Medal Tally Slots

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Play Medal Tally Slots

Medal Tally Basics: All dogs dig holes. They love to dig. People say dogs can smell treasure. Dogs may not always dig out treasures, for there is are plenty of bugs, dead animals, bones, and other things that dogs love available underground. But Rover, our Golden Retriever, always digs out nothing but priceless treasures! You would love watching him dig out a treasure bone in the bonus round that would multiply your winnings by as many as 20 times.

Golden Retriever requires no skills at all. If you know how to spin it, you can win! The symbols available on different reels offer different payouts. Rover likes his Dog Collar, Dog House, and Dog Bowl a lot and he pays pretty well if you could collect 2 or more of them on a payline. But he loves his friend the Female Dog the most, so much that even if you get one of it on a payline, Rover pays you double your bet per line.

The biggest thrill of the game is to get into the bonus round. Get 3 or more scatter bones, and you’ll be awarded 10 free games. Your winnings in the free casino games are calculated against your bet that triggered the free games feature. Besides, your winnings are accumulated in a Prize Pool. At the end of free games, Rover goes to dig up the prize bone with a multiplier on it. Your winnings are multiplied with the value on the prize bone!

All this and a lot more are available to be dug up. You just need to send Rover to dig them up for you! So, come and give our Golden Retriever a go.

How to play Medal Tally Slots

Medal Tally brings the spirit and excitement of sports right on to your computer screen. This 5-reel, 25-line slot machine, available at CoolCat Casino, is all about winning matchless and unbeatable prizes. What’s more, you can hit the random jackpot in the bonus feature!

How to Play?

Medal Tally presents the true spirit of spin and win! It starts off with a fixed $1 bet divided on 25 paylines. At the top of the screen, you can see your account balance, bet, and wins. To spin the reels, click the SPIN button. Once the reels stop spinning, the combinations formed by symbols on different lines are validated against the winning combinations, and you get paid for every winning combination formed on different lines.

Symbols on the Reels

Regular Symbols

When you get two or more regular symbols of a kind, you win different payouts. The following table explains the regular symbols and their corresponding payouts.

5 of a Kind 4 of a Kind 3 of a Kind 2 of a Kind
Runner 5000 800 50 5
Cyclist 2000 400 25 5
Swimmer 1500 200 15
Stadium 1500 200 15
Letter A/K 800 100 10
Letter Q/J 400 50 5
Letter 10/9 200 25 5

When you get a certain combination of these letters, the payout specified here is multiplied by the bet per line, which is $0.04. For example, you manage to get four As on a line. You will win $4.00, which is $0.04 X 100.

Substitute Symbol

“Medals” is the substitute symbol in Medal Tally. It pays you 10000, 1500, 200, and 10 times your bet per line if you get 5, 4, 3, or 2 substitute symbols, respectively, on a line.

Scatter Symbol

Laurel Crown is the scatter symbol in Medal Tally. It awards you free games. If you get 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols on any line, you are awarded 10, 15, or 20 free games, respectively. All prizes that you win in free games awarded are tripled.

Bonus Prizes

You can also win bonus prizes, including the jackpot. All substitute symbols obtained during free games are accumulated and award you a bonus prize at the end of the feature. The table below shows you the medals accumulated and their corresponding bonus prize.

Medals Accumulated
Prize (X Bet)
0-4 5
5-9 8
10-14 10
15-19 20
20-24 30
25-29 50
30-34 100
35-39 250
40-44 500
45-49 1000
50+ Jackpot!
Auto Play Feature

Medal Tally is so engaging that you sure would like to play it for long hours. To save you time to do other chores, Medal Tally lets you set the game on auto play mode. To activate the auto play feature, click the AUTO PLAY button. Select the number of spins in the window that pops up next and click the OK button. To deactivate the feature, click the STOP AUTO button.


Medal Tally offers free games, handsome payouts, bonus prizes including the jackpot, and a whole lot of thrill and adrenalin rush! The sounds and animations incorporated in the game makes you feel like you are at a stadium, brought to life by thousands of fans around!

  • The amount of money that you win on different lines is added together.
  • The game is played with a compulsory bet of $1 and 25 lines.
  • All line wins are multiplied by the bet per line.
  • The maximum that you can win per spin is 40,000 times your bet per line.
  • The Free Games feature can be retriggered during a game.
  • The jackpot is won when 50 or medals are accumulated during the Free Games features.

Medal Tally Slots Strategy

The day of the competition is regarded by many sportspersons as their biggest day. It is the time when players match their wits against opponents, individually or in teams. They wait for D-day and prepare for it diligently. Study the qualities of sportspersons and see how you can put them to good use when you play the Medal Tally online slots.

Sportspersons don’t just pack their bags and head for a sports event. Instead, they undergo rigorous training day after day and gradually increase their strength and stamina. You can apply the same strategy when you sit down to play the Medal Tally on line casino slot. Don’t just place any amount of bet. Start with the lowest bet amount available and gradually move up to the highest wager.

When training for a competition, sportspersons are never hindered by obstacles. Minor injuries and sprains do not deter them from a strict regimen. Don’t worry if you lose. That’s a sure enough indicator that there are good chances of winning ahead. Continue following the same pattern throughout your playing session.

After a competition, sportspersons usually take some time off to celebrate their victory. Following in their footsteps, you should take some time off and celebrate your victory. Spend some time with your family or loved ones and never let playing online slots affect your personal life. Maintain a healthy relationship with gambling.

It’s true that sportspersons, no matter how good they are, lose at times. But that doesn’t affect their spirit to play and compete. Win, lose, or draw – a sportsperson remains the same, energetic and raring to go. The Medal Tally online slots celebrates the spirit of sports. Come and be a part of it.


Medal Tally brings the thrill of a sports meet! You may like to follow the tips below to increase your chances of winning.

It is always a good idea to learn the game first. You cannot keep losing money just to know how the game is played. Play the game without any bets for some time. You can do this by trying the play for free version of the game. After you feel comfortable at the game, switch to real money and let the medals meet the challenge!

Keep track of the money you wager. Medal Tally requires a fixed bet of $1.

Wear your luck like many others. Since you can play Medal Tally from the comforts of your home, no one can really watch you –so feel free to try every weird lucky charm or trick to win more!

In case you need help during the game, click the Help button. The help is provided in an interesting and easy-to-understand way. Download our free casino games software and start playing Medal Tally Slots now!

History of Medal Tally Slots

Real Time Gaming (RTG) has always incorporated unique and stunning themes into its online slot machines.  Medal Tally puts the spirit of competing and winning in you, the player. The sounds and the animations included in the game are wonderful. Symbols like Runner, Cyclist, and Swimmer add to the mood. Medals and the Laurel Crown always keep you glued to the game because more medals and crowns mean more unbeatable prizes.

Medal Tally is based on sports and the spirit of sportsmanship. Runner, Cyclist, and Swimmer clearly shows that it’s a one man’s superiority over the other that brings success. Similarly, even at the slots, it is the lucky winner who will be crowned and awarded medals!


Random Jackpot: A special jackpot that keeps increasing for every game played.

Reel: A disc with symbols on it that is found in a slot machine.

Payline: The line where different symbols gather in a combination.

Substitute Symbol: A substitute symbol helps complete a combination by replacing another symbol.

Scatter Symbol: Bonus features are triggered by one or more scatter symbols.

Payout: A payout is the money you win with respect to your bet.