’ll hit an even more extreme prize ladder than Larry’s Stash, with 100 free games featuring prizes multiplied by 10, 75 free games with prizes multiplied by 8, 50 free games with prizes multiplied by 6, 25 free games with prizes multiplied by 5, 15 free games with prizes multiplied by 4, and 10 free games with prizes multiplied by 3. Again, the dice is rolled to eliminate prize levels in the Moe’s Moolah bonus round.

The Three Stooges II Slot Game Rules

The Three Stooges might march to the beat of their own drummer, but that doesn’t mean you get to break the rules with them. There are a few important rules to keep in mind while you play:

  • You can win one or more random jackpot at the end of any game.
  • Jackpots cannot be grouped.
  • A win-win feature awards a bonus prize ranging from 5 to 100 times the bet when no win occurs during the free games.

The Three Stooges II Strategy

One of the best online slots strategies you can follow has to do with bankroll management. Whatever your budget is, stick to it. Set one for the month, and try not to play with more than what you can afford.

Also, once you’ve set your budget, always bring no more than half of what’s in your online casino account to your slots game. If you only bring half of what you have, and you leave the other half in your account, you’ll always have something waiting for you the next time you decide to play.


Love the wisecracking speed of those old Three Stooges episodes? Want to relive that edge-of-your-seat, anything-can-happen energy? Then forget about concentrating hard and go straight to our Instant Play section. Sit back and watch by hitting the Autoplay button (available on both free and real money play) and let the online slots game do the heavy lifting for you. No more pressing the spin button. No more wasted seconds between spins. We’ll spin for you, using your last bet amount. You can sit back and relax, just like you would when watching an old Three Stooges episode.

History of The Three Stooges II

The Three Stooges were a classic American slapstick comedy trio that was extremely popular in the early 20th century thanks to their collection of hilarious short films. When television took off, their humor was catapulted into the living rooms of Americans for everyone to enjoy.

In 2012, the trio returns in a new motion picture in theaters across the world. And while TV episodes are hard to come by, they’ll live forever right here at CoolCat in The Three Stooges
and The Three Stooges II online slots games.


Don’t speak Three Stooges? We’ll help you out with our Three Stooges Glossary:

Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk: An expression made famous by Curly Howard. His other expressions include, “Soitenly” and “Woo-Woo-Woo!”

Wild Symbol:Look for the Three Stooges II symbol on the reels. It substitutes for all other symbols, with the exception of the Larry, Curly, and Moe symbols.

Autoplay: Satisfied with your bet and want to play faster? Hit Autoplay and let The Three Stooges do the work for you. The slot machine will do the spinning for you, so you can sit back and relax.Go ahead and make a sandwich. Or catch up on every episode of The Three Stooges. It’s your call, wise guy.