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Play Outta this World Slots

Outta this World Basics: Outta This World slots is one of the most popular online slot machine games. Why? Outta This World have the best slots payouts.

Look for the Black Holes to get Outta This World free games. Get yourself to Outta This World planets and double your prizes or get more free games. Alien substitutes bring you bigger payouts in Outta This World Online Slots. The Aliens expand and stretch to cover all the positions of the reel.

Don’t forget – playing Outta This World slots online qualifies you for the CoolCat Casino jackpot!

How to play Outta this World Slots

Planets, spatial ships and UFO have always fascinated human beings. Outta This World online Slot paints a lovely picture of the outer space with a variety of animated icons along with an excellent blend of futuristic bleeps and jazzy riffs. Real Time Gamming has excelled in game artistry judging by the features in Outta This World online Slot. It is the Outta This World bonus round which takes the player to the outer world of aliens in a space ship.

The layman’s impression of black holes as volatile destructive entitites is negated in Outta This World online casino slot. The black holes appearing on the active reels on this online slot pulls in great rewards by multiplying the value of the triggering bet.

Revealing two or more black hole images anywhere across the reels will take you to a spaceship arena from where you can view ten different planets. Each of the planets hold massive rewards for you in the form of free spins and other multiple rewards. The two aliens hidden in any two planets will eventually bring your game to an end. Outta this World bonus round is the best way to mint great cash on this online Slot. All your rewards are doubled under this feature. You can play free casino online games with your bet at the pay lines that triggered the Outta This World feature.

The image of the alien (wild symbol) creates the rewarding combinations on the reels by substituting all the icons on the reel, except for the black hole (scatter symbol). The alien is an expanding wild symbol that covers up the entire reel on which it appears, to get you great rewards.

Hitting the help button will give you the particulars on rewarding combos, bonus features and other instructions. Place your bets by pressing the bet tab. It helps you increase the size of your stake ranging from a penny, two cents, a nickel, a quarter and fifty cents to one dollar and five dollar bets. The game will start running automatically, if you press the autoplay tab. If you wish to take a break in the middle of the game, pushing the stop button will bring the game to a pause. If you run out of funds, the game will stop on its own. The line button helps you to select the number of pay lines that you want to play on. Remember, you cannot break the order of the 20 pay lines while choosing the desired number of lines. Outta This World’s random jackpot is a great off-the-reel opportunity to stack your pots with massive rewards. These jackpot prizes are added to other winnings in the game.

Rules for Outta This World Online Slot
  • A careful reading of the rules of the game of Outta This World online Slots will guide you through an effective gameplay.
  • All the symbols in the Outta This World online Slot will pay you from left to right with an exception of the scattered black holes which pays both ways.
  • Your winnings on the variety of pay lines untimely get added to your total sum of rewards.
  • Your scatter winnings are multiplied by your total bet which is then added to your pay line wins.
  • The pay line rewards are multiplied based on your bet on every pay line.
  • The topmost winning amount is 40,000 times of your bet per pay line in every spin.

Outta this World Slots Strategy

Even though the bonus feature occurs 150 times on an average, it is not guaranteed that every 150th spin will trigger the bonus round. This average is based upon hundreds of thousands of spins. Nevertheless, nothing beats the fun and excitement of getting free money. Here you will find a strategy that will suggest you bet appropriately so that you can make the best out of free games in the Outta This World online casino slot.

The Aim-for-a-Bonus strategy involves deciding a minimum, average, and maximum bet. To do so, you need a bankroll and the number of spins you want to do. If, for example, you want to do 220 spins with your $100 bankroll, your average bet would be 50¢. If you divide your average bet by two, you will get 25¢. Write it down as your minimum bet. Add the minimum bet to your average bet and you get your maximum bet of 75¢ (50¢ + 25¢).

It’s now time to apply this strategy to the Outta This World online casino slot. Much to your surprise, you won’t find a 25¢ bet there. Don’t worry! Replace your minimum bet with 20¢, average bet with 40¢, and the maximum bet with $1. Place your first bet of 20¢. The bonus feature may trigger on your very first spin, which isn’t a bad thing is it? If it does not, continue playing. If the feature does not show up after about 80 spins, switch to an average bet of 40¢ and continue playing as the delay often indicates the feature is not far. Play for 70 more times and observe the outcome. If it’s still elusive, switch to your maximum bet and play the rest of the 50 spins.

Using this strategy, you hope for the bonus feature to occur and increase your bet so that when the bonus feature triggers, you will make a good amount of money out of it. Still, luck plays a major role. If the feature does not come up after all, quit playing and come back at a later date. Who knows you may make enough money to cover up all your losses on a different day. Just remember, CoolCat Casino does not guarantee you a win.


Outta this World is a wonderful online casino Slot with extensive offers attached to it. But if you do not want to miss out on any of the great offers that this online casino slot provides, an engrossed study of this game is imperative. Only then can you dare to play with real money on this online slot game.

The first basic step is to go through the game rules properly and grab an accurate knowledge of the terminology of the game. This will ensure that you will not be lost while negotiating your way through Outta This World online slots.

The most helpful and effective tip to increase your odds of getting winning combos in Outta this World online casino Slot is to be a keen observer. Look out for the image of the alien (wild symbol). This ugly but benevolent alien symbol, unlike the wild symbols on the other online casino Slots, is an expanding substitute. It will expand itself on the entire reel that it appears on, to increase your chances of winning this online casino Slot.

Another useful tip to get great results on this online casino Slot is to make sure you take advantage of the influential black hole (scatter symbol). This black hole image not only multiplies your full bet, but it also assists you to the bonus round of Outta This World online casino Slots. Just make sure you catch at least two black hole icons on the second and fourth reel of this online casino slot. If you want to enjoy the full benefit of the bonus round, be cautious of the two aliens hidden in any of those 10 planets. Make a concerted effort to find them only towards the end, as their revelation will immediately bring your bonus round to an end. Aliens as your initial picks make you lose out on the great offers in this bonus round. The bonus payout is normally good if you play on 10, 15, or 20 free games with two times the wager. Do not proceed to play 25 times the betting amount , unless and until you have practiced the online casino Slot game thoroughly.

The last but sanest piece of advice would be to begin playing Outta this World online casino Slot on our free casino games first! This will make you aware of all the intricacies of the game before you risk your hard-earned cash. Practicing on free casino games will assist you in discovering new and effective ways to make more money on the Outta this World online casino Slot and many new casino game titles.

History of Outta this World Slots

The basic interface of the Outta This World online slot is similar to all the five reel slot machines created by Real Time Gaming. However, there are some special illustrations that emphasize the theme of space in this game. The images of aliens, Black Hole, number of planets, space ships, ray guns and UFO’s paint an astonishing picture of space on the reels in Outta This World online slots. The image of the single-eyed green alien in the game will certainly remind you of the friendly extraterritorial being in E.T when he substitutes all the icons on the reels.

Outta This World bonus round exhibits great skills and high tech tools that have been employed by the Real Time Gaming operators to create this slot machine. The way you are taken to the space arena in a space ship surrounded by the 10 planets is no less than the action in the sequels of ‘Star War’ movies by George Lucas.

The terrific futuristic beeps for the bonus and jackpot wins will immerse you even more into the theme of space in the game. Even if you do not make it to the jackpot, the simple sound of spinning of the reels and smaller wins will keep your mood.


Random Jackpot: The random jackpot is a pot of rewards that randomly drops down at the climax of every spin. You will never miss out on this amazing treat as the ticking window just above the reels will never let you forget that it is there. So, you don’t have to wait for the winning combinations to appear on the reels to grab this splendid jackpot offer, as it is an off the reel shot to make huge amount of money.

The Alien: The wild symbol in this online slots is the image of an alien that will appear only on the first, third, and fifth reel and will substitute all the icons, except the black hole (scatter symbol) on the reel, to you get the winning combos. The most exclusive aspect about this single eyed, green alien is that it will conveniently expand itself to cover the entire reel on which it appears, to get you the celebrated totals.

The Black Hole: The scatter symbol in the Outta this world online casino Slot is the powerful black hole icon. If you are able to reveal two or more scatter symbols on any of the active reels, this powerful image of black hole can pull in great rewards for you by multiplying your triggering bet. These scatter wins are added to your line wins.

Outta this world feature: The bonus round on the Outta this world online Slot, is surely out of this world. This bonus feature becomes active quickly after you spin two or more images of black hole on the reels from two to four. Under this amusing bonus feature you will be taken to a space ship cabinet that is floating in the space arena with10 planets in front of you. You need to choose one by one from among these 10 planets, out of which five planets conceal five free games and the other five planets have multiple rewards ranging from 2, 3, 5, 10, 25 or 100 times of your triggering bet. In addition to this, there are two aliens hidden in any of these two planets, which when revealed will bring your bonus game to an end and you’ll be straightway taken to the arena of free games that you have won during this pick up a planet bonus offer. You can also retrigger this bonus feature if you desire to grab more wonderful rewards like these.

Free Spins: The free spin feature is active all through the above mentioned bonus round. While playing with the free spins, all your winnings will be automatically doubled.