Mister Money Slots

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Play Mister Money Slots

Play and win huge jackpots at CoolCat Casino! Play Mister Money video slots and surround yourself with jewels, exotic cars, and cash. Free Mister Money slot is loaded with a FreeGame Feature, scatters, and substitutes.

Win 5 free spins from Mister Money slots by matching three or more red diamonds. Gather up to 5 money bags from Mister Money. Each money bag contains three or more free games or a chance for you to increase the free game multiplier. With your lucky streak, you can get up to 25 more free games. And no matter what you bid, just playing Mister Money slot online will give you the chance to win the CoolCat Casino jackpot!

How to play Mister Money Slots

Mister Moneyis a wonderful inclusion to the slots machines selection at Coolcat. With the rich and their lavish lifestyle as a theme. There is a total of twelve symbols in the game including a huge mansion, a private jet, a red car, sack of money, gold ring and so on.

The major symbols in the Mister Money online slots are the white and red diamonds which are wild and scatter symbols respectively. The white diamond (wild symbol) substitutes for the other symbols in the game including the scatter symbol to assist you in getting rewarding combinations. The white diamond also gets you the biggest reward of 2500 chips in the game if it substitutes one of the five images of Mister Money in the five-of-a-kind winning combination.

The red diamond (scatter symbol) not only gets you multiples of up to 50 times your total stake, it also leads you to a free spin feature in the game.

When the free spin feature is triggered you’ll be taken to a pahe scatter symbols that triggered this feature. For example, if 5 scatter symbols triggered the free spin feature then you can pick 5 bags of money. ge showing 15 sacks of money. Out of these 15 bags you can select bags equal to the number of tYou will also be rewarded with five free games for triggering the feature by spinning three or more red diamonds on to the reels. If you further select the right bag, you can reveal three more of the best online slot games for free. The prizes on the first five free games will be doubled and this can further increase by the amount of money bags revealed.

Spin an extra 3, 4 or 5 red diamonds on to the reels to win 10, 15 or 20 more free game. Besides this, a random jackpot reward at the end of any spin can certainly make you a very happy winner.

In the Mister Money online slots you can increase or decrease the size of your bet pressing the bet button. The denomination for your bet per payline ranges from $0.20, $0.40, $1.00, $2.00 to $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 to $100.00. Once you have settled down your bet you can click on the line button to select the number of lines that you wish to play with, from the 20 paylines on the right and left side of the reels. Make sure that you don’t break the sequence of the paylines while selecting the lines. Then click on the spin tab to spin the reels. This is the manual option to play the game. You can also click on the autoplay tab if you wish to run the game automatically. Under the automatic gameplay you can select your preferences based on which you would like to play the game, like the number of spins you desire to play or that point in the game when you want the autoplay to stop the game. If you want to stop in the middle of the game, you can hit the stop auto button. The game will come to a halt on its own when you run out of cash. For more details on the rules and the various offers in the game, you can press the help button.

Rules for Mister Money Online Slot
  • An in-depth study of the rules of Mister Money online slot will give you a good start up in the game.
  • All the symbols in this online slot pay you only from the left to right with an exception of the red diamonds (scatter symbol) that pays both ways.
  • Your payline rewards are added to the sum total of your winnings in the game.
  • All your scatter winnings are multiplied by your total stake and are added to your line wins.
  • All your line wins are multiplied by your bet per payline.
  • The maximum win paid per spin is 40,000 times your per payline bet.
  • Your jackpot rewards get added to rest of the winnings in the game.

Mister Money Slots Strategy

There are as many betting systems available for online slots as there are different types of online slots. Each of these betting systems help you place bets with more confidence. On this page, you will find the Pyramid strategy to place your bets.

The Pyramid strategy involves four steps of placing bets. Before you can go ahead and make full use of this strategy on the Mister Money online casino slot, you need to understand it and choose the level from which you wish to commence your betting. For example, let us say you decide to start playing from the second level of bet. Select level two, three, four, and five bets from the available denominations. This system suggests the following betting system… you can see it looks like a pyramid.

Step One

2-2-2-2-2 Begin with your initial (level two) bet, and play five games. Don’t count your winnings or losses. If you’re winning, it’s good. Don’t give up if you’re losing. After five games, move on to step two.

Step Two

3-3-3-3 Start playing with your level three bet. Play four straight games in a row. After that, move on to the next step.

Step Three

4-4-4 In this step, you need to place level four bets. Here you’re only supposed to place two bets. Not a single more. Complete three free casino games online and move on to fourth and final step.

Step Four

5-5 At this last step, you need to play the game twice with level five bet. Once this entire cycle is completed, count your winnings and losses. If you have been lucky enough, you should have a good amount of money. If you want to see the effectiveness of this strategy, try playing similar number of spins with a flat betting system. You will realize why the Pyramid system is a safer option. Do remember that you read about it at the CoolCat Casino site first and if you win consistently, pass the word around.


The lavish lifestyle and plush richness of the well-heeled is very evident in the Mister Money online slot. Just a little wise money management and some simple steps will lead you to big money in the game. Playing with higher denominations will get you higher payouts. However, to avoid becoming bankrupt, pre-determine a certain amount of money that you can afford to use for high bets.

In Mister Money online slots you need to pay particular attention to the wild symbol in the game. The wild symbol, white diamond is quite exclusive in this online slot as it reveals itself anywhere across the reels. It also substitutes for the scatter symbol in the game. This behavior of the wild symbol is quite unlike the other wild symbols in rest of the slots where they reveal themselves only on some specific reels and do not replace the scatter symbols. So, take the help of this wild white diamond icon to get quick rewarding combos.

In addition, a detailed study of the rules and various offers in the game can help you earn big on the Mister Money online slot. Practicing on the free casino version of Mister Money online slot will give you a clear idea on how to play to win.

History of Mister Money Slots

The Mister Money online slots is inspired by the rich. The theme in Mister Money online slot reiterates the flowing wealth of the affluent sections of society. The interface is similar to what you see on other Real Time Gaming online slots. However, the design of the key icons are based on the elegance of the rich. Images include stunningly beautiful women, a huge mansion, luxuries like a private jet and a lavish red car, a sack full of money, a shimmering gold ring, an expensive necklace and an impressive Rolex watch from the Pro Driver collection.

The image of the handsome well-groomed man in a black suit will remind you of Warren Buffett (the richest man on the planet). The images of bundles of cash scattered here and there on the reels is certainly a good add-on to the plush theme.

The lustrous white diamond image will substitute all icons on the reel with its white radiance and magnify your chances of becoming rich. The red diamond multiplies your likelihood of becoming rich as it has a multiplier effect.

The sound effects in the Mister Money online slots are the standard indicative tones for the normal spinning moves of the reels. However, if you get to hit some bonus feature, there is loud fanfare in the style of big brass bands to celebrate your prosperity.


Random Jackpot: The random jackpot is a standard feature that you will find on all Real Time Gaming online slots. It promises a huge jackpot at the end of any game randomly. . In the Mister Money online slots you’ll come across this random jackpot window that keeps ticking to remind you that there is an enormous reward awaiting you.

Wild Symbol/ White Diamond: The wild symbol in the game of slots substitutes all the other symbols in the game to get you rewarding combos. In Mister Money online slot, it is the white diamond that substitutes itself for the all the icons in the game including the scatter symbol red diamond to get you profitable combos. Reveal 1, 2, 3 or 5 white diamonds across the active reels and win 2, 10, 200, 1,000 or 5,000 coins respectively on your total bet.

Scatter Symbol/ Red Diamond: The scatter symbol in the slot not only gets you huge multipliers but also leads you to the bonus feature in the game. The scatter symbol in the game is the red diamond that can get you multipliers of 1, 2, 5 or 50 times on your total stake if you spin 2, 3, 4 or 5 of them respectively, anywhere across the reels.

Mister Money free Spins bonus feature: The free spin is one of the best online slots feature, since it gets you the bonus of a big set of free games. In the game of Mister Money online slots, the free spin feature is triggered when you spin three or more red diamonds anywhere across the reels. The moment you reach the free spin feature you’ll be taken to this screen showing 15 bags of money. You can select these money bags depending on the number of red diamonds that triggered this feature. For instance, if three symbols of red diamonds triggered your free spin feature then you are allowed to pick up 3 from the 15 sacks of money. You’ll be rewarded with five free games anyway when you first triggered the feature by spinning three or more red diamonds on to the reels. In addition to this you can also reveal three more free games by selecting the money bags. The prizes on the first five free games will be doubled which is further increased by the amount of money bags revealed. Spin an extra 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols to retrigger 10, 15 or 20 free spins respectively.

Paylines: Paylines are preset combinations in the game which pays you rewards based on a predetermined pay-chart. In the multi-line Mister Money online slot there are 20 different paylines and every payline displays a unique pattern.