Santa Strikes Back Slots

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Play Santa Strikes Back Slots

Santa Strikes Back Basics: Carrying on with his name and worldwide status, he decided its time to reclaim his glory and give away great prizes for players everywhere. Santa Strikes Back is the ultimate destination for intense dynamic action and one of a kind bonuses and special rounds. Santa’s got his bag of tricks ready to go wild and fight the mighty Rudolph.

Along his team featuring Mrs. Claus, Elf’s and Poisonous Gifts, it’s payback time at the Northern Pole. Hope inside his caravan of winter madness and enjoy an adventure of epic proportions.

Spin the winning reels and become a winner of a fortune gaming run that is here to take online slot machines to a whole new level with the Santa Strikes Back and Rudolph’s Revenge bonus features giving away up to 140 free spins and great bet multipliers. Round up the action with a Progressive Jackpot of a $5000.

How to play Santa Strikes Back Slots

Snow and ice provide the scenario for Santa’s master plan; he takes justice in his hands and holds no second thoughts. This is how, cash bonuses and prizes are sure to welcome players for a wild and crazy ride on Claus Airlines. A new twist on a holiday classic, Santa Strikes Back has been considered among the best slot games and our players favorite Xmas game! It delivers action first hand in a world of endless possibilities. Animated symbols and top of the line designs make up a complete experience that boosts player satisfaction into the sky where Santa flies along his new set of gifts for those who dared to challenge him.

The main menu screen on Santa Strikes Back starts the journey with a set a buttons, tools and thematic allusions to one famous holiday. First thing is first, choose the amount of paylines you wish to play on a range of 1 to 25. Next, select you bet by simply increasing or decreasing the wagering amount using the arrows displayed on the left side of the screen. The bet itself can go from a minimum $0.25 value to a maximum $125 per turn. Once this is done, click the SPIN button and let the magic happen. Santa Strikes Back offers the Autoplay mode that gives the option to select up to 1000 spins for the computer to do automatically. Any frequently asked questions about the game can be answered at the Help button that opens up a new screen with very useful information on payouts, rules and symbol value; this becomes a vital tool when first using the game and getting to know the essence of it.

Rules for Santa Strikes Back Online Slot Machine

The game offers great features and a collection of added bonus rounds that deliver instant action. Here’s a list of some basic rules in Santa Strikes Back:

  • Payouts for combinations are made according selected paylines except scattered wins.
  • The maximum amount paid in this slot machine is 50,000 times a bet.
  • Total bets are multiplied by the winnings occurred during scattered symbol combinations.
  • Random Jackpot can be triggered at any time during gameplay and resets itself to a $5000 standard value.
  • Any cash prizes won during the game’s bonus rounds are added to the player’s regular payline winnings.

Santa Strikes Back Slots Strategy

Santa Strikes Back offers a wide range of cash rewarding possibilities along fantastic bonus features. When dealing with these game extras, one has to remember that despite the fact that our games use a random number generator, odds tend to favor players more when the amounts they wager at slot machines are high. This means it is easier to score a special prize betting high than sticking to an average minimum bet. The effect is noticeable and it can also trigger the jackpot sooner making a $5000 prize very valuable. Once you start unlocking hidden bonuses the game progressively transcends into more than just a slot machine, its Santa’s payback and you get a cut of the deal.


Beginners luck can be a good thing but it can also be a wake up sign of what exactly are you winning. Knowing what and how the prizes are awarded can tell the difference between an amateur gamer and a skilled player. The road to get there is not long, just start looking for free casino games, study the payouts wisely and learn all the different scenarios like the bonus rounds that feature bet multipliers or free spins. Practice makes perfect and it is how one can become the master of their craft. So when starting to play and wanting to slowly get a hold of the game just remember that limiting your bankroll and playing a low value bet can extend the running time as allows you to carefully understand the game without running out of cash quickly.

History of Santa Strikes Back Slots

Many historic backgrounds exist for the Santa Claus character as a historic figure among modern day culture. Previous representations through out history include Saint Nicholas, Sinterklass over in Europe and the British character Father Christmas, these three merged to create the nowadays figure known as Santa Claus.

Popularized through literature and legendary tales in cities across the world, one of the most famous references became in the 1930’s when his image was used as a part of Coca Cola’s advertising at the time. The effect was instant as it took his popularity to new heights of worldwide following. For kids he represents a very much awaited surprise during Christmas time and his iconic look acts as a universal message of happiness.


Random Jackpot: Cash prize that is delivered when five Santa symbols appear on a payline.

Victorious Santa: Scattered symbol that gives away prizes by using a multiplier along the total bet amount.

Santa: Wild Symbol that acts as a substitute in winning combos.

Skill Stop Spin Feature: Button that allows players to manually stop the reels.