The Elf Wars

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Play The Elf Wars

You don’t normally associate Good vs. Evil with Christmas. But times are changing and the North Pole is where you’ll find the world’s most heated conflicts unfolding right before your eyes.

Welcome to Elf Wars, a new online casino game that pits two factions of elves against each other. Half the elves are on Team Santa. The other half has joined the dark side of Team Rudolph. And you? You’re caught smack down in the middle.

But don’t let the elves small size confuse you. This elf war is a battle of epic proportions. And there’s tons at stake—including a huge jackpot that resets at $2,500, a top award of 50,000 times your bet per line, and more free games features than you can park under a tree.

How to Play

You don’t need to suck on candy canes to get your fill of sweet casino action. Just use the arrows to select your bet amount and the number of lines you’d like to play. Then click Spin to set the reels in motion.

You’ll get paid out based on which symbols you’ve lined up. But some symbols lead to a lot more than a blizzard of coins.

There are four symbols you need to pay attention to—Good Elves, Bad Elves, Santa, and Rudolph. The Elves are the scatter symbols. Santa and Rudolph are the wild symbols.

Hitting the right combination of symbols could lead to one of many free game features. There’s the Re-Spin feature, the Santa Strikes Back feature, the Rudolph’s Revenge feature, and a Rudolph’s Rampage feature. To see which symbols lead to which games, click the Help button in the game.

Game Rules

All symbols in Elf Wars pay out left to right, and that includes the scattered Good Elves and Bad Elves. All scatter wins are added to line wins, and scatter wins are multiplied by your total bet. You can bet as few or as many lines as you like in this 50-reel online casino game, but remember that playing fewer lines lowers your chance of hitting matching symbols and playing one of the four feature game guarantees.

Game Strategy

Some online casino games require a bit of strategy if you want to access the free games. But not Elf Wars. It comes with a feature guarantee, and that means that you’re guaranteed to play Santa Strikes Back, Jackpot Spins, Rudolph’s Revenge, or Rudolph’s Rampage every 150 spins. If you don’t, the system will rocket you into the Rudolph’s Rampage game—automatically. The Feature Guarantee meter will tell you how many games remain, and you’ll see a different meter for each bet per line increment you decide to play.

Game Tips

Can’t wait for the Feature Guarantee meter to run down to zero? You can trigger it on your own at any time. Just press Play on the Instant Trigger Chance button to play for the chance to trigger the game. But remember, if you’re not successful, the meter will reset back to 150.


With Elf Wars, CoolCat Casino continues its tradition of turning the spirit of Christmas on its head in a way that you need to see to believe. Capitalizing on the popularity of Return of the Rudolph and Rudoph’s Revenge, CoolCat Casino gives players an inside look of what really happens in the North Pole. Created with the latest software development advances, Elf Wars delivers the same type of edge-of-your-seat action and big payouts that make every spin feel like the ultimate Christmas blockbuster.


Scatter Symbol: You’ll find two different scatter symbols in Elf Wars—the Good Elves symbol and the Bad Elves symbol. Hitting the right combination of these symbols in the right order get you access to tons of free Elf Wars bonus games.

Substitute Symbol: Elf Wars features two substitute symbols. Look for the Rudolph symbol and the Santa symbol. Both symbols can sub in for any other symbol to create winning combinations, with the exception of the Good Elves and Bad Elves symbols.

Lines: Elf Wars is a 50-payline slot machine game. When you play a line, you’re hoping that your matching symbols will line up along the payline. You can play as few as 1 line or as many as all 50 per spin.

Autoplay: With so much elf anarchy on the screen, it can be tough to focus. So let the software do the spinning for you. Just hit AutoPlay and the reels will automatically spin each time a new game is ready to start.