London Inspector Slots

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Play London Inspector Slots

The detective is here again. Get cracking on new games and big cash prizes. Wondering who we are talking about?

It’s CoolCat Casino’s London Inspector online slots machine game being mentioned here. Play online with London Inspector and these slots will make you uncover huge bonuses. Do you see 3, 4 or 5 London Inspector in sight? That’s 5, 10 or 15 free games, alright. If the Inspector appears anytime in a free game, 5 extra rounds & 3 times the original prize is what you score. Had scattered wins? Take heart, multiply them by the total wager.

How to play London Inspector Slots

The game screen opens against the rich tapestry of the Inspector’s library and the warmth of the embers at the fireplace. The opening dialog offers you a choice between playing for money and playing for fun.

The Menu button on the bottom-most bar opens up to give you two choices: the AutoPlay option and the Player option. The Player option opens up a dialog box with three preferences – full screen, sound and card speed. The AutoPlay option opens up another dialog box which gives you the flexibility to choose your parameters to play the game. The number of spins and stops at any time during the game can be selected.

The Help button adjacent to the Menu opens up a full page description of the London Inspector, its symbols and their payouts. If you are playing for fun, the ‘switch to real money’ also exists to change your playing status. If playing for fun, you can replenish your ‘fun balance’ by clicking on the ‘cashier’ button.

The Help page can be left open for easy reference to the pay lines and the payouts each symbol in a winning combination fetches you.

To start the game, select the number of pay lines you would like to play. Now select the bet per line, starting with $0.01, and going up to $5.

Next, click ‘Spin.’ Your slot game is on!

Players can also select ‘Auto Play’ in which case the reels spin automatically.

If you would like to see the winning pay lines, select the “stop on any win” button on the Auto Play menu box. Continue play by clicking the spin button.

You can also select the “stop once feature is triggered” in the Auto Play box. The auto play continues till you exhaust the total bet amount.

During the course of the spins, the free game feature may be triggered when three icons of London Inspector, the scatter symbol, appear on the screen. You will be informed of a bonus win of five free games. In case you have 4 scatters, you get 10 games, and 15 free games if the scatters number 5.

Press Spin to start the Feature. Any winning combinations during these free spins will triple your earnings.

You may continue the game with the money you have won, or withdraw and quit.

You need to keep in mind that wins on different pay lines are combined, and all you earn from the scatters also gets added to the line wins. The win on every line is based on the bet, and multiplied as per the payout table in the Help menu.

London Inspector Slots Strategy

Slot machine games online are computer generated so being the nature of the game a random selection of spinning results; players can use a betting system to enhance the benefits of London Inspector. Starting with a small wagering amount creates consistency resulting in a longer gaming run, this will not only keep London Inspector running but it will also allow players to discover special features and bonus rounds that offer great prizes. Having a good knowledge on this thematic slot machine prepares players to maximize London Inspector’s potential as a game where fortune and action blend in together.


In a game like the London Inspector online casino slot, what is the strategy one would adopt to ensure that one does make some money by the end of the game?

First, familiarization with the game is important. The spinning reels and pay lines can be quite confusing for one who is new to online slots. Follow the “how to play” instructions carefully and understand the concept of the substitute and the scatter symbols.

It’s safer to start the game with a small bet, and hike it once you are on a winning trend. The London Inspector online slots is a low risk game with good chances of getting winning combinations on most of the 25 pay lines.

It helps to play for fun before you start playing for money. The ‘play for fun’ option will also give you a fair idea of how ‘hot’ the London Inspector online slots is. When playing for fun, study the winning combination of the pay lines and how much each symbol is fetching you.

When you play for money, you also stand a chance to win the random jackpot which can drop any time after a spin.

History of London Inspector Slots

The master detective from 221 Baker Street was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887 through a ‘canon’ of 4 novels and 56 short stories. Presented through the eyes of his friend Dr. John H. Watson, London Inspector continues to enthrall successive generations with his inimitable knack of unraveling the deepest of mysteries.

According to Dr. Watson, London Inspector practiced for 23 years as a detective, using methods that ‘suited his purposes’ and baffled the police. Cigars, cigarettes, a pipe, and a watch – these were accessories that accompanied Holmes on all his cases, and his trademark pipe that set him thinking, has been used as one of the symbols in the London Inspector online slots game.

The deerstalker hat that Holmes is believed to have worn in the ‘Adventure of Silver Blaze’ has come to be associated with a typical hat that detectives wear, and has also been included as a symbol in the London Inspector online casino slot.

The magnifying glass is another icon that belongs to the London Inspector myth and has been featured as a symbol in this free online slot game.


Scatter: The scatter symbol has a special role to play in any online slots game. In the London Inspector online casino slot, the detective himself appears as the scatter symbol, granting free games to a player. Three icons of Holmes during any spin gets the player 5 free spins, while 4 and 5 of the icons gift 10 and 15 additional games respectively.

During the free game, every Sherlock appearing on a spin will give another 5 free games. Besides, the wins from a scatter are multiplied by the total bet.

Substitute: The substitute comes in very handy when a set of symbols are almost ‘there’ for a winning combination. The watch is the substitute in the London Inspector online slot and makes up for any other symbol in the pay line. Players can look out for the watch opening its cover flap when the spin comes to a stop.

Pay line: The London Inspector online slot has 25 pay lines. Each pay line is a set of symbols arranged in a predetermined pattern which runs across the reels. The Help menu displays the pay lines, highlighting the winning pattern.

After a spin, if the player has hit a winning combination on a pay line, the same gets highlighted. Your win on that line will flash on the right side of the menu bar just below the reels. You can refer to the symbol values in the Help menu to check how much you have won.

A spin may fetch you more than one winning combination. In such cases, all the winning pay lines would be highlighted, and the screen would flash the winning amount on each of the lines.

Auto Play: An option which allows you to define the conditions for an automatic run of the game. You can strike on any of the parameters, which are: number of spins; stop when jackpot is won; stop if a win exceeds or equals; stop on any win; stop if balance increases by; stop if balance decreases by; stop once feature is triggered; and start Auto Play without showing this dialog.

Player Option: This gives the choice for a full screen mode, regulate the volume, have the dealer’s voices on and adjust the card speed.

Back: This closes the game and directs you back to the opening menu or lobby of the online casino.

Balance: This shows the money you have in your account, and which can be used to place bets.

Switch to Real Money: This appears when you play in the Fun mode, and you can turn to this option whenever you wish to start gambling.