Roberta’s Castle

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Play Roberta’s Castle

Roberta’s Castle Basics: The castle embraces an opulent lifestyle where luxury and fairy tales create a new dimension for online slot machine extravaganza in the ways of Roberta’s Castle.

Featuring cutting edge design and dynamic action, this themed slots game welcomes players into the times of Romeo and Juliet mixed with an easy to use electronic menu that will give away great cash prizes in no time.

The magic symbols suggests times of medieval fantasy where dreaming was just the beginning; get ready for a game that enhances the average casino experience into a one of a kind display of fortune and wealth. Roberta looks through the window of her castle looking for that lucky player to be the master of reality and the keeper of cash.

How to play Roberta’s Castle

Follow the path that leads inside a castle where treasures prize the one who faces the challenge. Roberta’s Castle features realistic gameplay and special bonus rounds that reward the player in no time. Become an expert and spin the reels where famous legends rule the town, if there was once a way to play slot machines and be blown away by the experience, this is the place. Look out for animated symbols in the ways of mirrors, cats, aces and specially crafted windows.

Action begins on the main menu, a carefully designed screen that displays the scenario for a dynamic gaming run in which players win great cash prizes. Start off by selecting the number of paylines you want to play at regular gameplay on a range of 1 to 25. Next thing is to choose the wagering amount from a minimum $0.01 value to a maximum $5.00 per turn, to decrease or increase the bet players can click on the arrows located on the left side of the screen to establish their desired amount. Click the spin button and you are off to a magnificent voyage. The Autoplay option allows players to automatically set the number of spins and make the computer spin the reels for them to a maximum 1000 configurable spins. Adding value to the experience, Roberta’s Castle features a Help button that displays information on payouts, animated symbol value and overall rules. Online gaming is redefined in this interactive slot machine were the only thing that comes between the player and the game is one click.

Rules for Roberta’s Castle Online Slot Machine

The game offers great features and a collection of added bonus rounds that deliver instant action. Here’s a list of some basic rules in Roberta’s Castle:

  • Payouts for combinations are made according selected paylines except scattered wins.
  • The maximum amount paid in this slot machine is 50,000 times a bet.
  • Any winnings on scattered symbol combos are multiplied by total bet value.
  • Random Jackpot activates automatically at any moment during gameplay, cash prize is accumulative.
  • Any cash prizes won during the game’s bonus rounds are added to the player’s regular payline winnings.

Roberta’s Castle Strategy

There are many strategies you can learn to beat the hous at slots and these are available online, but sometimes it is better to stick to a basic concept to enhance the value of a thematic game. Roberta’s Castle features great prizes, special bonus rounds and a fantastic progressive jackpot; all of them trigger at certain point during regular gameplay. Still, there is a way to favor the odds into how often this features can pop up; high wagering amounts meaning high bets, attract this specials into an increased frequency of favorable events. So once you’ve got a hold of the game, raise the stakes and see your bankroll get big prizes.


So you are sitting down, minutes away from a great thematic experience at Roberta’s Castle slot machine. Then your first question could be what the free spin bonus round is. Knowledge is power and it boosts player satisfaction. Study payouts and rules thoroughly to ensure you get a sense of what the game’s about, nobody can master their craft at once so patience must be an ally of the first time player. Limit your wagering amounts to a minimum at first to better understand the games dynamics without losing all your bankroll reserves or play on the free casino mode. Its not how much can you win, but knowing exactly what you’ve won. Before getting in too deep with strategies and more; remember the reels spin at your command so you can take it easy and build up experience progressively.

History of Roberta’s Castle

Roberta’s Castle is inspired by the famous Rapunzel fairy tale first published in 1812. As a brief synopsis the story talks about a couple trying to have a child and how a magical plant owned by an sorceress serves a key point into making their dream possible. The husband breaks into an Enchanted Garden to get the plant and gets caught resulting in the enchantress to ask the couple’s new born child in return for her pardon to the man.

The wife sees the benefits of the plant by giving birth to a baby that later on the enchantress names Rapunzel. She sends her to live in a tower in the middle of the woods with no stairs and no doors, just a room and one window. In a turn of events later on in the story, a prince climbs up the tower using Rapunzel’s hair as a rope and asks her to marry him later to find himself in trouble fighting with the enchantress. As most fairy tales do, the two are finally reunited and lived happily ever after.


Random Progressive Jackpot: Accumulative cash prize that is triggered at anytime during regular gameplay.

Roberta: Scattered symbol that gives away prizes when forming winning combinations, the symbol doesn’t have to appear in line.

Prince: Completes winning combinations acting as a substitute wild symbol.

Skill Stop Spin Feature: Special feature that allows players to stop the spinning reels with just one button.