Ocean Dreams Slots

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Play Ocean Dreams Slots

Set yourself on a tropical paradise where natural wonders and the open sea create the perfect scenario for this thematic experience. The sunset turns the skies into a warm colored painting as the ocean beholds its prizes and its mighty beast, the Orca.

Players will feel the thrills of exploring underwater worlds where payouts of up to 50,000 create a fortune splash to remember. Animated symbols move across the spinning reels where dreams come true. Round up the action with two progressive online casino jackpots that give away accumulative cash rewards.

How to play Ocean Dreams Slots

Begin your tropical adventure by choosing your bet amount on the main menu screen. Arrows placed next to the wagering button allow you to increase or decrease the bet from a minimum $0.25 to a maximum $125.00 per turn. Now is time to select the paylines which you can play up to 25 at once. Hit the spin button and watch the reels move as they are ready to deliver great prizes. Whenever you win, the game plays a jingle and also shows you on the top of the screen how much you money you have won. Keep in mind that your balance is also displayed on the menu. The Autoplay feature allows players to select up to 1000 spins to be done by the computer as well as some other personalized options for you to make the most out of Ocean Dreams.

Symbols on the Lines


This substitute symbol replaces any other animated image on the reels. The Gold Orca acts as the second substitute icon but it is only displayed on reel 3. Whenever the Gold Orca is shown on a winning combo, prizes are doubled.


A scattered symbol that can appear anywhere on the reels, its prizes are multiplied by the total amount of the original bet.

Progressive Jackpot feature

Both Minor and Major jackpot keep piling up a cash prize that is given away anytime during gameplay. This is a serious money maker, with two jackpots; chances of landing this feature are great.

Free Games

Ocean Dreams really pushed the boundaries of special bonus round. When 3, 4 or 5 scattered island symbols show up on the reels, 10, 25 or 100 free casino games are delivered instantly. Orcas are transformed into Gold Orcas which double all prizes and also allows more free games to be unlocked on the same round. If the total amount of the Free Game round equals 10 times your bet or less, the Win Win Feature comes into action. In here, you can even land a payout of 1000x if you didn’t score any cash prizes on the free game, not that’s some serious money.


Here are some of the rules featured at Ocean Dreams, be sure to check them before you play:

  • Scatter wins are added to line wins and Scatter wins are multiplied by total bet.
  • Maximum prize is 50,000 times bet per line.
  • Orca substitutes for all symbols except Gold Orca and scattered Islands.
  • The prize is doubled for winning combinations that include a Gold Orca.
  • All symbols pay left to right except the scatter symbol which pays in any direction.

Ocean Dreams Slots Strategy

CoolCat Casino slot games are one of the reasons our players love us. We’ve carefully created an exciting casino destination for slots lovers; a complete gaming experience. In order to enjoy what we’ve prepared for you, make sure that you play responsibly. Carefully select how much money you are going to play on the game as the amount of your bankroll has a proportional relation with the length of the game itself. Many times, players get all caught up in the action and underestimate their bankroll, it is wise to now how much you are winning and losing as the game is mainly based on chance. Enjoy Ocean Dreams but just keep in mind how much you are betting, it the overall balance is good, try raising up the wagered amount progressively, never all at once.


Knowledge is power. A famous line that is absolutely true when it comes to slot machines. Look out for the symbol payouts as well as the rules which give a clear explanation on what functions and prizes can one expect while playing the game. Be sure to understand the exact nature of the free slots game round and Win Win feature which for example, requires players to select all 25 paylines when making their original bet. As a side bonus, the casino software allows users to play with Fun Money which acts as a practice session. Playing for free can take some of the pressure off your shoulders and let you train yourself before you are experiencing the real deal.

History of Ocean Dreams Slots

Tropical islands have been the source for many books and movies since the twentieth century. It is on the cinematic grounds that the concept of the perfect getaway has gained popularity in the film industry. The movie “Cast Away” portrays the life of a man on a desert island filled with natural wonders. As the only human on this dream of paradise, he manages to survive and become one with the land. Ocean Dreams invites you into a world of endless possibilities where you are not alone; you get tons of cash prizes and magnificent bonuses, all with just one click. You don’t have to fall off a ship to get to this island.


Bet: Wagered amount selected by the player on each gaming round.

Progressive Jackpot: Special accumulative prize that is given away all at once randomly at the game.

Symbols: Digitally designed animated icons displayed on the reels, a consecutive series of them forms a winning combo.

Substitute: Replaces every other symbol except scattered ones on the game. Orca and Golden Orca are the game’s substitute icons.

Scatter: Symbol that can appear anywhere on the reels, winnings using this symbol are multiplied.

Payline: Line on a slot machine screen that determines the victor.

Autoplay: Automatic option that configures up to 1000 spins which are performed by the computer.