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Play Ronin Slots

Ronin Basics: Ronin Online Slots is a very popular casino game at CoolCat Casino. Set in the time of the Japanese legendary masterless samurai, Ronin penny slots will award you hefty payouts. Ronin online slots are filled with features and free games to keep you winning.

Each Ronin icon will award you as a winning scatter icon, a substitute icon or act as the key in getting you free spins and features. Ronin penny slots allow Ronin icons to multiply your total bets. Another substitute icon, the Koku will double your prize when it shows up in a winning combo.

Once you unlock the Ronin online video slots Re-Spin Feature, you get get casino free games. Isn’t that neat? The first two free games can win you additional free games and multiply your prize! During the Re-Spin Feature, in Ronin online slots, reel 3 is held in place while the Koku icon shows up on all positions.

Other reels re-spin up to 10 times. You can win 3 extra spins when two or more Ronin icons show up! Don’t forget the mysterious Ronin samurai can always grant you the CoolCat flash casino jackpot. Just by playing the Ronin online video slots qualifies you to win the jackpot!

How to play Ronin Slots

To start the Ronin online slots game, preview the rules and the payouts that each symbol can give you. Click on the Help menu on the lower left corner and familiarize yourself with the substitute, the scatter, the other symbols, the free game feature and the paylines.

Return to the game and choose between an AutoPlay mode and a Spin mode. The AutoPlay option opens up a dialog box which gives you the flexibility to choose your parameters to play the game. The number of spins and stops at any time during the game can be selected. Within the Auto Play box is another button on the left, ‘Controls’, which lets you adjust the sound, the dealer’s voices, and the option to play the game on a full screen.

To start the game, select the number of paylines you would like to play. Now select the bet per line, which starts with $0.01, and goes up to $5. Next, click Spin or Auto Play in which case the reels spin automatically.

If you would like to see the winning paylines, select the “stop on any win” button on the Auto Play menu box. Continue play by clicking the spin button.

You can also select the “stop once feature is triggered” in the Auto Play box. The spins will continue till you exhaust the total bet amount.

The Ronin video slots is unique as it has three features instead of the usual one when the Koku, the substitute appears on Reel 3 with 2 or more Ronin anywhere on the reels.

The first is the Respin Feature which awards between 3 and 10 free spins when the substitute symbol, the Koku appears on all positions while Reel 3 is held. During the re-spin, the appearance of 2 or more Ronin on the reels brings another set of 3 to 10 free games.

The second is the Free Games Feature 1 in which 5 free games are awarded. If you win a prize in the second game, your prize gets doubled, tripled in the third game, quadrupled in the fourth, and five times in the fifth. The feature can get retriggered once, bringing you another set of five free games during which prizes will multiply at the same rate.

If it’s your lucky day, you could trigger the third feature, the Free Games Feature 2. Here you win 25 free games, during which all prizes get tripled. There is also a possibility of the 25 free games being re-triggered.

When any of the features get triggered, the reels stop spinning if you have defined the parameters so in the AutoPlay option. Just above the Random Jackpot window, your feature would be flashed, and you will be asked to press Spin to start the game again. Continue with the game till your free games last.

Ronin Slots Strategy

Ronin is a wonderful 5 reel, 20 payline online slot machine that provides supreme entertainment through an amazing interface and wonderful sound effects. But is that all you wish for? Gambling is not fun unless you walk away with some profits in your hand. Follow this profit-making money management trick and make your experience on the Ronin online slot machine a memorable one.

On Ronin online slot machine, you can wager with $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 and $5.00 bet per payline. Divide your bankroll among these betting values. Before you start your game, decide the amount that you are ready to invest on certain number of spins.

Let’s assume that you decide to play 50 spins on the Ronin online Slots with a $50 bankroll.

Step 1

Wager $25 with a lower betting option of $0.01, $0.02, $0.05 or $0.10. If you win on the first 25 spins, keep your original bankroll aside and play the next 25 spins with your winnings. But if you lose, walkway with your original bankroll.

Step 2

On the next 25 spins you can try your luck with the higher betting values, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 and $5.00. If you win once again, set aside half of your profits and play another 25 spins with the rest of your profits. But if you lose, leave the game with your original bankroll plus half your profits and come back on some other day to try your luck.

Playing Ronin online slots, using this profit-making trick will help you enjoy the game to its utmost while protecting your original bankroll as well. And if you are lucky enough who knows you may be walking away with some profits too.

CoolCat Casino doesn’t vouch for this strategy as a guaranteed method to have fun while protecting your original bankroll at the same time on the Ronin online slot. However, you can test it for yourself when you play casino slot games of this kind.


With three features in its kitty, the Ronin online slots gives you enough scope to make a decent win. Go through the Help Menu to figure out the combinations that would maximize your wins.

Start the game with a small bet, and increase it once you start winning. Keep some of the amount you have won for yourself, and play with the rest. The Ronin online slot is a low risk game with good chances of getting winning combinations on most of the 20 pay lines. Give yourself 10 spins on a low bet to start with, and quit if you haven’t won a couple of lines.

Play for fun before you start playing for money. The ‘play for fun’ option gives you a fair idea of how ‘hot’ the Ronin online slots is, besides familiarizing you with the rules and the symbols. When playing for fun, study the winning combination of the paylines and check how much each symbol is fetching you.

When you play for money, you also stand a chance to win the random jackpot which can drop any time after a spin.

History of Ronin Slots

Between the 12th and 19th centuries, Japan was run by feudal lords who were served by the ‘samurai’. Once the master fell out of favor or passed away, the samurai felt ‘abandoned’, and came to be known as a ‘ronin’. It was considered more honorable to commit ‘hara kiri’ or suicide upon the death of his master than wander aimlessly as a ‘ronin’.

Modern Japanese fiction portrays the ronin either as a bodyguard or a mercenary fighter. The samurai, tied as they were to their masters, are believed to be envious of the ronin’s independent ways. The ronin have featured in several Hollywood and Japanese films, most notably Yojimbo and the Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa.

The Koku, the substitute symbol, is a unit of measurement in Japan, used originally to measure rice by the feudal lords. The samurai were paid stipends by the Koku instead of salary sometimes.

Other symbols used in the Ronin video slots are also associated with the samurai. Horse riding was one of the sports they indulged in, carried on till date at the Soma Nomaoi Festival held in Fukushima, Japan. Their armor, including the helmet is part of the horseback parade. Their headgear has been included as one of the symbols. The Japanese pagoda and the Japanese script are other symbols used in the Ronin online slots.


Scatter: The scatter symbol has a special role to play in any online slot game. In the Ronin online slot, the Ronin appears as the scatter symbol, granting free games to a player in conjunction with the Koku, the substitute. Two or more Ronin with the Koku on Reel 3 during any spin gets you one of three features. All scatter wins are multiplied by total bet – their multipliers based on their appearance can be checked on the Help Menu of the game.

Free spins and free games are based on the line and bet of the triggering game.

Substitute: The substitute comes in very handy when a set of symbols are almost ‘there’ for a winning combination. The Koku is the substitute in the Ronin online slot, appearing only on Reel 3. It makes up for any other symbol in the payline, except the Ronin. The Koku spins on its axis when the reels stop spinning upon hitting a winning combination.

Worth mentioning here is that the Koku in the Ronin video slot kicks off one of three features when it appears with 2 or more Ronin anywhere.

Three Features: One of these will be activated when the Koku appears on Reel 3, in combination with 2 or more Ronin anywhere.

Respin Feature: This gives between 3 and 10 free spins when the substitute symbol, the Koku appears on all positions while Reel 3 is held. During the re-spin, the appearance of 2 or more Ronin on the reels brings another set of 3 to 10 free casino games to enjoy.

Free Games Feature 1: You get 5 free games and any prize in the second game gets doubled, tripled in the third game, quadrupled in the fourth, and five times in the fifth. The feature can get retriggered once, bringing you another set of five free games during which prizes will multiply at the same rate.

Free Games Feature 2: It’s a bonanza of 25 free games, plus tripling of all prizes won in the spins. The 25 free games can also be re-triggered.

Payline: The Ronin online slot has 20 paylines. Each payline is a set of symbols arranged in a predetermined pattern which runs across the reels. The Help menu displays the paylines, highlighting the winning pattern.

After a spin, if the player has hit a winning combination on a payline, the same gets highlighted. Your win on that line will flash below the top menu bar just above the reels. You can refer to the symbol values in the Help menu to check how much you have won.

A spin may fetch you more than one winning combination. In such cases, all the winning paylines would be highlighted, and the screen would flash the winning amount on each of the lines.

Auto Play: An option which allows you to define the conditions for an automatic run of the game. You can strike on any of the parameters, which are: number of spins; stop when jackpot is won; stop if a win exceeds or equals; stop on any win; stop if balance increases by; stop if balance decreases by; stop once feature is triggered; and start Auto Play without showing this dialog.

Controls: Placed within the Auto Play dialog as a separate button, it allows you to a full screen mode, regulate volume, have the dealer’s voices on and adjust the card speed.

Back: This closes the game and directs you back to the opening menu or lobby of the online casino.

Balance: This shows the money you have in your account, and which can be used to place bets.