Rain Dance Slots

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Play Rain Dance Slots

Rain Dance Basics: Play Rain Dance Online Slots and let money rain on you! With features like the Re-spin and Free Games it’s no wonder that Rain Dance is one of the best online slot games ever.

Get two or more scattered Coyotes to win the Re-spin Feature. During the Re-spin Feature, your reels with a scatter icon are stationary while the other reels re-spin once more. Getting 3 or more scatters after the Re-spin wins you additional games! Get three or more Coyotes and win the Rain Dance slot machine Free Game Feature.

In the Rain Dance video slot Free Game Feature, you can get ten, fifteen, or even A HUNDRED free games. Your prizes are multiplied 3, 4, or 5 times your original bid depending on the number of scatters you got. Once the Chief appears on reels one and five, he substitutes for any other symbol. Your prize doubles if one or more Chiefs appear in Rain Dance slot machine. Remember the Chief can always grant you the CoolCat Casino jackpot no matter how much you’re bidding.

How to play Rain Dance Slots

If you are new to Rain Dance online casino slot games, you might feel the need to know more about the various features of the game. With just one Help button, you can find out everything you need to know about paylines, winning combinations, bonus features and rules of this game. Once you are done with that, you might want to adjust your bet. By default, the computer will bet $1 for you on each spin; however, you can adjust the bet and choose anything from $0.01 to $5. You can also go in for the Bet Max option and bet a $100 straight. Like most other RTG games, Rain Dance online slots is a 20 payline game where you can choose to play up to 20 lines at once. The Autoplay feature that you can see in the game is an in built feature that lets the computer take control of your game. With this feature, the reels spin automatically without you having to push the spin button repeatedly. The game will run on its own and stop only when you manually stop it, your account runs out of money or the condition that you had preset has been achieved.

The most unique thing about this game however, is the re-spin feature. If you get two or more scatter symbols, this feature is triggered.

The Rules for Rain Dance Online Slot
  • Since Rain Dance online slots game has 20 pay lines, you can win on multiple lines in one spin. The total win is the sum of wins on different pay lines.
  • For each win, the scatter symbol wins are also added to the pay line wins.
  • In Rain Dance online casino slots game, the scatter symbol has a multiplier effect.
  • Your bet is divided equally according to the number of lines that you are playing.

Rain Dance Slots Strategy

There are many rewarding features on the Rain Dance online slots. A 100 free game feature and re-spins that offer you an ultimate gambling thrill are just a couple of them. However, it may disappoint you to know that these special features and high paying symbols –like the tribal chief —appear rarely and after several pulls. So the only trick that can help you spin these high rewarding symbols or trigger these exclusive features is by prolonging your game play on the Rain Dance on line slot with whatever bankroll you have.

But the question is how to extend your time of play in the Rain Dance online slot without getting bankrupt. Well, the “step up the ladder” betting system can help, but only if you follow it sincerely. The example below can better illustrate how the betting pattern in this system works:

  • According to this method, you must start wagering with the lowest bet per payline i.e. $0.01. Keep betting with this denomination until you have gathered credits that are double the amount you invested initially.
  • If you have not been able to collect the credits that are double the invested amount, it is better to quit and come back on some other lucky day.
  • Once you have doubled your wagered credits, step up to the next betting limit of $0.02 bet per payline and keep wagering with this limit until you get back the credits that is double the amount wagered.
  • If you are not able to double the credits that you wagered with, move back to the lower betting limit of $0.01 once again.
  • Otherwise, you can safely step up to the next higher betting limit of $0.05 bet per payline.
  • Keep repeating this process for all the betting options up to $5.00 bet per payline.

This betting system will help you prolong your gameplay on the Rain Dance online Slots and thus increase your chances of triggering the free games and re-spin features or spinning the highest rewarding combo on to the reels.

Many casino sites vouch for this betting system. However, CoolCat Casino suggests that it is better to test it for your personal satisfaction on the free casino online games of the Rain Dance online Slot. If it works you can also apply it to the other multi-payline online slot machines. All the best!


Rain Dance is a great game where you get a bonus round as soon as you have two or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. There is a re-spin round where the scatters are held onto their initial positions and the rest of the reels re-spin once. Now during this re-spin bonus if you get the chief symbol, you stand to win another bonus round which essentially is ten free spins with a 3X multiplier. This means that all your winnings will be multiplied by three. This gives you a second chance at getting the bonus if you have two symbols which adds to the excitement.

Now if you are lucky enough to trigger the re-spin with all five scatters you get the 4000 coin win twice as all of the reels re-spin to the original trigger positions.

The re-triggers work a bit differently to the activating spins in the fact that any three, four or five scatters awards the original amount of free spins awarded when the bonus was triggered. This can be great if you hit five to start the bonus as any three scatters award another 100 free games. It can also be a bit frustration if you started the bonus with ten free spins and then hit five scatters on the bonus as you only get another 10 free games.

History of Rain Dance Slots

The Raindance slot game is inspired by a native American tradition of invoking or celebrating the rain and worshipping the rain god through an elaborate dance ritual.

The indigenous people of North America or the Native Americans are known in the world by many names. They are referred to as the American Indians, Amerindians, Amerinds, Aboriginal, Indians, Indigenous, Original Americans, Red Indians, or Red Men.

They are now encompassed by the continental United States and that includes some parts of Alaska and Hawaii. They are basically an amalgamation of a number or tribes that initially resided in various places in North America. They have various ethnicities, many of which have remained politically intact over the years.

There was a time when European exploration and subsequent colonization was at peak. This eventually obliterated some Native Americans populations and cultures and forced others re-organized to form new cultural groups. Epidemic diseases, violence brought from Europe, displacement from lands, internal warfare, enslavement, and a high rate of intermarriage led to the further dwindling of the population.

Famous for the worship of spirits and rituals and rites to pacify and please these spirits, the Indian culture is quite vivid and dynamic. One of the many tribes – the Cherokee tribe, had a ritual to perform rain dances to induce precipitation and to cleanse evil spirits from the earth. As legend would have it, the rain that is summoned by the dance has the spirit of the tribal chiefs that once lived and that the mere falling of that rain would make the land fertile. This rain when falling was believed to battle evil spirits in the transitional plane between our reality and the spirit world.


Paylines: Paylines are predefined patterns. If the reels align themselves in a manner that a paying pattern is formed, you win some money. The detailed patterns and paylines are described in the help section of each game. Different games have different numbers of paylines and your bet gets divided by the number of paylines that you choose to play for each game.

Scatter Symbols: Scatter symbols are those that give you some kind of bonus every time they appear on the slots. In Rain Dance online slots, the Coyote is the scatter symbol. Three or more of the Coyote symbol can trigger the bonus feature in this game.

Wild Symbol: The Chief symbol is the wild symbol in this online casino slots game. This symbol can substitute all the other symbols to make winning patterns.

Bonus Feature Trigger: The Free Spin Bonus Round game is triggered when three or more Coyote symbols appear anywhere on the five reels. The bonus feature awards a re-spin and a retrigger gives ten free spins with a 3x multiplier.

The Teepee symbol: The tent made with Birch bark and animal skin is popular among the Native Americans.

The Eagle symbol: The American Bald Eagle is the only kind of eagle unique to North America. It is found especially in the places where the native Indians used to reside.

The Battle Axe symbol: The Indians are famous for their battle tactics and their valor. Many of the chiefs are remembered till date because of the courage and integrity they showed in the battles that they fought.

The Dreamcatcher symbol: The Dreamcatcher is an Indian artifact that owes its origin to a legend. It is a spider web like thing that is supposed to catch the nightmares of a person and leave the person with pleasant dreams.

Random Jackpot: The random jackpot is randomly announced after the end of a game. Rain Dance online casino slots game has this feature.