Lucky Last Slots

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Play Lucky Last Slots

Experience a blast of action in this thematic journey where the Leprechaun invites you to a forest where spinning reels give away great cash prizes.

Look out for the golden coins and shamrocks that lead you to the path of victory. Special features and bonus rounds make up for a one of a kind thrill for slot machine enthusiasts. Fast paced action and animated symbols wait inside where players can unlock the Lucky Last feature where 7 free games are awarded; the game’s progressive jackpot can boost your winnings big time.

How to play Lucky Last Slots

Start off by choosing your wagering amount from the main menu on a range of $0.25 to a maximum $125.00 per turn. Arrows placed next to the bet option allow you to increase or decrease its value. Next step is to select the paylines from just 1 to all 25 at once, in the upper section of the menu; your number of chosen lines is shown. Click on the Spin button and watch the animated symbols move on the reels. For every winning combo you get, the game tells you what you won. Lucky Last offers the Autoplay feature which allows players to choose up to 1000 configurable spins; this can really make the game more dynamic as it boosts the action.

Symbols on the Lines


This is the substitute symbol that can replace all other animated symbols in a winning combo except scattered ones. Prizes are doubled for every time the Coin ends up on the reels.


Look out for this scattered symbol anywhere on the reels, payouts get higher as the number of symbols increases on the reel. Winnings are multiplied by the total bet amount.

Progressive Jackpot feature

Lucky Last gives away tons of cash prizes; this feature is triggered at anytime during regular gameplay. As a double bonus, the game delivers a minor jackpot that resets itself to a minimum $250 and a major jackpot with a minimum value of $1000.

Free Games

This special bonus round is triggered when one or more substitute symbols, The Coin, appear on reels 1 and 5. The game will announce the start of the free games section in which prizes are tripled on the first 6 turns and doubled on the seventh. If you are lucky enough, you can trigger this option up to five times; this is your shot at boosting your bankroll in no time. Remember that this special feature will be played based on the paylines and bet amount that you have selected.


Lucky Last has a series of rules which are advisable to check before starting your spinning reel adventure:

  • Scatter wins are added to line wins and Scatter wins are multiplied by total bet.
  • Top award is 50,000 times bet per line.
  • Coin only appears on reels 1 and 5 and substitutes for all symbols except scattered Shamrocks.
  • The prize is doubled if one or more Coins appear in a winning combination.
  • All symbols pay left to right except the scatter symbol which pays any direction.

Lucky Last Slots Strategy

Before you begin to play online slot games it is recommended to define your bankroll amount in order for you to know exactly how much money you have. Choosing a steady betting pattern can translate into longer gaming sessions to really get a hold of the game, since it has tons of animated symbols and dynamic spinning reel combinations. For every round, check on how much cash you won or lost this will help you keep a detailed record for you to carefully manage your bankroll. In you are on a lucky strike you can try to vary your wagering amount as it can boost your winnings big time. Patience lies as a must for slot machines players as it is a game of chance, take your time and remember to enjoy above all.


Study the rules of this lucky slot game and payouts to have a good knowledge on what the game is about. Understanding the nature of what Lucky Last offers is always an added bonus when it comes to playing this slot machine. Not knowing what exactly are you looking at when winning a free game bonus round for example can really hurt a lucky gaming round. Having a clear vision of this online scenario can boost the outcome.

Remember that higher bets tend to favor the odds for the player so if you are aiming to unlock those hidden bonuses, be sure to go above the minimum bet as it can make you hit the free games or special symbol payouts in no time. If you are not familiar with online gaming, you can try out Lucky Last for free by downloading the casino software and playing in our fun money casino section. This can be a very helpful practice session that trains the player into really getting a hold of what Lucky Last is all about.

History of Lucky Last Slots

The term “leprechain’ comes from an old Irish word which means “half-bodied”, the leipreachan. Its overall appearance was quite different in the past throughout Ireland. Before 1900, the Leprechaun wore a red costume as opposed its green outfit. Their origin has strong roots in mythological tales and also, part of it is based on real happenings.

Nowadays, Leprechauns are depicted as small old men who smoke their pipe and work making shoes. Everywhere from cereals to movies, Leprechauns are known in modern culture for their fortune secret as to where the pot gold of gold is hidden. The myth that at the end of a rainbow, one will find a leprechaun that shows the path where all the gold is located is quite famous. Their image has been associated with luck and wealth. Lucky Last takes this iconic image and transforms it into a online display of the best online slots prizes and dynamic spinning reels of action.


Bet: The amount of money a player wagers on the game.

Progressive Jackpot: Accumulative money prize that is triggered at anytime during regular gameplay.

Symbols: Animated images that lead to special payouts and bonus rounds when located on the reels in a specific order stated on the game’s rules.

Substitute: The Coin symbol in Lucky Last can substitute all other symbols on the reel for form a winning combo.

Scatter: The Shamrock symbol that appears anywhere on the paylines. Despite what its order is on the reels, it multiplies your winnings according to you original bet.

Payline: Special line that goes through a reel and gives away cash prizes depending on the symbol combination.

Autoplay: Game feature that allows players to configure spins for the computer to spin the reels automatically.