Sea Captain Slots

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Play Sea Captain Slots

Sail on the open sea as the fishing season has begun and the boat is ready to make a great catch. Sea Captain welcomes players into a world of ropes, fishing boots, spears and dark blue oceans.

All aboard this fantastic voyage where sea basses, craps and more are nature’s treasure in the same way spinning reels deliver explosive cash prizes and special bonus features to make this a trip to remember. Move across fortune waters where chances of hitting the random progressive jackpot favor those lucky players.

Wrap the worm on a hook and seek your prey in the ways of massive winnings and big thrills. Let the wind move across the ship and invite you into a world class adventure offering the best designs mixed with cutting edge animation that redefines the concept of realistic gaming. This is no regular slot machine, Sea Captain is considered one of the best online slot games, since it enhances player satisfaction with a set of tools that round up a great experience.

How to play Sea Captain Slots

Get your boots ready to walk across the deck; lighthouse officials predict a smooth voyage at the open sea. You can also play for free to maximize the action and increase your winnings. In areas where most slot machines come short, Sea Captain prepares a route through oceans of cash and dynamic gameplay. No need to take a break in here, the crew needs your help to catch those giant squids and bet multipliers. The compass points north and the captain gives the order to go full throttle on to the deep waters that embrace the essence of a gaming run to remember.

Begin the action at Sea Captain’s main menu screen that displays animated symbols, jackpot value and artistic imagery of the oceanic landscape. Start off by selecting the number of paylines on a range of 1 to 25, you make the call as to how many you want to play. Select the wagering amount setting the desired value from a minimum $0.01 to a maximum $5.00 per turn. To increase or decrease it, click on the arrows located on the left side of the screen. With everything in place it’s time to sail out on the sea and click the Spin button. The Autoplay button is displayed during gameplay for players to take advantage of this special feature that allows them to choose up to 1000 spins for the computer to spin automatically. Further information on payouts, rules and general symbol value is displayed when clicking the Help button; this will serve as a handy tool for better understanding of the game as well as last minute tips.

Rules for Sea Captain Online Slot Machine

The game offers great features and a collection of added bonus rounds that deliver instant action. Here’s a list of some basic rules in Sea Captain:

  • All symbols pay left to right except for the Sea Captain scattered symbols.
  • The maximum amount paid in this slot machine is 50,000 times a bet.
  • Line wins are multiplied by bet per line.
  • Random Jackpot triggers itself at anytime during regular gameplay, it resets to a minimum $1000 value.
  • The “Stop Auto” option deactivates the Autoplay feature.

Sea Captain Slots Strategy

Strategies become the backbone of every major master plan, with thematic slot machines there is a key point into unlocking all of the special features that Sea Captain has to offer. While most players could follow a steady and minimum betting amount, it is advisable to play high wagering amounts to favor the odds more towards the player. When raising the stakes, special bonuses and even the random jackpot tend to appear more often. As they say, money attracts money and once you’ve got a hold of the game, seek out for the big prizes by going for the one. Sea Captain is sure to enhance your bankroll in no time.


A tip for first time players when dealing with Sea Captain’s thematic frenzy is to study the game. A deep knowledge of understanding exactly what is being won on each round and what happens in every scenario. Skilled players in a wide variety of disciplines will say that practice makes perfect so as a beginner, use your bankroll wisely and maximize the game’s running time by betting low to get the feel of what the slot machine is all about. This works into creating a more experienced player that can handle the rewards and opportunities better and at one point will learn that one should always play all 25 paylines as well as taking advantage of special rounds.

History of Sea Captain Slots

Sea Captain’s in modern day world must have what’s called a Master Mariner’s license which indicates an unrestricted amount of power within its profession despite location. The term originated in England since the 13th century approximately, in the U.S it was introduced around the 1850’s. As a part of a captain’s duties several activities can be pointed out including safety, navigation, maintenance and management of the ship. From cargo to certificates and documentation, the Captain is a key factor into a voyage’s well being.

Become the master at Sea Captain’s dynamic slot machine adventure where you handle your destiny across safe waters with lots of cash in them. The season’s up for a fortune hunt on board the wise captain carrying his pipe looking at the horizon as he tells everyone that one must respect the sea before thinking of sailing on a ship.


Random Jackpot: Special prize that accumulates cash value, triggered at anytime during regular gameplay.

Sea Captain: Scattered symbol that gives away prizes by using a multiplier along the total bet amount.

Squid: Wild Symbol that can be grouped appears on reels 2 and 4.

Skill Stop Spin Feature: Allows players to manually stop the reels by clicking on a button.