Operation M.Y.O.W.

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Play Operation M.Y.O.W.

Be among our feline friends as they begin their search for the ultimate payout. Thanks to CoolCat casino, players can have all the best slot machine action and bonuses under Operation M.Y.O.W. In Operation M.Y.O.W. players can choose from five different pay tables and it is a 3-reel game. The objective of M.Y.O.W. is to start cashing in by lining up matching symbols on the payline. Playing Operation M.Y.O.W. is fun and exciting. You can begin by adding credit to your machine from your account. You can begin adding credit by clicking on the coin slot on the bottom right hand side of the machine. You can also add multiple credits by clicking on the option of selecting $5, $25 or $100 denominations, whatever your choice. You can bet up to three coins per spin, so decide how much credit you want to bet on each spin.

Play starts when you press “Bet One” to bet one coin. You can bet up to three coins by pressing the same button three times. You also have the option of betting three coins at one go. Then you have to click on “Play 3 Credits“. This enables you to play three in one go and the spin starts automatically. But if you decide to play one at a time, click on “Spin Reel” to start spinning. The slot machine displays the following options: “Winner Paid” shows you the amount that will be paid to you as winnings from the last spin. The “Credit Window” shows you the number of credits available for play while the “Coins Played” shows the number of credits that you have already played. Similarly, the denominations are self-explanatory. Clicking on $5 adds that amount from your account to your credit and so on.

CoolCat Casino offers you the thrill of Operation M.Y.O.W. and a variety of slot machine action.

How to play Operation M.Y.O.W.

To play, start by adding credits to the machine from your balance by clicking on the chip denomination of your choice, or the coin slot on the machine. You may add any amount of credits depending on your account balance.

You can also determine how many credits you would like to wager on your spin. You may wager up to 3 coins at a time on Operation M.Y.O.W.

To add credits to the machine

Click on the coin slot on the bottom right of the machine to add one credit. Click on $5/$25/$100 chips to add multiple credits

To Bet and Spin

Press “Bet One” to wager a single credit at a time; pressing “Bet One” again adds a second coin and so on.

Press “Play 3 Credits” to wager 3 coins and automatically spin the reels.

Press the “Spin Reel” button once you are satisfied with your wager amount.

You either win or lose, depending upon what is displayed on the reels when they stop spinning versus the pay-line(s) you have wagered. The slot machine features different pay table symbols and the Cat icons represent the five lucky colors. Their distinctive names and lucky colors are: Lucky (White), Catman (Purple), Kung Fu Kitty (Yellow), Catzilla (Green), and The King (Pink).

Players have the option to scroll through a set of five different pay tables and play on the one that they choose. You can select any pay table anytime by clicking on the prominently displayed “Next Paytable” button. Each pay table has different payouts, but the wheels work the same regardless of which one the player has chosen. A player can change, at any time, to a new pay table and each one has its own flavor. The players” choice does not affect the way the wheels stop.

Operation M.Y.O.W. Strategy

Operation M.Y.O.W is a wonderful three reel, single payline online slots that provides you with a wide range of rewarding offers. In order to make sure that you don”t miss out on any of these extensive payouts, certain useful strategies have been devised by gambling experts. Your job as a serious slot player is just to follow these tactics, honestly. While they may help you play a better game, CoolCat Casino is not vouching for the success of these strategies which may be tried out on any of our slots.

Choose the Table with the Highest Payout Limits

No online slot gives such a grand opportunity of creating your own winnings, as Operation M.Y.O.W does. Operation M.Y.O.W, as the name suggests, is a game where you can make you own win (M.Y.O.W- Make Your Own Win). This online slot provides a set of five different tables, namely Bat Cat, King Fu Kitty, Catzilla, The King and Lucky Cat. All these tables offer diverse payout rates. A simple tactic to enhance your winnings is to choose the right kind of payout table. Just pick up the table that offers the highest payout rates, i.e. Catzilla table and get maximum rewards on similar betting values. Can there be any strategy simpler and at the same time more effective than this? Surely not! So, go ahead and grab the highest winnings by using this easy to use tactic.

Play with Three Coins

The three coin strategy is the most fundamental tactic to reel in the topmost prizes on the Operation M.Y.O.W online Slots. This strategy runs on the simple saying, “As you sow, so you reap. The biggest prize in the game of Operation M.Y.O.W online slot is worth 5000 coins. You can win this reward by betting with three coins and spinning three images of Catzilla cat on the single payline. But can you imagine missing this huge reward by betting with just one coin and reeling in the three –of-a- kind combination of Catzilla cat onto the reels? You would never wish to face the loss of 3,400 coins after getting so close to the highest reward in Operation M.Y.O.W online Slot.

Play and Run Strategy

Play and run strategy is the best for players who have a small bankroll and like to play with lower betting limits on the Operation M.Y.O.W online slot. This tactic if utilized properly can help you limit your losses by keeping track of the number of naked pulls and loss limits in the game. Naked pulls are the number of spins on which you don”t win anything and loss limit is the total amount of credits that you can afford to lose in the game. Before you begin playing on Operation M.Y.O.W online slot, decide on the number of naked pulls and set a limit for the amount of loss you can take. Maintain a diary and jot down the number of naked pulls and amount of loss you encounter, while you are playing. The moment you reach the limit set by you, leave the game. The example below can provide a better understanding of this strategy. Illustration: Let”s say that you decide to play 10 spins on Operation M.Y.O.W online slot, with a loss limit of $ 500. If you exhaust $400 after suffering five naked pulls, it is time to leave the game even before the 10 spins you had decided to play. But if you complete your 10 spins and are on a winning streak, you must play another 10 spins on Operation M.Y.O.W online Slot.

Note: While playing with the play and run strategy, make sure you bet with the lowest betting limits having small denominations.

Locate Loose Operation M.Y.O.W Online Slots

Loose slots provide higher payout rates and the tight slots offer low payout percentage. This makes it clear that picking up a loose Operation M.Y.O.W online slot makes better sense. So look for slots that carry a payout percentage of 98% or more along with a variety of exclusive pay tables.


Some may consider tips redundant and some others may find it as boring as an air hostess or steward giving instructions every time you board a flight on how to put on your seatbelts. But while playing free casino games online it is absolutely necessary that you first get to know all the fine details of the game.

Theme Asian, Cats
Type Classic
Reel 3
Payline 1
Max coins in game 3
Winning Combinations 35
Bets per spin Min – $0.05 Max – $15King Cat
Symbols on the reel Regular – BatCat, Catzilla, Flower, Kung Fu Kitty, Lucky Cat.
Coin Values $0.05, $0.25, $0.5, $1, $5.00
Understand the Payout Tables

Every online slot machine has a payout table that tells you how much you can win for each combination. It is worthwhile to study the payout table before you play. It will often give you important clues on how to play the slot machine. For example, here in MYOW, you have multiple payout tables.

Money Management

When you are into real money gambling, it is absolutely necessary to keep tabs on your bankroll, especially while playing online slots. Set a maximum limit for your spending, stick to it and enjoy your game. . The grand prizes being huge and when you consider the coin values of $0.05 to $5.00 you can certainly win lots with relatively little investment. Play up to three coins on a payline each with their own individual paytable. So when you consider this online slot, the first thing to do is to choose a set of paytable which would suit you the best. You can also check payout percentages on websites or look up casino reviews to find out more about the site you wish to play on. You may even find all the answers in the chat room through the experiences of other online players.

History of Operation M.Y.O.W.

Ever since the invention of the first Slot machines, the “Liberty Bell” in the late 1800’s by Charles Fey, slot machines have become one of the most popular modes of entertainment or gaming devices. Today, improvements over the original slot machine model has given us an online “virtual version” of the land-line slot machine, with many additional features that not only entice but hold the player captive for hours on end.

Operation M.Y.O.W. (Make Your Own Win) is one of the latest offerings in the slot machine category games .The 3 reel one line video slots was created by RTG using a traditional slot interface with a detailed and immaculately illustrated skin. The salient feature of course is that you wield control over which paytable you choose to play with from a set of five.

The special cat icons vary depending on the paytables you choose. The feline creatures that romp on your reels are so sweet and adorable, that they remind you of the “Hello Kitty” fictional character. Operation M.Y.O.W. was developed with a charming theme to give intense gamers a respite from the paytable-oriented gamed.


Pay line: Generally the payline is in the middle of the slot window, it can be three or five lines.

Reels: Symbols are displayed on reels. Usually there are three reels, but there can be four or even higher.

Bonus slots:  Slot machines which offer bonus games when certain combinations hit to provide a bonus game with an additional payout.

Loose slots: Slots that return a high percentage of the money played to the players. They are also known as generous slots or hot slots as opposed to “tight slots”.

Coins Size: Amount of single bet is known as coins size.

Hit Frequency: Hit frequency is the frequency at which winning spins occur.

Hold: The percentage of coins played that are held by machine.

RTG: Real Time Gaming