Mystic Dragon Slots

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Play Mystic Dragon Slots

The castle beholds the legend of a creature with supernatural powers that reigns the skies of thunder. Knights are ready to face the battle as the adventure begins, join them inside Mystic Dragon, a medieval voyage that delivers fantastic cash prizes.

An intense experience for gaming enthusiasts this is as they travel through a world where castles and treasures are for players to explore. The princess call’s for someone who rescues her from the dragon; the kingdom’s soldiers under command walks across the valley of the volcano where the adventure takes place.

Spin the reels for free and enter a land where magic prizes those who choose Mystic Dragon slot machine.

How to play Mystic Dragon Slots

Behold the treasures of ancient tales, the dragon flies through the skies at the light of heavy fires at the heart of the volcano. Mystic Dragon revives medieval glories of the past in a state of the art electronic portal that welcomes players into winning great cash prizes. Symbols and numbers move through the reels waiting to give away rewards big time. Experience the times where knights, swords and kings ruled empires; mix the science fiction saga of flying dragons that reclaims its dominance through an intense battle.

Begin your voyage on the main menu displayed on Mystic Dragon, here you will different symbols and thematic paraphernalia that invites you into staring the game. At first, select the number of paylines within a range of 1 to 25. Next there are two buttons displayed on the left side of the screen for players to choose their desired wagering amount, this can be increase or decreased at a minimum $0.01 to maximum $5.00 bet value per turn. The money’s ready and once the bankroll amount is set, players begin playing Mystic Dragon. The game offers the Autoplay mode that automatically spins the reels for you at a top 1000 configurable spins. Any frequently asked information on payouts, bet value and rules can be checked on the HELP button displayed on the right side of the screen. The electronic interface is very user friendly establishing a direct communication channel between players and the game itself to enhance the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Rules for Mystic Dragon Online Slot Machine

The game offers great features and a collection of added bonus rounds that deliver instant action. Here’s a list of some basic rules in Mystic Dragon:

  • Prized combinations are paid out according to each enabled payline with exception of scattered wins.
  • The maximum amount paid in this slot machine is 50,000 times a bet.
  • Symbols on the game pay on a left to right direction except for the scattered Volcanoes.
  • The game features a random progressive jackpot that triggers itself at anytime during gameplay.
  • Cash prizes awarded on Mystic Dragon’s special bonus rounds are added to regular payline winnings.

Mystic Dragon Slots Strategy

Experience the rush and excitement of one epic adventure at the Mystic Dragon slot machine. A good strategy can use the bankroll amount as the basis of its principle, it will determine the length of a gaming run, it’s running time that is. Mystic Dragon features fantastic rewards and a wide selection of added bonuses that enhance the game’s dynamic action, players can make some serious money in here. The main focus point is to know that when wagering your desired bet you must remember that the slot machine’s odds tend to favor the player more when high amounts are played. As they say money attracts money; this will trigger bonus and special rounds more often and increases the chance of hitting the progressive jackpot.


Practice makes perfect and so thematic slot machines require players to know a variety of details that enhance their gaming run. At the beginning it is advisable to study the payouts and have a good understanding of the rules as they state the dynamics of the game. Special bonuses, prizes and winning combinations using specific symbols make Mystic Dragon an action packed game where spinning reels ensure a one of a kind experience. For beginners it is advisable to maintain a constant betting pattern to extend the amount of time that the bankroll will allow them to play online slot games. Whenever a bonus round comes along, go for it and don’t hesitate cash prizes will come your way.

History of Mystic Dragon Slots

The dragon comes as a product of folklore and culture mostly focusing on European regions. The beast is a serpentine creature whose name originates from the latin word, draco in reference to the constellation. Despite its flying abilities the dragon usually lives in a cave that suggests its ancient creature status. The ones shown on European and Mid Eastern mythology share the art form of so many snake cults found in several religions across the world.

Modern tales portray dragons as very wise beasts that usually can talk through powerful magic. Featured in famous like Siegfried, the dragon’s blood allowed Siegfried to understand the language of a bird. They have also been represented by the Hollywood movie industry in films such as Reign of Fire and Dragonheart featuring a memorable voice over performance by actor Sean Connery.


Progressive Jackpot: An accumulative cash prize that is triggered anytime during regular gameplay.

Volcano: Scattered symbol that prizes winning combinations through a payout table, they don’t have to appear in line during the game.

Mystic Dragon: Wild symbol that substitutes others to complete a winning combination and will enable you to win free casino online games in the process.

Skill Stop Spin Feature: Special feature that allows players to stop the spinning reels with just one button.