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Play Realm Of Riches Slots

Realm of Riches Basics: Play Realm of Riches online video slot machine games and win huge payouts at CoolCat Casino! With a jackpot to win, Free Games and Re-Spin Features, it’s not a mystery that Realm of Riches is one of the most popular slots at CoolCat Casino.

Win 10, 15, or 25 free games by collecting 3, 4, or 5 Crown icons. The Crown also expands to cover the entire reel before your payment is given. In the Realm of Riches Slot Machine Games, the Crown substitutes for any symbol except for the Shield symbol. The Shield is the scatter symbol. You win no matter where the Shield shows up! The Shield also multiplies your wins in Realm of Riches online slots.

But wait, after your wins are awarded, you win the Re-Spin Feature because of the Shield. During the Realm of Riches Re-Spin Feature, the Shield remains stationary while the other reels spin again. Hit the jackpot from CoolCat Casino by lining up the Crown symbol. Just by playing the Realm of Riches video slots machine game qualifies you to win the big jackpot!

Use CoolCat Casino’s Instant Play Feature to play and win Realm of Riches Online Slots games.

How to play Realm Of Riches Slots

Realm of Riches online Slots takes you back to the kingdom of the medieval times ruled by royal emperors. You can explore the rich world of silken clothes and glowing gemstones in this online slots game. Realm of Riches has stunned many a gambler with the razzle-dazzle of the Las Vegas-based Excalibur Hotel-Casino, brought to players in bits and bytes on their computer screens.

The precious gem-studded crown across the reels help you substitute all icons on the reel except the shield (scatter symbol), to get you rewarding combinations. Reveal two or more images of scattered shields on any of the active reels and it will conveniently multiply your total bet. While the wild and scatters help you win on the reels, you can also avail off-the-reel rewards on the random jackpot.

Simply press the help tab to get the details on the variety of perks presented by this kingdom of royal riches. The bet button gives you the liberty of raising or reducing the value of your bets per line and per spin. On every line you can place the bets worth $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, or $5.00. The convenient option of autoplay button lets the Realm of Riches online Slot machine play the game automatically for you. Unless you run out of cash, the machine will continue with the step by step gameplay based on the options that you have selected. You can manually stop the auto gameplay by hitting the stop auto button. Press the line button to pick up the desired number of lines from the 20 pay lines. However, there is one important fact to be noted —while selecting the lines, you cannot break the sequential chain of the pay lines. For instance, if the pay lines are in the sequence of 1,2,3,4 etc, then you cannot choose the lines in the sequence of 3, 1, 2, and 4.

The re-spin feature on the Realm of Riches online Slots reveals great reward winning opportunities. The re-spin feature becomes active immediately after any of your scatter wins is paid off to you. This feature allows you to re-spin the rest of the reels while the reel featuring the scatter symbol shield, freezes out. Remember that you need to re-spin the reels to get to the same point from where the re-spin feature was triggered. For instance, if the five scatter symbols have initiated the re-spin then make sure that you re-spin five scatter symbols on the reel. Once the re-spin wins has been paid out to you, the free spin feature is triggered. If you are able to reveal 3, 4 or 5 shields, you can enjoy spinning on10, 15 or 25 free online casino games. Under the free spin round, if you spin the exclusive wild symbol, it will expand on the entire reel on which it appears. This is how this expanding shield helps you in getting the winning combos. You can play the free spins at the pay lines and place the triggering bet.

The Rules of Realm of Riches Online Slots
  • According to the rules of Realm of Riches, all the icons on the reels will pay from the left to right. Even the scatter symbol pays from left to right.
  • The winnings per line are added to the total sum of your winnings.
  • The scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet and these scatter winnings are added to your pay lines wins. The topmost reward value in the game of Realm of Riches is 40,000 times the bet per pay line for every spin.

Realm Of Riches Slots Strategy

The Realm of Riches online slots is loaded with wealthy rewards, free games and a re-spin feature. But in order to make the most of this extensive range of prizes, you need to follow the “step down trick.” It is an optimal betting system that will not only help you reap better rewards from the Realm of Riches online slot but will also help in prolonging your game play. This trick works on the principle of “stepping down” every tim you lose. It is very easy to employ this strategy, which can be better understood with the example below.

Let’s assume that you decide to start your game by wagering with a $5 bet per pay line. Wager with this denomination till you have exhausted at least half your initial bankroll. Then calculate the profits that you have made and add it to your initial bankroll. If the total sum turns out to be higher than your actual bankroll, play with the other half of your original bankroll.

On the other hand, if the amount is lower than your original bankroll, it is always sane to step down to a lower denominations of $1 and bet with rest of your original bankroll. At the end of this, calculate your profits and add it to half your original bankroll that you had used to wager with the $1 denomination bet per pay line. If the total sum is more than your initial bankroll move back to the $5 denomination again.

However, if the total sum turns out to be less than your initial bankroll, step down to the lower denomination of $0.50 and repeat this procedure again and again till you reach the lowest denomination of $0.01.

CoolCat Casino doesn’t vouch for the efficacy of this betting system but you can try it for yourself on the free casino games of the Realm of Riches online slots. Once you have the confidence in this system, you can also apply it to the other five reel online slots machine as well.


Bask in the rich glow of precious gemstones and the glistening waves of silken clothes. Along with this, if you want to enjoy king-like wealth, you need to put in a little effort to understand the online casino slots, Realm of Riches.

Once you study the rules, practice on the free casino games section. Playing on free casino games will make you aware of all the shades and colours of the game.

Before you begin playing for real money, read the instructions of the game once again. Not all online slots offer the re-spin feature which holds the reel having the left to right scatter symbol, while you re-spin th other two reels once again. So, if you don’t read game instructions properly, you will easily miss out on golden opportunities to make riches.

Every player who logs into online casinos had a fond hope of reliving the game experience at the land establishments of casinos. At the same time, no player wants to compromise on the quality of animation and sound effects that the virtual casino gives. So, here is the perfect answer: a game of Realm of Riches. But here is a friendly tip: If you want to get the full worth of your money, then make sure you have the high-quality Flash player and sound card installed in your computer systems.

History of Realm Of Riches Slots

The Realm of Riches online casino Slot has its roots in the deep medieval history that takes us back to the world of castles with kings and queens with their sparkling crowns and knights in their shining armors. Long before this video slots made its appearance, the Excalibur Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas, America was built inspired by medieval history. Its castle-like structure attracts large crowds of gamblers, who are fascinated by various casino games designed with images of sword-wielding kings and bejeweled queens.

The creators of new online casino games have always tried to recreate the glamour of Las Vegas on computer screens. The Excalibur Hotel-Casino was made to order for them. This five reel online casino Slot spins an engaging variety of symbols drawn from royalty of the Middle Ages. Kings, Queens, Knights, crowns, jewels,shields and helmets… gripping animation coupled with crystal-clear symphonic sounds. Real Time Gamming has excelled in the creation of this immersive online casino Slot.

Enchanting music, that is British in tone enhances the medieval theme. The Real Time Gamming team of developers have employed a casual buzzing tone for the spinning reels and a banging tone for small winnings in the game.

The image of the crown of the king studded with the gemstones acts as a substitute for all the other icons (except the shield icon) and supplements your odds of winning by helping you create the winning combinations. The scatter symbol, shield, helps you multiply your rewards. The realm of riches is a kingdom of wealth that can adorn you with a treasure-chest of rewards.


Random Jackpot: The huge jackpot prize money randomly drops out the massive rewards from this kingdom of royal riches. At the end of every spin, keep your fingers crossed for this huge jackpot win. This jackpot money is added to the rest of your reward money. So, while you win great rewards on the spins, you can also make money off the spins, with this random jackpot offer.

The Crown: Studded with precious gems, the crown of the king is the wild symbol in the Realm of Riches online Slots. You can effectively produce winning combos by replacing the other symbols with the image of crown. The only symbol that the crown icon does not substitute is the shield which is the scatter symbol. Collect two, three, four or five crown icons on the single active reel and gather massive coin total of 10, 200, 2,000 or 10,000, respectively.

The Shield: The protective shield acts as the scatter symbol in this online casino Slot. If two or more icons of the scatter symbol drops on any of the active reels, it can impressively increase your total value by three times. Get two, three, four, or five scatter symbols on any of the active reels and multiply your total wagering amount by 1, 3, 10 or 50 times, respectively. These scatter wins are added to your line wins.

Re-spin: The scatter wins will initiate the re-spin feature, immediately after all your scatter wins have been awarded to you. While the active reel that reveals the left to right scatter symbols is kept on hold, the re-spin feature allows you to re-spin the rest of the two reels to magnify your odds of getting the winning combos in this online casino Slot.

Free Spins: Under this free spin feature if you are able to spin three, four or five scatter symbols, anywhere across the active reels, you can win 10, 15 or 25 free spins on the Realm of Riches online casino Slot. While gambling on the free spin feature if you are fortunate enough to spin the crown icon, it will expand to cover the entire reel that it appears on, and boost your chances of winning on this online casino Slot.