Paradise Dreams Slots

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Play Paradise Dreams Slots

Paradise Dreams Basics: Paradise Dreams slot machine game for real money is the ticket to your own paradise dreams! Play and win at the most trusted online casino – CoolCat Casino!

Find the Girl symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5 and get her to grant you the bonus award. In Paradise Dreams Slot Machine, the Girl substitutes for all symbols except the Island. Get five of the exotic tropical birds and win 2,500 coins! The scatter is the Island symbol, it will multiply your original bid by giving appearances more than once. When the Paradise dreams slot machine gives you 2, 3, 4, or 5 on the reels, you’re bid is going to be multiplied up to 200 times.

There’s never been an easier way to get your own Paradise Dreams. On top of all that, you’re already qualified to win the CoolCat Casino jackpot by playing Paradise Dreams online slots!

How to play Paradise Dreams Slots

Paradise Dreams is considered one of Real Time Gaming best online slot games, designed to bring on the freedom and fun of the beaches onto the reels. The beach landscape in the background and icons like the parrot, maroon clown fish, shoe flowers, coconut, the girl in her beach costume and the island are the main images of this slot game.

The lovely girl in her beach attire is the substitute symbol in the game. She cleverly replaces all the icons on the reels to get you wining combos and double rewards. If she replaces one of the five tropical birds in the five-of-a-kind combination then you are entitled to the highest reward of 5,000 chips.

The vast island is the scatter symbol in the game that gets you multipliers of up to 200 times of your total stake if you reveal two or more of them anywhere across the reels. Revealing three or more images of island will take you to one of the two bonus features in the game. The first one is the Paradise Pick bonus feature under which you can pick five flowers from the 12 multi-hued flowers on the coast. From these five picks you can win multipliers of up to 1000 times of your triggering bet.

Under this feature if the butterfly appears, you will be allowed to pick five more flowers. The second bonus feature is the free spins under which you’ll be awarded ten casino free games. If any butterfly appears then you’ll be rewarded with a bonus prize of up to 10 times of your triggering bet. On Paradise Dreams online slot there is a random jackpot prize as well.

Pressing the help tab will provide you details of rewarding combos, the bonus feature and scatters and wilds in the game. You can set the size of your bet by clicking the bet button. The denomination starts from $0.20, $0.40, $1.00, $2.00 to $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 to $100.00. By pressing the line tab you can select the number of lines that you want to play with. When you are selecting the lines, make sure you follow the sequence of the 20 paylines featured on the right and left sides of the reels. Clicking the spin tab will spin the reels manually. However, the autoplay is an automated feature in the game that runs the game automatically based on the various parameters set by you. You can set your preferences by selecting the various choices under the option menu. By pressing the stop auto button you can bring the game to a halt whenever you want to. But, if you run out of cash the game will discontinue on its own.

Rules for Paradise Dreams Online Slot

According to the rules of the Paradise Dreams online slot, all the icons pay from left to right in the game except for the scatter symbol island that pays both the ways.

  • Your payline rewards get added to the total of the rest of your winnings in the game.
  • All your scatter wins get multiplied by the total value of your wagering amount.
  • The scatter wins are added to your line wins.
  • The line rewards are multiplied by your per payline bet.
  • All your winnings on the free spins are doubled except for the butterfly bonus.
  • The maximum win paid in the game of Paradise Dreams online slot is 40,000 times of your per payline bet in every spin. You are rewarded with this highest reward only on your single line win.
  • The free spin feature in the Paradise Dreams online slot can be retriggered.

Paradise Dreams Slots Strategy

The Chunking strategy suggests that you chunk your bankroll into separate wads, and play these wads of money through multiple sessions rather than placing your entire bankroll for wager at once. Here’s how this strategy works. You begin by dividing your bankroll in smaller chunks. For example, you can create five chunks out of a $100 bankroll. You will end up getting chunks valued at $20.

After you chunk up your bankroll, play the very first chunk on the Paradise Dreams online casino slot. Play as many games as you want with that chunk. Once you’re through with it, stop playing. Count your wins and losses. If you have won some money, stick to the game and continue playing. Otherwise, move on to something else – daily chores and the like. You can have a cup of coffee if you like to. Come back to the Paradise Dreams online casino slot and play casino games of the highest quality with your second chunk of bankroll. After finishing each chunk, check the outcome.

When you play in sessions, you gain more control over your bankroll and yourself. When you play 100 or more games in one go, if you are not winning enough you may get frustrated and begin to place higher bets in a hurry. This can end your bankroll in no time. Also, coming back to the same online slot at intervals increase your chances of winnings as many seasoned slots players believe it kind of refreshes the online slots.

Often players don’t realize and bet away the money they have separated for paying bills and other important stuff. We never recommend you to lose all your money just to satisfy your gambling hunger. Maintain a balance. Have a worthy relationship with gambling. Now for the time being, go ahead and give the Paradise Dreams online casino slot a few spins and try making some good enough money. Remember to divide that bankroll into little chunks.


The Paradise Dreams online slot is a 5-reel, 20-line online slot machine. This indicates that there are five spinning reels on which you can reveal 20 different winning combos. The denominations on Paradise Dreams online slots range from $0.20 to $100.00. The key tip that can help you get great returns in the game is play on all the paylines with a high value of betting amount.

The more paylines you will play on the higher are your odds of winning in the game. Also the bigger the bet size, the greater are the payouts. It is always sane to settle on a fixed amount that you can afford to wager as a high stake. The rest of the amount can be used to play lower stakes which can safely fetch you smaller wins.

The Paradise Dreams online slots provide you two different bonus features, thereby increasing your odds at winning. So, give special attention to the scatter symbol, islands, on the reels. It will rigger any of these two rewarding features.

Practicing on the free casino version of Paradise Dreams online slots is a more practical way of understanding the game. You can enjoy taking risks while playing on the free casino game of this online slot without actually losing any real money.

You can get complete details on the bonus features under the help option in the game. It is also very important to read the rules of the game carefully before you jump in.

History of Paradise Dreams Slots

The Paradise Dreams online slot is inspired by the wonderful beaches in Miami. Real Time Gaming slot makers have used the drooping Royal Palm and Coconut trees to effect in the Paradise Dreams online slot. Lovely green waters reminiscent of the South Beach in Miami, is house to cute orange and green colored parrots flying in the background.

In the vibrant Paradise Dreams online slots, look out for images like parrots, maroon clown fish, yellow butterflies, rose-tinted shoe flowers and a coconut with the milky white cream in it. The fine-looking Miami girl swinging on the hammock net on the beach replaces herself with other icons on the reels to get you rewarding combos. The picture of the island with the tall and majestic pine trees and reddish purple clown fishes swimming in the beach water unfolds a pan aroma of natural beauty on your computer screens.

The sounds too are splendid….created especially to give the final Miami touch to this animated online slot. The smaller pay drops, moving and stopping of the reels have standard Real Time Gaming tones accompanying them. However, the special treat is the beat of the bongo drums which you will hear only on approaching the exclusive features in the game.

So, enjoy a dip in the cool waters and stretch your luck on the beach.


Random Jackpot: The random jackpot is a bonus feature on the slots that might get you enormous jackpot rewards at the end of any game. In the Paradise Dreams online slots you can notice a ticker above the reels that shows the random jackpot growing. It can drop at the end of any spin and can win you handsome prizes. These random jackpots pay you regardless of what you bet or play on the reels and that is why they are random.

Wild Symbol /the Miami girl: The wild symbol is a priceless feature in the slots that enhances your odds of winning by creating rewarding combos. The wild symbol replaces all the symbols in the game excluding the scatter icons. The wild symbol in Paradise Dreams online slot is the lovely Miami Girl. She reveals herself on the first, third and fifth reels and replaces herself with all the icons in the game to get you the winning combos. The only symbol that she does not replace is the island which is the scatter symbol in the game. All your wild wins will be automatically doubled.

Scatter Symbol / the island: The scatter symbols in the game gets you huge multipliers if you are able to reveal a predefined number of scatter images on the reels. Island is the scatter symbol in the game of Paradise Dreams online slots that gets your full stake multiplied by 1, 3, 10 or 200 times for 2, 3, 4 or 5 islands respectively, anywhere across the reels.

When three icons of island appear anywhere on the active reels, you will be granted one of the two bonus features in the game- either the paradise pick feature or the free spin feature. You can read the details on both these features below.

Paradise Pick feature: Once this feature is triggered you are taken to this beautiful view of the coast with 12 different colored flowers. Out of 12 dazzling flowers you’ll be allowed to pick any five flowers and earn multipliers of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250 or 1000 times of your triggering bet. If one of these flowers that you pick reveals a butterfly, you’ll be entitled to another five free picks.

Paradise Dreams Free Spins Bonus Feature: The free spins grants you a bonus of free games based upon preset requirements that you need to slake. In Paradise Dreams online slot you will be awarded with 10 free games if you are able to trigger the free spin feature by spinning three islands on the reels. Under this feature if you are lucky enough to reveal any butterfly symbol you will be rewarded with multipliers of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 times your triggering bet. All your wins on the free spins is doubled except for the butterfly bonus.

Paylines: Paylines are the rewarding combinations in the game of online slots having various predefined patterns. All the paylines on the paradise dreams online slot get decent rewards if you reveal them in their predefined pattern on to the active reels. There are total 20 paylines displayed on the right and left of the reels on the paradise dreams online slot.