Sunken Treasure Slots

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Play Sunken Treasure Slots

CoolCat Casino offers big payouts with its Sunken Treasure online slots! Get yourself three or more scattered Ship icons to win the Sunken Treasure online slot bonus game: Treasure Dive. In the Sunken Treasure slot game Treasure Dive feature, you need to pick treasure chests.

The treasure chests you pick will contain either five free games or a prize of 2 to 10 times your bid. In Sunken Treasure Slot Machine Treasure Dive feature, you get to pick up to five treasure chests. The treasure chests may also contain Red or Blue Jewels to give you the Sunken Treasure slots’ Jewel Pick Feature.

Sunken Treasure online slots Jewel Pick Feature exists just to award you prizes! During the free games your prizes are tripled and you can win the features again! Each Red or Blue Jewel gives you a bonus pick after your Treasure Dive Feature. The Red Jewel gives you anywhere from 100 to 500 times your bet. The Blue Jewel gives you up to 100 times your bet. Once you dive into Sunken Treasure casino slot games, no matter how much you bet, you can always win the CoolCat Casino jackpot!

How to play Sunken Treasure Slots

Sunken Treasure is an impressive 5 reel 20 line online slots machine game, or one-armed bandit as some may call, which offers fantastic payouts, free spins, cash bonuses, and a random jackpot. The animations, sounds, and graphics used in it are just awesome! And it requires no gambling skills at all.

First, you need to spin the reels so that the symbols on them line up on a payline in a winning combination.

By default, the game begins with a $1 bet placed on 20 lines. You can see your bet on the top of the screen. Next to it, you can see the amount of money that you win for each game. Your account balance is also displayed in the top-left corner. If you wish you can adjust your bet and the number of lines you want to play on. To adjust your bet, click the arrows around BET. Using those arrows, you can choose from available denominations of 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 25c, 50c, $1, or $5 per line.

To select the number of lines you want to play on, click a line button numbered between 1 and 20 on the game screen. If you click two, the first two are selected, if you click five, the first five get selected –in short you can only play the lines in sequence. You can also click arrows around LINES to increase or decrease the number of lines.

Next, click the SPIN button. The reels will spin and stop one by one and you get to win on every line that forms a winning combination of symbols.

Symbols on the Reels

There are a many regular symbols including fish, a treasure chest, anchor and starfish. There is also a scatter symbol, and a substitute symbol in Sunken Treasure. These symbols appear on all five reels except the substitute symbol. The substitute symbol appears only on reel two, three, and four.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol of Sunken Ship lets you play the bonus round features and awards you many cash prizes. You need to get three or more scatter symbols to play the bonus round. If you manage to get two of these symbols on any reels, your entire bet is returned to you.

Substitute Symbol

Diver is the substitute symbol in Sunken Treasure. It can substitute for all symbols except the scatter symbol. Your prize is doubled when two or more divers appear in a winning combination.

Bonus Rounds

If you get three or more scatter symbols, you automatically enter the bonus round. A bonus round may award you free spins or cash money.

Treasure Dive Features

When you enter the Treasure Dive feature, you are taken inside the sunken ship. Here you see eight treasure chests. The number of chests you can open depends on the number of scatter symbols you get. For example, if you get three scatter symbols, you can open three chests. When you open a chest, it is closed again to let you reopen it if you wish. If you are awarded any cash prize, it is added to your account. If you are awarded any free spins, you prize is tripled in each spin. And guess what, this feature can be retriggered any time in Sunken Treasure.

Jewel Pick Feature

You may discover a red or blue jewel in any of the chests in Treasure Dive. The jewels award you nothing but pure cash!. A blue jewel awards you 10, 20, 50, or 100 times your triggered bet. A red jewel on the other hand, awards you 100, 200, 300, or 500 times your triggered bet. So, a $1 bet may get you as much as $500! On spotting a jewel you get to open another chest Who knows, you could find another jewel in another chest which would retrigger the rewards.


Over and above all the prizes you earn through the above gameplay and features, there is also a random jackpot available on the Sunken Treasure. The jackpot increases automatically until it is hit.

Auto Play Feature

You can configure the game to play for you automatically. The autoplay feature plays the game for you, while you can step aside to grab a cup of coffee, munch your meal, or retire into your bed.

To activate the autoplay feature, click the AUTOPLAY button. A small window will open up. In that window, you can select the number of spins you want to play automatically. You also can continue playing until the jackpot is won. All the prizes that you’ll win during autoplay will be added to your account automatically. If you win the Treasure Dive or Jewel Pick feature, the chests will be opened for you automatically. If you win a number of spins, they will be done for you automatically.

  • All symbols pay left to right except scattered ships that pay any.
  • A progressive jackpot can be hit any time at the conclusion of a game.
  • The amount you win in the progressive jackpot is added to your other wins.
  • Your wins on different lines are added together.
  • Your wins on multiple lines are multiplied by bet per line.
  • The maximum that you can win per spin is 40,000 times your bet per line.

Sunken Treasure Slots Strategy

The reels in the Sunken Treasure online sot offered at CoolCat Casino are spun by the Random Number Generator. This clearly means that scuba diver, the treasure chest anchor, star fish and many other symbols in this slot machine appear in a random pattern –that is the essence of slot machines.

So, how can there be an optimal strategy that can help you make more money on the Sunken Treasure online slots? Well, a simple trick to grab maximum treasure from the online slot machine is to manage your bankroll carefully.

Before you start playing on the Sunken Treasure online slot prepare a bankroll that you can afford to lose. Set some realistic wining and losing limits that you can easily stick to.

For instance, let’s assume that you decide to play with $100 on this online slots. Start wagering with one coin per line. This means that you are basically betting $20 in a single game of the Sunken Treasure online slot if you decide to play on all the 20 lines. If you win and make a profit of say $10 on it, then increase your betting size to 2 coins per line.

Keep increasing your bet size by one coin when you are on your winning streak thus making a profit of at least 20% every time you invest money in a single game of the Sunken Treasure online slot. The moment you start losing, make it a point to go back to the lower betting range of $1or less.

This money management betting strategy can help you extend your gameplay on the Sunken Treasure online slot even with a small bankroll. Extending your play time means increasing your chance of triggering features offering bigger rewards, like the “Treasure Dive” and “Jewel Pick” features.


Sunken Treasure is a pure chance-based game. You don’t need any skills to play the game. But it always pays to know how the game is played and what happens when you get a winning combination or bonus feature.

The first tip is to get the hang of the game first. Play the game for fun for some time. See your odds at winning. See what happens when you win a bonus feature. Once you get a fair idea of the game, go and play the slots game for real money.

Try playing on multiple lines. Every line requires a different combination of symbols. If you choose to play with all 20 lines, the chances are you will hit one of the patterns. On the other hand, when you play with less number of lines, say 7, your chances of hitting winning patterns decrease drastically.

Always decide on how much money you want to wager. That way you will be able to decide when to stop playing! In gambling, a penny saved is a penny earned.

When you have the best of luck, load the slot machine up with a bigger bet. Bigger bets always bring better payouts.

At any time, if you want to learn more about different symbols and their respective payouts, click the HELP button. The help section of the game is pretty informative and well written!

History of Sunken Treasure Slots

Sunken Treasure was developed by the best slots game developer Real Time Gaming (RTG) after the popularity of various land-based slot machines. The idea of finding a sunken treasure dates back to the time when the man learned how to sail. Sailors would hunt for treasures located in a far away island or buried deep in the ocean, despite the dangers they had to face. People are known to have fought deadly monsters, braved vagaries of nature and contended with other treasure hunters to find their booty.

Today you can get the same thrill of hunting for Sunken Treasure right from the comforts of your home. The entire game experience comes alive when you hear the underwater sounds and see lovely creatures animated to perfection. Who knows you could find your sunken treasure on your first dive!


One-Armed Bandits: It is a name given to slots machines due to the reason that they are operated by a single lever.

Random Jackpot: A special jackpot whose value increases by a small amount for every game played.

Reel: A circular drum in a slot machine that have symbols on it.

Payline: A line on a slot machine where symbols line up.

Substitute Symbol: A substitute symbol substitutes itself for any symbol except the scatter symbol.

Scatter Symbol: A scatter symbol is responsible for triggering bonus rounds in an online slots machine.