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Play Mice Dice

What if we told you Las Vegas had been taken over by mice? You might squirm in your seat a little. However, once you meet the adorable cartoon mice that give this great new 25-payline video slots game its name, you’ll probably be more inclined to start playing and enjoying this fantastic slot machine game.

This rewarding 25-payline slots game is a great way to unwind after a long day as it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face (and it’s most likely going to put a bit of cash into your pocket)!

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Mice and Dice is not just a beautiful exterior, this game is packed with tons of cash-winning possibilities. You can win one of two guaranteed jackpots – the minor jackpot will pay out at least $250 and the major jackpot will pay out at least $1000 every time! What’s more? Anyone can win these jackpots at any time!

Mice Dice offers the popular Autoplay feature that allows you to go after the jackpots automatically. How does it work? Set the autoplay feature to run for a certain number of spins and you can sit back, relax and take care of other business while the game scores major winnings for you!

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How to play Mice Dice

Mice and Dice is a standard 25-payline, 5-reel video slot game. To play, first set the number of lines you’d like to bet using (you can choose from 1 – 25). You can set the number of lines by using the arrow symbols around the line display. Then, set the amount of money you’d like to bet with in the same fashion. In this game you can bet with as little as $0.01 up to $100.00 per line.

The scattered dice symbols will trigger the bonus round where you can win tons of free spins and there’s even a win-win feature that allow you to walk away with a 50x prize multiplier if you don’t manage to catch any of the free spins! 5 of these dices will mean you’ve won the progressive jackpot with the max coin payout of 2500 coins (bet max to walk away with the jackpot)! The casino symbol is the wild card, which substitutes in any line to help you make a winning combination.

Mice and Dice Slot Game Rules

Please read the following rules featured in Mice and Dice:

  • Mice and Dice is a 25 paylines online slot machine game. This means that you have many different chances of winning in one spin and the total win is a summation of wins on different pay lines.
  • Scatter symbol wins are also added to the regular triggering bet wins. The scatter symbol also has a multiplier effect which means that if you stumble upon 2 or more of them, your triggering bet will be multiplied by the number of the prize multiplier (i.e., x5, x10, etc.)

Mice Dice Strategy

The best online slots strategy is to bet more across a larger spread. For example, if you’re going to bet $5.00, it’s smarter to bet it on all 25 paylines. So bet on all the lines and on each line bet $0.20. You are not only increasing your chances of winning, but also increasing the chances that of hitting the jackpot.

Other than that, slots are a game of chance. There’s no magical way to control the number generator, but some simple strategies will definitively help you to improve your chances of winning.


Mice Dice is offered in our free online games section, helping you to gain experience, get a feel for the game, learn what triggers the bonus round and more. Once you feel fluent in the game you can switch to our real money version and start to win big! If there’s one thing we can tell you it’s that a confident player is a good player and confidence comes with practice.

History of Mice Dice

Mice and Dice is the fun creation of the creative team at the Real-Time Gaming software company. Many games shy away from the more cartoony feel that Mice and Dice offers, and based on the popularity of this fun game it’s clear to see that people love the cute little details and adorable graphics.


Scatter Symbols: The scatter symbol in Mice and Dice is the Dice symbol. This symbol will multiply the value of your prize and it will trigger the bonus round so keep your fingers crossed for these ones!

Wild Symbols: A wild symbol works just as a wild card, and will help you to create a winning combination for extra cash. The wild symbol in Mice and Dice is the Casino symbol.

Win-win Feature: This bonus feature is activated when you don’t have any luck winning during the free games in the regular bonus round. This feature will earn you a 50x prize multiplier instead – everyone wins!