Loose Caboose Slots

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Play Loose Caboose Slots

Travel through the desert on the fortune train, see the heat trails on the horizon and seek the treasures at Loose Caboose slot machine.

Get your ticket and hop inside an exclusive trip were wealth and adventure capture the glory days of railroads. The engineer sets the gear for passengers to experience a one of a kind ride where wagons carry great prizes and fantastic payouts.

Never has a trip been as exciting as Loose Caboose, it takes online gaming to a whole new level in fortune rounds for players to enjoy the top US online casino experience.

How to play Loose Caboose Slots

The train moves across the spinning reels of Loose Caboose reaching its destination, a sunny landscape where cash wonders welcome players into a ride to remember. The Engineer prepares the machine for the gaming voyage where scatted and wild symbols give away fantastic prizes for selected combos. Bonus rounds boost the action to new heights in player satisfaction by giving you the chance to play casino games for free. The Loose Caboose thematic slot machine is on a wild run to prize lucky winners in no time.

The game starts in the main screen where you’ll see the reels ready for action. Players must first choose the number of paylines that they want to bet on a range of 1 to 25. Loose Caboose displays two buttons on the bottom left side of the menu to increase or decrease the wagering amount from a minimum $0.01 to a maximum $5.00 per turn. When your bankroll is set and you make your first spin, remember there’s also the Autoplay feature that allows players to automatically set the computer to spin the reels for them. This special mode can be set up to 1000 spins. To deal with player’s frequently asked questions, click on the Help link at the bottom right side of the screen. This will open a new menu that gives basic info on payouts, symbol value and general rules for Loose Caboose.

Rules for Loose Caboose Online Slot Machine

The game offers great features and a collection of added bonus rounds that deliver instant action. Here’s a list of some basic rules in Loose Caboose:

  • High combos are paid out on each enabled payline with the exception of scattered wins.
  • The maximum amount paid in this slot machine is 50,000 times a bet.
  • Symbols on the game pay on a left to right direction except for the scattered Loose Caboose.
  • Loose Caboose’s random progressive jackpot is awarded at anytime during regular gameplay.
  • Any extra cash won during special bonus rounds is added to your payline wins.

Loose Caboose Slots Strategy

The best online slot games offer a gaming world where chances of winning big time are great and the action is unstoppable. Creating a strategy should depend on several factors including the size of your bankroll as it is the bottom line in to how much can you play. Loose Caboose delivers on going cash prizes and added features that boost your stash of money continuously. When playing higher bets on each turn, the chances of hitting the progressive jackpot and the special bonuses tend to go up meaning that the odds favor the player more. All the extra features on Loose Caboose enhance the game greatly, once this is triggered a fortune run awaits inside this fantastic slot machine.


When first playing a game, on beginner’s mode that is, player’s can take advantage of some tips to maximize the benefits of a successful casino run. The first thing that comes to mind before starting a gaming adventure is how much money is available on the bankroll. Cash can certainly speak for itself and state for how long you can play; maintaining a consistent betting pattern in the early stages of the slot machine experience allows players to have a better knowledge of the game itself. Practice combined with careful study of the payouts and special round features, will enhance your bankroll on the long run.

History of Loose Caboose Slots

Railroad lines can be traced back to Germany on the year 1550 as it was designed as a form of transportation in mines. During the first stage of its lifecycle it was used as a method to carry stones, coal and construction materials. The caboose was used as a shelter at the rear of the train; it held crew members during trips so they could perform several tasks during their long trips. They inspected the train looking for any shifting loads, broken boxes or gear malfunctions. As years went by cabooses evolved into a personalized space decorated sometimes for long voyages. One of the most famous designs features the use of a cupola circa 1865; this was a small windowed projection on the roof that allowed staff members to check the vehicle in elevated seats.

Loose Caboose follows tradition but gives it a spin through electronic railroads, the only thing player’s will be inspecting is the ongoing prizes and terrific bonuses that the game has to offer. All of this is enhanced by a progressive jackpot that delivers great cash rewards. Travel back in time to the glory days of trains and vintage costumes; CoolCat Casino gives you the best online action with a one of a kind experience through spinning reels and unlimited possibilities.


Random Jackpot: An accumulative cash prize that is triggered anytime during regular gameplay.

Loose Caboose: Scattered symbol that prizes winning combinations through a payout table, they don’t have to appear in line during the game.

Engineer: Wild symbol that substitutes others to complete a winning combination.

Cash Train Free Spin Bonus Round: Special round that is activated when 3 or more scattered London Inspectors appear anywhere on the five reels.