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Play Lucky Lightnin’

For exciting slot machine payouts, prizes, bonuses and more, join CoolCat Casino! You can try your luck with the Lucky Lightnin’ slot machine. To get some of the best payouts around, the only thing you have to do is to spin the reels and match the symbols. For a complete breakdown of all payouts, make use of the Lucky Lightnin’ Progressive Pay Table. If you feel adventurous, try out our Lucky Lightnin’ Progressive Jackpot. When three red 7’s appear on the payline, a three-credit bet can win you the CoolCat Casino jackpot.

Play Lucky Lightnin’ Online Slots and win with CoolCat Casino’s Instant Play feature. You can also download Lucky Lightnin’ Slot Machine Game.

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How to play Lucky Lightnin’

Want a break from multiple reel video slots? Lucky Lightnin’ online slots is an ideal choice! It is a simple three reel classic online slot with just one payline offering a good betting range. Exceptionally fast and realistic with the typical sounds of classic casino slots, this slot game offers a host of simple ways to earn various rewards.


The objective of Lucky Lightnin’ online slots is to line up the three matching symbols on one payline. The red line at the center of the reels is branded as the payline in the game.

How to Place a Bet

You begin the game by placing the bet first. You can raise or reduce the size of your bet by clicking the arrows on the left and right side respectively in the ‘insert coin’ window. You can settle down your bet in the denominations of $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 and $5.00. Once you have decided on the denomination for your bet, click on the $5, $25 or $100 chips to add credits to the slot machine. Then press the ‘bet one’ tab to choose the number of coins that you want to play your game with. If you want to bet just one credit on the game, click on the bet one tab once. However, if you wish to bet two credits, click on the bet one button twice. In a single game of Luck Lightnin’ online slot, you can place a bet of maximum three coins. You can click on the ‘play 3 credits’ tab if you wish to bet three credits in the game.

Spin the reel

After settling down your bet, click the ‘spin reel’ tab or click on the slot machine lever on the right side of the slot machine to spin the reels. What you win or what you lose depends upon what sort of matching symbols line up on the payline when the reels stop.


The payouts differ from one winning combination to another and the number of coins that you bet with. To illustrate, if you bet with one coin and get three oranges on the payline, you’ll win100 coins. But if you bet with two coins and three oranges line up on the payline, you’ll win 200 coins. Similarly, you win 300 coins if you bet with three coins and reel in three matching oranges on the payline. The pay table below clearly illustrates the payouts on various combinations and on the different bets:

Combination Description One Coin Two Coins Three Coins
Triple Sevens 800 1600 2500
Three images of double BAR 200 400 600
Three Oranges 100 200 300
Three cherries 25 50 75
Two cherries/ Three plums 15 30 45
Three images of a single BAR 10 20 30
Any three Bars, like two images of double BAR and one image of a single BAR 5 10 15
One image of cherry anywhere across the reels 2 4 6
When no image appears on the payline 1 2 3
Highest Winnings

The topmost jackpot of 2500 coins will come only when you bet with three coins and line up three sevens on the payline.

Lucky Lightnin’ Strategy

Lucky Lightnin’ online Slot is an amazing three reel, single payline traditional online Slots machine that has the power to keep you fully engrossed with it’s wonderful rewards and striking interface. But getting so engrossed in the game and playing like a zombie is not a good idea. Sensible players must always play only those number of rounds on which there is the probability of reeling in some good profits. Certain Slot players have devised a simple one-play strategy that can help you judge the number of rewarding or winning rounds that you can play on the Lucky Lightnin’ online Slot.

The procedure to employ this trick is very simple but before that you need to locate a Lucky Lightnin’ online Slots that pays even. Lucky Lightnin’ online Slot on CoolCat Casino pays even or in proportion to the coins with which you wager. For instance, Reeling in the winning combination of three bars with one coin, gives ten coins; with 2 coins, you win 20 coins and with the maximum three-coin bet, you win 30.

Once you have located the even paying Lucky Lightnin’ online Slot, you must wager with maximum betting value that is three coins. If the Slot machine pays you between 1 to 3 times of your bet, then play on this machine only once more and then leave the machine. However, if it pays out 4 times of your wager, you can go ahead and play for another three times.

This can be better explained with an example:

Let’s say you bet with 3 coins on the Lucky Lightnin’ online Slot and you spin one image of a cherry onto the single payline. According to the pay table you’ll win 6 coins. This means that you have just won two times (3X2=6) of your wager. So play one more game on the Lucky Lightnin’ online Slot and leave the machine.

Now let’s assume that you bet with 3 coins and you spin a combination of any three bars onto the single payline. According to the pay table you’ll win 15 coins which means you have earned five times (3X5=15) of your bet. This indicates that it is worth playing three 3-4 rounds on the Lucky Lightnin’ online Slot.

CoolCat Casino is not vouching for the accuracy of one-play strategy. The best thing to do is try out this method for yourself by testing it on the free slots section at CoolCat. If it works then you can apply this trick to the other equal paying online Slots as well.


Some helpful tips will help you stretch your dollars by magnifying your odds of winning in the game. Some pessimistic players bet with just one coin. But when they hit the jackpot, they repent for not wagering with maximum coins to reap the highest benefits from the online slots. For example, if you bet only with two coins and you spin three sevens on paylines, you win a jackpot of 800 coins. However, if you bet with three coins and line up three sevens on the payline, you can hit the biggest jackpot of 2500 coins. So, a good strategy is to first compare the payouts between one coin, two coins and three coins.

Of course, there is no sure fire strategy to beat the Lucky Lightnin’ online slots but you can stretch your dollars by boosting your odds of winning in the game with a wager on maximum coins. This is probably the best and the most conservative strategy to mint more and more money on any three reel online slots. The crux of this strategy is that the more coins you bet…the better is the payout. The backup tip is to wager with the maximum coins as you win and bet with minimum coins as you lose.

Free Casino Game

You can also play on the free casino game of this online slot to get a hang of it. Besides, playing online casino games for free, including Lucky Lightnin’ online slot will also give you a chance to practically try out some tips.

Profound study of the Payouts

Before you begin playing for real money on the Luck lightnin’ online slot, it is very essential to carefully go through the payout table. It will help you decide on the number of coins that you need to bet with in order to get the topmost rewards on this online slot.

History of Lucky Lightnin’

The history of the three reel online slots dates back to the land of San Francisco when Charles Fey invented the first mechanical slot machine in 1899. This slot machine was christened as the Liberty Bell and had three reels with five symbols including, diamonds, hearts, spades, horseshoes and liberty bell. This machine worked out on an automatic payout mechanism i.e.: you can win a jackpot of 10 nickels if you spin three bells in a row. As the time passed away, the popularity of this slot machine gave a way to the various other modified versions of the slots.

Lucky Lightnin’ slot machine has also emerged from the efforts of the game makers to provide their players with something better and different. Lucky lightnin’ slots game has taken all its attributes from this traditional three reel classic slot developed by Fey. In fact, the images of the cherry, plum and oranges used in this online slot game was inspired from the earlier version of the classic three reel slot machines which had the images of the different flavors of the chewing gums. Another classic image of the BAR used in the Lucky Lightnin’ online slots was also inspired from the logo of the earlier Bell Fruit Gum company.

Gradually, the improving technological advances has pulled the Lucky Lightnin’ slot game to a more mechanical and convenient platform of online casinos. The Real Time Gaming operators have tried their level best to give the classic touch to this online slot by adding the image of a lever and using the classic images on the reels.


Reels: In online slots the reels refer to the three rotating rows on the machine with six different symbols on it.

Symbols: In Lucky Lightnin’ online slots, the symbols can be defined as the six images on the reels including, the image of a seven, double BAR, Single BAR, cherry, plum and orange.

Payline: Payline is a red line in the center of the reels in the Lucky Lightnin’ online slot where designated combinations align to give you rewarding payouts.

Pay Table: The pay table is a section on the top of the Lucky Lightnin’ online slot that gives complete information on the payoffs for every winning combination in the game.

Coin size: Coin size is a measure of the denomination or value of coins that you insert into the machine to play the game. For example, if you are playing on the denomination of $1, your coin size is $1. In Lucky Lightnin’ online slot you can play with the coins in the denominations of $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 to $5.00.

Chips: Chips are defined as the different values of coins that you can use in lieu of money to play the game. On Lucky Lightnin’ online slot you can credit your account with the chips of worth of $5, $25 and $100.

Bet: Bet is the total value of coins or credits that you can play with on every spin.

Play 3 credits: This refers to that option in the game that straightaway lets you play the game with three credits.

Coins Played: The coins played refer to the number of coins or credits that you use to play the game. For instance, if you choose to bet with three credits or coins with a coin size of $1, you are basically betting with $3 on the single game.

Winning combinations: Winning combinations are different sets of three or two matching symbols in the game of Lucky Lightnin’ online slot. These winning combinations line up on the payline to give you varied but specified payouts.

Three Blanks: In Lucky Lightnin’ online slot three “blanks” – fetch you the lowest payout. Blanks refer to an empty space on all three reels, meaning there is no symbol displayed. But the important thing to remember is that it pays!

Spin Reels: Spin reels option in the game of Lucky Lightnin’ online slot lets you spin the reels once you have settled down your bet.

Lever: Lever is the handle on the left side of the machine that resembles the lever in the classic slot machines on the land casinos. In Lucky Lightnin’ online slot a single click on this lever will rotate the reels. Evidently, the lever is there online only to give you a Las Vegas-like experience.

Cash out: Cash out refers to that option in the game that allows you to transfer all your credits to your account.